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When he thanked Yilmaz and left the school building, it was already dark.

This was the second time he had gone from the school building to the dormitory, but it was not a road he could get lost on.

 As Almark was about to leave, he saw someone running toward him.

"Oh, there you are. Hey, Almark."

It was Morgen and Nelson. They were smiling and waving at him .

"Oh, what's going on?"

“Wendy was worried that you might get lost since it's your first day returning to the dorm. We were all waiting for you. Wendy and the others were there earlier, but Liltie got scared when it got too dark, so we sent the girls back first. They sends their best wishes,"

 Mogen said.

"I see,. Thanks for coming all this way. You've waited a long time, haven't you?"

“We do a lot of things after school, too, like practicing on our own and going into the forest .”

  "Well, it's just a side thing." Nelson was blunt, but he sounded friendly.

"Come on, let's go home. I'm hungry."

 With that, Almark took his cue and started walking with them.

 They talked about school and many other things along the way.

 At night, alone in his room at the dormitory, Almark practiced the meditation that Yilmaz had taught him.

 To feel the magic that was in one's own body. The beginning of magic.

 At noon today, he had imagined the magical power as flowing blood, but now he felt it somehow like a puddle of water that had accumulated deep inside his body, in his body .

  he don't know if his image is correct or not.

 Teacher also said that now is not the time to seek the right answer.

 On the journey to the academy , he had many experiences of talking to himself under the lonely sky. It is just like that.

 Almark never got tired of meditating.

 And so , Almark's busy days began.

 He struggled to keep up with his studies .

 Wendy was kind enough to teach him what he didn't understand, but he couldn't rely on her all the time. He went to the library in the school building to study on his own.

 After school, he meditated with teacher .

 Sometimes Teacher would stay with him for a long time, and sometimes he would give a word or two of advice and then leave.

 Wendy and others were willing to help him , but right now he was just meditating and not at the stage where he needed help. And since Wendy and the others seemed to be busy with their own after-school activities, Almark thanked them for their offer and promised to ask them for help when the time came.