[Arc 1] Chapter 1: A New Life and the Water Serpent
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Mhm, five more minutes…, that's not it!

Where am I? The last thing I can remember is…, whoa, deja vu. Okay, the last thing I remember is saying goodbye to Skvalv and then…

Guess I reincarnated the moment Skvalv pushed the button then. But why can’t I see anything?

Then, as if waiting for the clue, the darkness gave way for my surroundings. A little too much in fact.

Suddenly I gained a 360-degree eye-sight.

GYYAAAAA! M-my head! It’s breaking! What’s going on!? There are ups and downs and all around and, I-I don’t know what! No way that a human can comprehend all this...! That’s it!

[Concentration]! Activate [Concentration], NOW!

*hah, hah* That’s better. Way better.

Crap. What was that? There was so much information that my brain couldn’t comprehend it. If I didn’t remember to activate [Concentration] right away, I would probably turn crazy by the information overflow.

Thanks to the skill, the crazy sight-range is reduced to that of a regular human. It’s not like I’ve closed my other eyes, not that I can close them, for some reason. It’s more like I focus on the sight in front of me and ignoring the rest.

How did I see everything around me like that? Do I have eyes on my whole body? There was a monster like that in Greek mythology.

Okay, let’s start with one thing at a time here. First up, my current appearance.

Huh? That’s strange? I can’t move my neck. Better said, I can’t feel any of my limbs.

Hmm, if [Concentration] is limiting my sight, then maybe I could also move it around.

Ugh. T-this works, but it’s nauseating. I, I think I’m gonna hurl. This is more durable than that world wide sight from before at least.

Now it’s more like moving the camera on a drone instead, just that I’m the drone.

Gwaahh! It slipped! My concentration slipped! Too much, lower the strength!

*hah, hah, hah* Better. Damn, what was that?

If I didn’t have [Concentration], I would go crazy from the information-overflow! Let’s take some time to get used to it.


After some time, testing how to move the [Concentration]-camera as I call it, I finally managed to get a good look at myself.

My current appearance is that of a white slime-like being.

Not the cute type of slime like the one you can find in that famous JRPG, but a mass of goopy dough that should be in a horror story.

Seriously? What’s this? Is this me?

I guess I’m holding out better than a regular person would. I have the experience of having a non-human body after all. That doesn’t stop me from being freaked out. I mean, a slime? A slime!? I didn't sign up for this!

Can you even call this a slime? Wasn’t slimes supposed to be either jelly-like or a mass of liquid with something like a core? From what I can see from here, I don’t have a core or anything. It’s just one big blob of white goop. 

Who was it that chose this as my new race!? I want to complain here! Ah, but don’t just kill me off. I still want to live my life, even as a mass of goop.


Now that I’ve vented out my stress on no one specific, let’s try to move around a little. I noticed it first now, but I haven’t moved a step since I first came to my senses.

From the looks of it, I’m currently inside a small cave. The cave’s floor and the ceiling are barely a few centimeters between each other. Maybe it's better to call it a crevice.

The good thing about this semi-liquid body is that I can stay in this place without crashing my head in the ceiling.

But how does a slime move again? Crawling across the ground? I definitely won’t be able to jump around like a rubber ball. Not with this goopy body. The thought of something like me jumping around is freaking me out to much to test out that idea anyway.

Let’s try the crawling suggestion.

Gueeeehhhh. This is nas-*bleah*-nasty!

STOP! Yikes! What’s up with that feeling just now? It was like I tried to stretch out a piece of me to advance, ah, that was exactly what I was doing.

Guess slimes move by stretching out their body to crawl around. Damn, that’s nasty. Think about it, deforming your flesh just to move arou-*gulp*, aw crap. I’m making myself sick.

Let’s ignore it! Yes, the number one plan to solve problems… or not, who am I kidding. But I don’t have any other choices.

 With [Concentration] I can focus on the thought of moving forward while ignoring the nauseating feeling of stre-*shudder*, no. I can’t complete that last sentence even.

Just use [Concentration] on full throttle and hope for the best! That's the only thing I can do at the moment!


Okay, I’ve just succeeded in the escape-the-crevice-by-crawling plan and stepped outside.

The result: the half-rotten corpse of a giant spider monster right in front of me.



Why do I have to endure that nauseating torment in just moving my body, only to meet up with the corpse of a real, freaking monster!? 

*hah* *hah*

Damn, one thing after another. Huh, there's something wrong about this spider, including the part that it's a monster. It’s as big as a truck, but parts of its body are blown off. There are no burn marks on it, so no explosives are involved in the crime, detective.

You're telling me there's something out there that has enough power to blow away the exoskeleton of this monster spider? You gotta be kidding with me!

Time to get away from here. I don’t want to meet the killer of this spider monster.

Let’s use the [Stealth] skill as well, for good measure. Don’t want to forget one of my hard-earned cheat skills.

Okay, but where am I? This place is… Woah. Beautiful.

I’m currently on the shore of a large underground lake. The place is illuminated with some large water-blue crystals along the shore and the water itself looks like it’s glowing. No, it does glow.

Are there some lights inside the lake? Or is the water magical? Like magic water? 

Even so, this place has a solemn feeling that words alone cannot describe.

 Crap, I think I’m gonna cry. This place is just too beautiful.

Due to the majesty of the lake, I completely failed to notice something important.

If that huge spider monster was killed by this lake…

Then there's a big chance that the culprit is living in this lake.


While I stood there by the spider corpse and watched over the lake, I saw that some air bubbles that rose from the lake.

Huh? What’s that?

The answer came as an explosion from the depth of the lake:

A long, serpentine body, blue scales, fins on the sides of its head, and aqua-colored horns on top of it, formed as a crown.

A majestic serpent, like the incarnation of the lake itself, rose from the depths.

Crap, crap, crap, crap! This guy’s not possible. I’ve got no chance. Just please doesn’t notice me.

Unfortunately, the serpent faced it’s head to the spider corpse and me who was beside it.

Eeeek, look another way!

While I was thinking that, the water serpent,

Shot out water from its mouth like a high-pressure water gun. Right on the spider corpse.

The corpse flew away in pieces, away from the lake, as well as crushing the small gap in the floor that I was reborn in.

That’s the culprit, I stupidly thought as a way to escape reality. But I wasn’t wrong.

The water serpents power and it’s disdain for the spider all pointed out that it was the killer of the spider.

And next in line will be me!

It is what I thought, but after the snake had blown away the spider corpse, it looked over the place where the spider was, including where I stood.

When its eyes met mine, I mean, when it looked at me, it looked a little confused. But in the end, it ignored me while looked pleased with disposing of the spider corpse.

Then, without doing anything else, it went back into the lake.

Aw crap. That was way too scary!

But why did it overlook me like that? It’s not like this lake is covered in darkness, so it would be because it didn’t see me. It’s not like I am hiding or have stealth functions, stealth?

THAT’S IT! [Stealth]! My number 1 skill from now on! I’m going the invisible man, or invisible goop, on the snake!

Aw crap. [Stealth] is the best. So glad I took it. I get why it costs 3 points.

Skvalv said that [Stealth] is a skill that reduces the chance of being spotted when hiding, while also making me less notable by others in any other case.

Even when I was right in front of it, the snake couldn't see me. Or, maybe it didn't expect to find something from the beginning, making it easier for it to overlook me.

Anyway, let’s get out of here, post haste! I noticed a path away from the lake into some tunnels when the spider was blown away. Any place should be better than this snake hole.

Huh, ‘there could be something worse than that snake in the tunnels’? AS IF!

That snake is a top-class boss monster! It’s the top of this cave’s food chain. Just look at poor mister spider, who is in more pieces than a jigsaw puzzle right now.

Okay, let the tunnel-exploration-team head off. Like, right now!