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Almark found himself lying on a bed in the school medical office of the school building.

 He wakes up. There is no sign of pain. He looks at his right hand, but there is no burn.

It is still bright outside the window. The sun is still high in the sky.

He wonders how long he had been unconscious. Even on a long journey, he had never fainted so helplessly. It would have meant death.

(What a huge failure.)

 Almark sighed and held his right hand to the window.

 What in the world was that? The flame grew as if it had a will of its own. The magic power that was suddenly sucked out of him.

He felt dizzy as he tried to get off the bed. His body was not strong enough.

«You shouldn't stand up yet,"

 Almark turned around, startled by the sudden voice. Yilmaz was leaning against the wall, looking at him.

The fact that he was completely oblivious to his presence was probably due to the fact that Almark's weakness was so great. Although there were no outward injuries, Almark's body seemed to be more damaged than he had expected.

"You've released most of the magic in your body .You need to stay in bed for a bit longer."

He must have been with him the whole time.

“I'm not sure what's happened ," he said as teacher slowly approached.

The first thing that Almirk did was to keep his body upright and ask Yilmaz, "What  I  have done ?"

"You tried to use the magic of the light, didn't you?"


Almark nodded, and Yilmaz shook his head.

" It was dragon fire. It is a destructive spell that burns down opponents."

“Dragon fire ...... of destruction that burns down the ...... opponent."


"Then the others students ."

“..... no one else was hurt. The magic in your body wasn't well formulated, so it burned up and was gone in a matter of seconds.”

"I see. ...... thank goodness."

Yilmaz stared into Almark's face as he let out a sigh of relief.

"How do you think that could have happened?"

“I don't know how it happened. I'm sure I was only practicing meditation, but I thought I was able to imagine the magic of the light. I kept imagining a small flame. let alone a dragon flame How did I suddenly get myself to think of such a destructive magic that I had never even thought of?”

“Dragon fire is a magic that you learn in the higher grades,"

Yilmaz said.

"It is not a difficult magic, and even middle class students can cast it."

 "It's just," he added,

"This spell requires a lot of magic power,. If a child who has not fully grown up uses it, it can be fatal."

"Ah, well......."

Almark was unconscious in the blink of an eye, his entire body drained of magic power.

"That's what happened."

Yilmaz nodded.

“I have told you before that you are too clever, that you instantly grasp, interpret, and try to apply what you see and hear. But as far as magic is concerned, that is not real comprehension.”

"...... Yes."

Just before he fainted, he heard the voice of Yilmaz.

"I have told you already ."

 ”That's what I meant.”

This was the magical image of the light that Almark had thought up in his own mind. It was just something that Almark had interpreted on his own, and in reality it appeared as something completely different.

Yilmaz was right.

Almark was ashamed of his own conceit.

Yilmaz  let him lie down on the bed once more and then stood up.

" Celia, the doctor with a healing magic, will soon bring you some medicine water. After you drink it, rest a little longer and then return to your dormitory. Do not even practice meditation today and tomorrow. Rest in your room and try to recover your magical powers."

"...... understand."

 Almark bit his lip.

"I apologize for the trouble I've caused you, teacher.”

“You have talent, there is no doubt about that ,but it is so great that it requires a lot of training and determination to control it. I told you the other day that you don't have much spare time. ......"

At the door, Yilmaz turns again and looks at Almark. He said in a calm tone,

“I don't mean to rush you. Don't be in a hurry. but be patient and careful. Keep working on magic power inside you, you can't control now.


 Almark nodded. For now, he had no choice but to trust Yilmaz's words.