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The days passed quickly that way.

 The school has a day off on the 10th.

It is the day prior to Almark's first day off at this academy.

 Today is also the magic practice lesson.

The students line up in the magic practice room as usual and waited for the teacher.

Yilmaz comes in and the class begins. The first lesson is the magic of light.

Everyone lights a fire in their hands. A steady, gentle light is created in the hands of the students.

 Almark, who has only been watching everyone in the magic practice classes so far, begins his own practice while watching everyone else.

He has not yet learned anything from teacher except for how to meditate.

But if he extracts the essence of the advice he has received from him so far, the true nature of magic is what is known as imagery.

How can you transform the magic within you into a different thing ? Perhaps that is what it is all about.

The magic of the light , in other words, to make the magic in one's own body manifest as a small flame in the palm of one's hand.

Almark meditates, gently turns his right palm upward, and imagines the flame to be lit.

 A light. A small light.

Focus on the image.

But there is no difference in his right hand.

 No, it doesn't work.

 Almark opens his eyes.

The class moved on to the next element .

“Today we will practice the wind magic.”

The wind blows from the wand.

It is not an offensive magic, so it is a slow, gentle breeze. Gradually, the wind is increased to the point where the branches of the trees rustle violently.

Almark could see that each student had their own strengths and weaknesses in different types of magic.

Norish, who had struggled so much with the stone chiseling technique, was blowing a gentle breeze cheerfully today.

On the other hand, Torque was receiving a warning from teacher for suddenly creating a strong wind.

 Wendy and Leila are good at all kinds of magic. Their personalities seem to be opposites, but their magical talents seem to be in competition with each other.

Morgen seems to be struggling with the wind magic as well. The strength of the wind is not stable.

It looks like the same as the magic of stone chopping, but there must be a big difference in the use of magic power and imagery. Almark thought as he watched his classmates

Almark looked at the blond boy, wondering what Wallis was doing.

Almark had not yet spoken a word with Wallis, the class representative.

He had not even been introduced to him as a member of the class representative.

Almark had tried to talk to him once, but he had been very naturally dismissed out of the blue.

 He seemed to be consciously avoiding Almark.

However, it was not as if he was cold to everyone; in fact, he seemed to be dependable and admired by his other classmates.

Wendy also told him, "If you have any problems, just talk to Wallis and he'll help you out."

 Morgen had once told him that Wallis was also the son of an aristocrat, but Almark did not ask his last name at that time.

In fact, Almark was too busy trying to keep up with his studies to worry only about Wallis.

 So, to this day, he and Wallis have never spoken to each other.

He knew that Wallis was probably doing something different from the other students, but he didn't know what it was.

 Almark quietly lowered himself to a place out of everyone's wind, put his wand on the floor, and closed his eyes.

Let's try the magic of the light again, like I tried earlier.

Since he had started practicing meditation, the imagery had become much clearer than before. The image of the magic flowing through his body was also more clear.

He point his right hand upward and imagine a small flame dwelling in the space just a little above his hand.

 The magical power flowing from the body gathers in the right hand and forms a small flame. Keep the fruition of the flame in place so that it does not disappear. ......

 The light lit up on Almark's hand.

The actual light is not stable and weak, but definitely a magic flame was shining on the palm of his hand.

"I did it!"

It must be the result of his daily practice . He was able to do it faster than he thought he could, and he had done it successfully.

Almark looked up and searched for teacher .

He was just in the middle of giving advice to another student and was not looking at him.

 ”I was able to use this magic," he said.

Almark looked at the small flame with care.

It happened at that moment.

Suddenly, the flame wavered.

 To Almark, it looked as if the flame was maliciously writhing in his hand.

He felt the magic in his body being absorbed by the flame all at once.

 "Eh, what's this ......"

The moment Almark was puzzled, the flame expanded as if bursting into flames, and a large pillar of fire rose from Almark's hand to nearly the ceiling.

A loud scream rises due to the sudden situation, but Almark's vision is blocked by the flames that erupt, and he cannot see anything.

 The screams of Norish, Lilti, and the others.

Torque's angry voice.

 ". Almark! “Wendy's screamed

Among the various voices, Yilmaz's quiet mutterings somehow reached Almark's ears clearly.

"I have told you."

Almark lost consciousness, as if all his strength was being drained out of his body.