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After drinking the medicinal water brought by Doctor Celia who had healing magic, he felt magic power slowly building up in his body .

After a while, the feeling of being dizzy was gone, and Almark got up from his bed, thinking it was time to go home. I

"I shocked everyone in class today," Almark said." I'll have to apologize at night."

Tomorrow would be Almark's first day off, and Wendy and Morgen had offered to show him around the city while he went to pick up his textbooks that had finally arrived at the bookstore, but he had to refuse their offer 

As he was about to leave the room with this thought in his mind, the door was opened with a bang from the outside.


It was Wendy and the others who rushed in.

“Are you all right? . Fia said she was going to send you back to the dorm ahead of the others today, and I'm worried about you ."

Wendy, who had come in first, inspected Almark from head to toe, then took his right hand and rubbed it with both of hers. The silky white skin of her hand traces over his skin.

No wounds," she said. "I'm glad."

 After all that, Wendy finally smiled. Everyone was saying, "That's great," to which Almark replied awkwardly.

I'm sorry, everyone," he said. "I couldn't control the light and put you all in danger."

Almark bowed his head, but everyone's reaction was unexpected.

"No, it happens often."

 Nelson immediately responded casually.

"In the beginning, we all had trouble controlling the magic of the lights, and we almost got burned, and we made a pillar of fire, or something like that. You know..." He looked back at everyone as he said this.”

  They all nodded in agreement.

"Yes. Everyone has made mistakes before. It' s totally fine."

 Liltie said in a low voice, "I scorched the hair of Torque, who was standing next to me."

Everyone burst out laughing.

That was a big mess "Liltie looks so innocent, but sometimes she does the craziest things."

 After the mood had relaxed, Norisch spoke up as if he had just remembered.

"But no one ever had such a0000000000000000000 big flame burst out," he said.

 Everyone nodded in agreement.

Almark, that was the biggest flame of our school year so far."

Mogen gave him a thumbs-up, which was neither a comforting nor a comforting remark.

"Thanks," he said. "I thought you guys would be ...... angry."

"No, of course not. Everyone makes mistakes."

 Nelson said, and Wendy nodded.

“We've all given each other trouble. It's a lot better now, but when I was a freshman, I was just starting out. ......”


Everyone seemed to have an idea of what Wendy was talking about, and they all let out an "ah" or "mmm" sound.

"I've heard that teacher Yilmaz is only training you in meditation at the moment., but whenever you are in need of help, you can let us know."

"Thank you."

 Almark thanked her sincerely. Afterwards, he informed them that he would not be able to go into the city tomorrow.

Wendy's face turns clouded with disappointment, and she says that there were all sorts of stores she wanted to take him to.

In the end, they agreed that Nelson and Morgen would pick up the textbooks at the bookstore for him.

 After everyone had left, Almark left the school building with a warm feeling.

(I've found good friends, . I wouldn't want to betray them.)

 On the way, back he met Leila. He was walking quickly, wondering where she was going.

"Oh, Leila. I'm ...... "

When Almark called out to her to apologize, he was met with a cold gaze from Leila.

"You're wielding a power you can't even control. You're like a monkey."

Leila took another glance at Almark in a disrespectful manner, and then said.

"I don't have time for this. Don't bother me in class."

With that, she walked away.