[Arc 0] Extra Chapter 1: The Lesser God’s Trauma and Present
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“Well, there he goes.” – Skvalv

That was the thought of the Lesser God, Skvalv, after he sent the nameless soul to his homeworld.

“But will he be okay? The one that allowed the transmigration is after all…” – Skvalv


The Ultimate Goddess of Darkness – Alvatria.


Shorten to Ria between friends, the worst of the twelve Ultimate Gods, able to send even the worst evil gods crying back home.

She is not what people could call a goddess of evil, but she is definitely a goddess of mischief.

Even the other Ultimate Gods, with one exception, tries to keep their distance as much as possible from her.

That was true for Skvalv himself, as it was Alvatria herself that has given him the task of template creation for the Terra Sol system, knowing fully well that Skvalv was growing too old to complete the mission.

“Scary, scary, scary, scary, so scary!”

However, that was not the only scheme that the Ultimate Goddess had involved Skvalv in. As a result, Skvalv had developed a trauma to anything related to Alvatria.

The only way Skvalv had to escape from being the Darkness Goddesses plaything was to gain his pension while giving his prayer to the next Lesser God of arts that would replace him as her subordinate.

Skvalv knew fully well that Alvatria would not just reincarnate someone out of goodwill, even if they completed an important task for the gods.

Skvalv started to fear for the nameless soul’s safety.

“Is there anything else that I can do for that one? Oh wait, there is one thing!” – Skvalv

With a sudden flash of inspiration, one that should not be possible when thinking about the Lesser God's condition, Skvalv started to use a power he had not had the opportunity to use in several centuries.

“Since he made all those templates, then there will not be anyone to disagree that this is a fitting thank-you present. But what about the second one?” – Skvalv

While he was pondering about his own question, Skvalv started to look around his office. Then he remembered something that the nameless soul had said to him.

“Yeah, that will become a problem later in the line. And it is not something that important, so nobody should reject this idea.” – Skvalv

After he had made the final additions to the present for the nameless soul, he sent it straight away.

“Hope that it will reach him in time to be of use.” – Skvalv

With that in mind, Skvalv restarted his packing while eagerly wishing for the meeting the nameless soul again, and to hear the stories the nameless soul would bring with him.