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dy slowly makes her way up to the arena.

Torque tapped Galain on the shoulder as he returned, hard just enough to be heard up to the cheering section, and the three of them, Galain who had been hit and Deg who had been watching, looked at each other and smiled.

The sound of their laughing reached the cheering seats.

"Galain, you don't seem that depressed."

 Nelson muttered reassuringly.

, "Yeah, I guess I'm not that depressed. The atmosphere of the group is not so bad. T. Don't worry, Wendy's next."

 Turning his attention back to the arena, he could see Wendy's profile clearly from the cheering section.

A stern, tense look that was not normally seen on Wendy's face.

(......She's like a fighter.............)

 Almark thought.

He has never seen such a beautiful fighter, though.

 He couldn't help but admire her profile.

"Wendy, is so focused."

 At Mogen's words, Almark nodded his head without taking his eyes off Wendy.

" . She looks so beautiful ."

"You say that kind of thing a lot without embarrassment."

Nelson gave him a stunned look, but Almark couldn't see what the problem was.

"How come? Because she is so beautiful. I would watch her all the time if I could."

"All right, do what you want. But I'm not gonna sit back and watch it happen."

 Nelson said.

"Her opponent it's that Emilia ."

"Emilia "

Almark repeats the name.

 Wendy's opponent, Emelia.

The girl, who slowly walked up to the arena like Wendy, had a solid physique, short-cropped hair, and victorious eyes, and she was staring at Wendy.

This one had the appearance of a female fighter, not only in her expression but in her entire body.

"She still looks the same. Scary."

Morgen looked at Emelia and kept his voice low. Almark looked back involuntarily because his words were filled with a real sense of realization.

"Morgen, do you have any horrible memories of her?"

'Well, a little. ......"

Morgen looked into the distance with blank eyes."

"It's not just Mogen,"

Raido said.

Most of the boys who were in the same class with Emelia in the first grade have been beat up by her."

"Beaten ?"

"I don't know if one could call her a manly woman. She is strong and quick to fight. I've heard that she's proud of the fact that she hasn't lost a fight with a boy since the first grade."


 Almark rolled his eyes.

The first time I went to the school was when I was a first-year student and I was still getting used to the school life.

Apart from official positions such as class representative, who would be the real leader of the class?

 What is the hierarchy in the class?

Until that was decided, there were often skirmishes among the boys who had not yet gotten to know each other well enough.

 They were a group of children from very different backgrounds, statuses, and upbringings.

The "norm" and " usual" of each of them clashed with each other, and a lot of friction occurred.

This led to many fights.

Children of aristocrats often treated commoners as inferiors.

The teachers at the academy rarely dared to meddle in these problems, which were bound to occur every year.

Although the academy claims to provide equal education regardless of background, this does not mean that all students are to be treated equally on the same side of the line.

Students who enroll at the academy are given an equal education regardless of their status, and each is given equal opportunities, and the academy never promotes disparities in status.

On the other hand, the academy will only do so much.

The academy does not provide any further support.

Of course, this alone is an exceptional level of equality that is unique in the world.

The teachers are not afraid of such problems at the beginning of the school year, but they are just waiting to find out how the children, who have been selected through a strict screening process, will adjust to their new environment, how they will reconcile their common sense with each other, and who will emerge as a leader among the students. We will see who will emerge from the ranks.

If the children of the aristocrats grow up in the correct way, that is good. If the children of commoners surpass the children of the aristocrats, that is also good.

Among those, Emelia is a rare type of girl who voluntarily picks a fight with boys and uses her manly build to silence them with force and become feared by them.

She was from a commoner's background, but she put her strength to the fore and attacked even the boys of the aristocracy without regard.

The boys who were attacked by her were not proud of winning a fight with a girl, and on the other hand, if they lost, they would be forced into an embarrassing and fruitless contest.

And, considering her strength, there was a high possibility that he would actually lose the fight. If you are not careful, it will be a very hard fight.

"Don't go against Emelia."

It didn't take long for that motto to spread throughout the class.

In this way, she was able to stand out from the others on her own.

Whenever something happened, they would stare at me and say, "Do you have a problem with me?

 Morgen shook his body as if he had just been threatened by her.

Morgen shook her body as if she had just been threatened by her.

 "I'm sure she's confident in her physical strength, and her martial arts skills seem to be very good. I heard that even if she fights with the boys, she usually wins."

"I see."

Almark looked at the two competitors on the arena.

"I'm sure that Emelia is a very strong girl."

She usually wins against boys.

"She's taller than Wendy in both height and reach, and her body shape and build show that she's been training well. And unlike the two previous guys,......."

Almark looked at the cheering section on the first group' s side.

Ain was in the middle of the first group of students, his arms folded and a pale smile on his face.

'That Ein didn't give her any instructions. I think that proves how good she is."

After saying that much, he looked back at Raido with a smile.

'But I bet Wendy will win."

'Well, if Almark says so."

Raido nodded his head.

"I'll believe that, too."

"What's that?"

Nelson looked at her again in disbelief.

"You guys at least have to give me some reason to believe that Wendy is going to win."

Regardless, Armark turned his attention back to the arena.

"Let's get this started."

In the middle of the arena.

Emelia looked at the face of the noblewoman standing in front of her with cold, shining eyes.

'Wendy Barhab"

 Emelia said.

"I've always wanted to fight you."

 Hearing this, Wendy turned her head slightly.

At this move, Emelia's face twisted in disapproval.

"I hate you. my stomach get sick when I see you behave like that."

"Emelia, you and ......"

 Wendy said hesitantly.

"We've never been in the same class and we hardly ever talk to each other. What did I ever do to you to make you hate me so much?"

'Even though people hate people.'

 Emelia put her own words on top of Wendy's.

'If you think you need a clear reason, Wendy Barhab.

 Emelia's eyes remained cold as she spoke Wendy's name once more.

'That only proves that you're naive."

So ......."

Wendy's eyes were glazed down.

'You are the daughter of a great nobleman, and people will pick you up on their own without you having to do anything."

 Emelia looked sideways at Bowen, the referee, as he approached, still speaking quickly.

I am different. I have been admitted by my own strength. Not by the power of my family or bloodline, like you, but by the power of my own .

 Emelia gave Wendy, who remained silent, a wry smile at the end of her speech.

"I'm going to show you the difference, and I'm going to show it clearly in front of everyone".

 Bowen stands beside them.

Emelia had finished what she needed to say, and she mouthed the words with satisfaction.

Wendy gave a small nod to Bowen standing beside her and then gave Emelia a gentle smile.

'I think you and I would be good friends, Emelia."

Emelia's face instantly turned red.

 Bowen tells Wendy that's enough chitchat, and verbally confirms the last of the rules.

 When their names were announced, the two politely responded to the audience's applause as if their earlier conversation had never taken place.

Almark was watching from the stands when Wendy bowed gracefully to the applause of the crowd.

"Wendy, hang in there."

 Suddenly, an unfamiliar girl's voice came from behind Almark.

No, he had heard it before. Once before.

 Almark turned around.

In the corridor leading from the supporters' seats to the waiting room, he saw the slender figure of a girl with a slender body.

Even from the back alone, he recognized her immediately.

It was the same girl he had met on his way back to the dormitory one evening on his way home from practice.

"Be careful, Almark,"

She said back then

"What's wrong, Almark?"

 Suddenly, Morgen, who was standing right behind him, turned his head to look at the girl, and his voice was puzzled.

"No, that girl ......."


When Almark turned around and Morgen looked back, the girl was no longer there.

He was about to go after her, but when Morgen said in a panicked voice, "What's the matter, it's about to start," Almark stopped in his tracks.

He turned to face forward with a feeling of being dragged back.

"I heard that Emelia chick say something to Wendy."

 Nelson spoke from next door.

. "Yeah, it sounded pretty nasty,"

 Almarc replies.

 (Now we have to concentrate on cheering for Wendy.)

 Standing opposite Emelia, Wendy's body, which is not small by any means, looks very slender.

"Wendy, hang in there. ......"

 Nelson said as if praying.

...... "Wendy will be fine."

 Almark nodded to Nelson once more.


At the call of Bowen's voice, Emelia stepped forward.

Her eyes flashed viciously like those of a predator.

At once, she closed the distance between them and launched a lightning-fast punch.

 It was not a single blow.

It was a series of three lightning-fast punches.

 The crowd went wild with excitement at the speed.

"It's a wing!"

 Almark muttered.

 It was just as he said.

Wendy dodged all three strikes like a wing in the wind.

(See, Wendy is pretty after all, )

 Almark thought.

When Emelia's eyes widened in surprise, Wendy's sword was thrust into her torso.

'...... Enough !'

 After a pause, Bowen raised his voice.

'...... Oh , no way!'

 Emelia looked at Wendy's face as if she couldn't believe what had happened to her.

Her face was pale with hurt pride."

'...... I'm sorry.'

 Wendy said.

She had a sad, look on her face, even though she had won.

'Earlier, I said something that you hate the most. "

 Wendy said that sadly.

You came straight at me, just as I expected."


Emelia finally managed to speak.

"Are you saying you provoked me and manipulated me?"

 Wendy shook her head.

'It's exasperating to do things that people don't like. I'm sorry."

 She said in a voice as if she were making an excuse .

 Then Wendy looked straight into Emelia's eyes.

It was a look so strong that Emelia briefly frowned.

"But I promised my friends that I would win."

Even after Wendy had left the arena after being named the winner, Emelia didn't move from that spot for a while.