[Arc 3] Extra Chapter 2: The Spy’s True Face and the Lake of Forgotten Mist
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The same morning as the Alchemist Exam. In a secret room in a store owned by a Solomar loyalist.

"I can't accept this!" - Mira

I refused to hear what this bastard just said. After four years, and this is how he greets his best spy? This stinking Demon King?

"But that is the truth. You are hereby dismissed from your position as one of this Anzar Imdugud Solomar's Spy Brigade." - Demon King

Don't speak in third-person. It's creepy. I looked at the blue-skinned man who looked like in his early thirties by human standards, despite being the one who had founded the city of Solomar. His large, black horns and golden snake eyes, which did nothing to hide his identity as a demon. Just as his informal clothing failed to hide that aura of royalty that radiated from him.

"Then for what reason did that happen? I never did anything wrong. Raft Gregor's Draugr business in Velantas, all thanks to the guy who crushed the Disaster of Water, which was YOUR idea, if my memory ain't broken? So what's with the firing?!" - Mira

"You did nothing wrong. If anyone is in the wrong here, it must be that 'Garami' girl. Not that her being any wrong is the problem here." - Demon King

"Stop speaking in circles and get to the point already!" - Mira

"Your new leader is just too exceptional. Not only does she have wits and luck enough to crush the Husk Forest, but she's also of a semi-unique species, AND, she is in possession of two Disasters. Or, one and one-sixth." - Demon King

"...Meaning, the big, bad Demon King's scared that the Balos gang is gonna find out you've betrayed them, because said gang will come after Garami, who is my party leader, and I am one of your secret spies?" - Mira

"And since you are the main reason why Garami is after the Balos gang, then they are not going to take it nice finding out that it was me who ordered you to do that." - Demon King

Yeah, that would be bad. His majesty only joined the Balos gang when they were after other criminal groups to gain funds for the exploration of the Noterra continent 20 years ago. He cut off most of his connections with them, but if he tried to directly go against them, they would spread the truth about Solomar's initial source of money, creating a political scandal of dimensions.

To stop that, his majesty needed a replacement. A representative. Someone that could act as the hero in this cheap hero tale, while his majesty himself was sitting in the audience seat. 

His Majesty wanted me to play that role at first when he picked me up from the slums. A lone sprite kid that had grown up in the slums of the very same city as the one the leader of the Balos gang was the ruler of. But seriously, someone like me against that guy? No way.

His majesty still had me train underneath his best spy, a Lilim woman that I do not want to recall if you don't mind.

Well, the rest of the story is exactly like how I told Garami and the rest. The only difference is that I was picked up by his majesty and his servant, the demon Paladin, Charles. I was sent to the orphanage that uncle Wayvol donated to after a serious crash-and-burn training with my master... *shudder*. I wish I had Garami's [Heretic Immunity] back then.

After that, things went well. I came closer to Wayvol, who his majesty knew was in the Balos gang's crosshairs for quite a time. That technology of his was way higher than any other inventor on Noterra could produce. Who wouldn't want that?

Thing is... I got too attached to uncle Wayvol when I tried to get closer to him, so it ended with him and his majesty meeting each other, for then preparing the defense for striking back at the leader of the Balos gang... was what was supposed to happen... if it wasn't for that blasted Black Baron!

If it wasn't for those wacky weapons he gave to the Balos gang to join as the sixth member, uncle Wayvol could be alive today! After that, my life consisted of supporting uncle on his last days, while keeping up my spy- and swordsman training. I challenged a special Haunt close to the city to get the Spy class along with the Swordsman- and Squire classes I already had. 

After uncle Wayvol had succumbed to his wounds, his majesty made me look after someone that could take up the banner of the Hero. Someone that could stand up against the even more freakish power of the Balor gang than his majesty first thought they had. Someone that could defeat the Disaster of Life that the Balos gang had obtained. 

Someone that already had proven themselves against a Disaster.

"So... my regular reports about Garami's movement are to be stopped then?" - Mira

"Completely. And we cannot grant you funds anymore, even while hidden as Quests granted by my agents. Still, there are some items we can grant you. Think of them as equally our support for your adventure and a thank-you gift for your loyalty all these years." - Demon King

After that, his majesty made several items, including boxes of potions, appear on the table. As expected of his majesty. His specialty with Space magic is still as strong as before. It was thanks to this that he could attend to this secret meeting without alarming who-knows how many countries. Hmm? Isn't that...

I picked up a certain something from the table. A single-edged, light blue sword with a semi-serrated edge with a golden, wave-like pattern near the point. It had a simple grey grip and the guard looks like two crossed, dark marine colored claws, each claw covering for an edge of the sword. 

"I knew you would pick that up first. It is a sword we designed based on the last sketches that Wayvol left behind unfinished." - Demon King

"?! I mean, I see." - Mira

This is uncle's... stop with that grinning of yours! 

"Sorry that this is all we can offer our loyal subject." - Demon King

"It looks like this is too much. How many Platina Sols went into this reward?" - Mira

"A bargain-level amount for having you take care of the Champion of Alvatria from now on. We are already troubled by the Disaster of Ice that was recently discovered in the Pele volcano and all." - Demon King

"Wait... the Disaster of Ice? Inside the Pele volcano?" - Mira

The Pele volcano is the biggest of them all in the Solomar region. So why would the Disaster of Ice of all things be there?

"Yes. An Ice Jotunn, an everyday occurrence on the old continent, but it was the first time I saw one here. He was inside a lava pool there, shivering as if the heat did nothing to him, all while the heat of the volcano kept on increasing." - Demon King

"Wait, shivering? Are you sure his Disaster attribute is Ice?" - Mira

"When even my Space Render spell gets frozen upon contact before it could damage him, then yes. I think Ice is the fitting attribute for him." - Demon King

...Wait. A [Dimension Magic] spell got frozen?

"Moving on-" - Demon King

"Wait, wait, wait! That's not something you just move on with!" - Mira

"Even so, we have no other information about that Disaster, so there is no point in debating about that. Besides, do you have a plan for explaining how you obtained all these treasures?" - Demon King

"...Please guide this clueless servant, your majesty." - Mira

"Very well. This map shows the way to a secret area on the Baoshi plateau. Simply go there for the day, then come back saying you found a secret, one-time Quest there which you obtained the items from." - Demon King

His majesty then gave me the map. However...

"Will that really work?" - Mira

"It has always worked for me. How did you think I wrote off where I got the valuables from when I was an active member of the Balos gang?" - Demon King

...This sounds like it could fail, but all this stuff is high-grade items. Even someone like me without any Appraisal-type skills can understand that. Garami and the rest will probably not mind where I got this stuff if their quality is just as good as they look.

His majesty then created a portal with his magic, probably leading back to his palace in Solomar. Before he left, he turned towards me and asked:

"One last thing. Is your new lord any good?" - Demon King

Before I could think about the question, my mouth moved on its own:

"She'll never lose to even you." - Mira

"I see. I would like to meet her once, at her own castle." - Demon King

With that, his majesty, the Demon King, went into the portal, leaving me alone with the many gifts spread out in the room.


"This is the place?" - Mira

After renting a Bai Ze1A type of intelligent bovine creature that is used as mounts in the Yanxiong region., I left the city in search of the place on the map. It wasn't too far from the city, but the place is inside a thick forest, making it a perfect spot for a hidden Quest even when it's so close to the city. Telling people I got a Quest from someplace I haven't been at is too suspicious after all. Gotta make it as believable as possible.

The Bai Ze could reach the place on its own just by showing it the map, so I used the time to look at the sword I received from his... from the Demon King.

One of Mira the spy's secret items, the Appraisal Lens! This is a special version than the normal some-time uses that's sold at the Adventurers Guild. This one regenerates is uses by pouring mana into it. I've kept it a secret for the rest of the party since this thing is too useful of a Magitech for a no-name Sprite to have.

The Lens is formed like a golden monocule, and it lets you use [Appraisal] on a target that you see through the glass. It can look at information up to what [Appraisal LV.8] can read, but it lacks some functions, such as the symbols that show the skill updates and other stuff.

Item Name: Nimue, the Sword of the Lake. 
Rank: B+
Item Type Sword
Durability: 1.000/1.000
ATK: 400
Weight: 55
  • Water attribute Sprite creature.
  • Advanced Swordsman-line class.
  • [Sword Mastery] at LV.5 or higher.
  • [One-Handed Swordsmanship] at LV.20 or higher.
  • [Water Element] at LV.30 or higher.
  • Sword of the Lake
    • Increases damage through Sword Arts.
    • Increases damage through Water attribute moves.
    • Increases the owner's stats when they fight by still bodies of water.
  • Water Absorption
    • Negates any reduction of Durability due to Water attribute damage.
    • Recovers Durability through absorption of moisture in the air.
  • Mysteries of the Mist
    • Allows the creation of mist.
      • The cost for this ability is MP in proportion to the amount of mist created.
      • The mist increases the costs for the owner's enemies' skills.

A sword made to reproduce the mysteries of the lakes of unknown.

The last work of the Mastersmith, Wayvol, crafted for the hands of a girl with a kind and sincere heart. 

...I'm not crying. Definitely not crying! This is just sweat coming from my eyes!

*Sniff* What about me then? It's still some time before I reach the marked spot on the map and there's no need to spare the uses of the Lens.

Name: Mira Aureola
Race: Ocean Sword Sprite | Gender Female
Level: 2
Karma Value -135
Skills: 53
Titles: 12
Skill Points: 22.2
Main Class: Chaos Templar LV2
Sub Class: Squire LV50
Sub Class: Spy LV41
Sub Class: War Mage LV17
Sub Class: Dancer LV6
HP: 251/251 MP: 486/486 +20 SP: 206/206
STR: 413 +100 VIT: 269 +50 MAG: 245
RES: 237  SPD: 331 +50 DEX: 246
INT: 130    LUC: 95
Ability Skills: [MP Reduced Consumption LV.13]   [MP Auto-Recovery LV.8]   [STR Enhancement LV.11]   [VIT Enhancement (Small) LV.22]   [MAG Enhancement (Small) LV.14] 
Attack Skills: [Sword King Arts LV.2]   [Magic Sword Arts LV.15]   [Curse Attack LV.2]   [Mana Burst (Water) LV.14]   [Storm Surge LV.1]   [Oceanic Force LV.1] 
Magic Skills: [Water Magic LV.19]   [Glacier Magic LV.6]   [Heretic Magic LV.2]
Active Skills: [Magic Weapon LV.4]   [Super Acceleration LV.2]   [Espionage LV.MAX]2Max level = LV.50.   [Silence LV.15]   [Aerial Movement LV.5]   [Dried Earth LV.2]   [Shadow Ganger LV.1] 
Passive Skills: [Sword Mastery LV.8]   [One-Handed Swordsmanship LV.27]   [Warrior's Knowledge LV.10]   [Swordsman's Knowledge LV.12]   [Riding LV.10]   [Magic Talent LV.19]   [Battle Continuation LV.7]   [Dodging LV.39]   [Dancer's Knowledge LV.8]   [Water Walk LV.1]   [Sand Walk LV.5]   [Hiding LV.26]   [Tracking LV.26]   [Swimming LV.16]   [Fishing LV.11]  [Acting LV.18]   [Charm LV.8]   [Charming Movements LV.5]   [Golden Ratio]
Resistance Skills: [Water Resistance LV.27]   [Poison Resistance LV.15]   [Charm Resistance LV.16]   [Heretic Immunity]
Perception Skills: [Appraisal Disguise]   [Night Vision LV.15]
Racial Skills [Mana Conversion LV.26]  [Underwater Breathing LV.1]   [Soul of the Sea LV.1]   [Demonic Vault LV.4]   [Lewd Demon LV.18]
Elements: [Water Element LV.34]   [Heretic Element LV.2] 
Title Page:
[Loyal Knave]  [Haunt Conqueror]  [Monster Slayer]  [Sea Slayer]  [Kin of Garami]  [Undead Slayer]   [Skeleton Slayer]   [Reptile Slayer]   [Dungeon Conquer]    [Lord Slayer]   [Plant Slayer]  [Sexual Skilled Novice]

...I'm having a seriously bad conscience about the whole Spy-deal. Lily's gonna get disappointed in me. And Garami... NOOOO! I won't survive facing Garami now! Both physically and mentally! The guilt is crushing me!

Why did that stupid Demon King had to say I should trick them? It would be fine telling them the whole story from the beginning!! I wouldn't have to keep the Squire class a secret either! And it was difficult I tell you.

I had to keep my true abilities as a spy and my allegiance with the Demon King a secret by making my Spy-related stats look weaker than they already were, and at the same time, keep Squire a secret all this time.

I was so surprised when Squire suddenly went from LV43 to LV50 when I got Cursed Templar for some strange reason, almost making me bust myself there. Good thing I managed to keep things in check

Then it was when having the class was a requirement for the Ocean Sword Sprite evolution, so I was forced to take that evolution option right then and there so that Garami wouldn't notice that I had the class.

If I didn't do all that, then the secret that my [Appraisal Blocking] was already [Appraisal Disguise] would be known by her.

The skill could fool even the [Appraisal] skill at a high level, as long as I kept the disguised part as noticeable as possible. I even let her see through the face concealment of my stats when I first met her in the Deadlands. Good thing I was prepared for her having that skill, even if the odds were damn low.

*Sigh*... but no matter how I try to excuse it, we couldn't tell her the whole story back then... Garami was a complete unknown when I first met her... telling someone like that would be the stupidest thing ever to be done in the history of espionage.

But it is probably because of this that I didn't receive any evolutions for the Squire class. Am I that low of a person to not even be granted an evil knight class? *siiiiigh*

Aww, I'm in sooooo deep trouble! Wait! What if I said that the Squire class, the increase with the Spy class, and all the improvements with my skills were because of the 'secret Quest'? Let's go with that! Not that I have anything else to work with! Waaaaahh!!



A new Location of Interest discovered:

Lake of Forgotten Mist

A lake. A secret lake in the middle of the forest. The water is so clear that I could see my reflection without problems. There are large waterlilies spread across the lake. And I'm talking about dining table size here.

In the middle of the lake stood a gigantic tree. It looked like one of those Sakura trees that are popular in Wakoku, despite this being the first time in my life I've ever seen one outside the textbooks. 

Hmm, this place does look like a good spot for a hidden Quest or two. The place just oozes of mystic... and humidity. And petals. *ptooey*

I bound the Bai Ze to a tree with lots of grass around it while I explored the lake. That tree's suspicious. The dark gray trunk and the lilac flower petals that kept on falling due to the wind... 

Yeah. They keep on popping up.

The moment a petal gets ripped off from the tree, a new one takes its place in less than a second. What's up with this botanic giant? The petals aren't harmful at least...

Alright, let's see if this tree could be used for the Dungeon Garami's planning to build. I stepped on the waterlily that was closest to the shore, and... good. They can withstand my weight well enough. 

I jumped from one lily to another, closing in on the great tree in the middle of the lake. One or two lilies away from it, and I was in reach for the Lens to catch the info about the tree.

Name: none
Race: Fuxing Yinghua   | Gender: none
Level: 89
Karma Value ---
Skills: 6
Titles: 2
HP: 3330/3330 MP: 3500/3500 SP: ---
STR: 0 VIT: 3665 MAG: 0
RES: 2881 SPD: 0 DEX: 60
INT: --- LUC: 220

Whoa. This is awesome. I knew that plants and trees also had status pages, but this is the first time I've seen anything like this. Its stats are too crazy! I've seen some plants with skills (monster plants not included) but this is the first time I've seen one with titles.

Active Skills: [Quest Administration Privileges] 
Racial Skills: [Divinity]   [Tree of Rebirth LV.MAX]3Max Level = LV.50.   [Tree of Dead Spirits LV.MAX]4Max Level = LV.50.   [Freshwater Mangrove LV.MAX]5Max Level = LV.10.
Unique Skills: [Rakapila, Embodiment of Ancient Trees LV.5]
Title Page:
[Ancient Sacred Tree]   [Quest Granter]

... I'm not even gonna react to that. Still, 'Rebirth', heh. That sounds interesti-!? 

... Something's coming closer. Under the water surface. My instincts as a Water Sprite AND adventurer tells me this. And it's something bad.

I kept myself from making any sudden moves in order not to agitate... whatever this thing is. Where's it gonna come from? Behind? The front? Left or right? No... from straight below!


I activated [Super Acceleration] and jumped on the next lily, right in time to escape being dinner for whatever that thing is.

While still speeded up thanks to my skill, I used the Aura Blade Sword Art plus [Cursed Attack] on the thing that had attacked me, while throwing an Aqua Javelin spell for good measure. Both attacks were also improved with [Storm Surge] and [Oceaninc Force]. 

All attacks hit the thing that was still concealed in the water splash from when it attacked. [Super Acceleration] ended there, and my sense of time went back to that of normal people, which made the water splash finally go down. And what I saw, was... why's something like this guy here?!

Name: none
Race: Wu Hu Long   | Gender: Male
Level: 40
Karma Value 12
Skills: 20
Titles:  3
HP: 1879/2156 MP: 600/600 SP: 2421/2421
STR: 1876 VIT: 909 MAG: 551
RES: 695 SPD: 482 DEX: 322
INT: 60 LUC: 85

A Long?! A freaking snake-like Long emerged from the lake! And it's looking at me with a nasty gleam in its eyes!


The Long kept on attacking me while spewing out tons of fog to disturb my line of sight. Not that it worked since I could feel its movements due to the distributions of the lake. 

And this guy's fast! Luckily not fast enough to catch me. But that's only because we are fighting on a lake, which means I get a power-up from my skills and my new weapon. 

Too bad I cannot use my new weapons mist ability myself. If that snake Long can see through his own mist, then he will probably be able to do the same with mine.

Due to not finding a way to shake the Long of my tail, our game of tag kept on for quite a while. Sometimes I jumped on the big tree, only for the snake Long to try and eat me along with the tree, so I had to keep on running, er, jumping. 

I tried to make a counter-attack for every jump, but without [Super Acceleration], I don't have the time to strike back before the snake Long has dived into the lake again.

I could fight in the lake just as good as the snake, but this guy's got high levels in skills like [High-Speed Swimming] and [Narval Combat] on him. No way I can fight him on his own turf like that!

This stupid water snake-?! Wait a sec, isn't this snake Long like the Disaster of Water? Think Mira, think! How did Garami defeat her snake?

... I don't have any poison, but turning his strength into a weakness is something I can do. Just a little more... there! The skill's cooldown-time is finished! [Super Acceleration]!

I ran to the shore of the lake before the snake Long could try anything against me. When I had my feet on solid ground, I used my accelerated condition to quickly remove one of the items I had gotten from the Demon King. 

The snake Long turned around to see me pointing the item I had retrieved from the [Demonic Vault] towards the water.

Maybe it was its instinct that noticed the potential threat of the item, or maybe it still wanted to eat me, but it came storming towards me with its big mouth opened.

But before it could reach me, I said the keyword to activate the item.

"Vajra!" - Mira

A lightning bolt came out of the strange-formed club, right into the lake. The snake Long had no defense against electrical attacks, so it was turned to charcoal along with the remaining lilies of the lake.

- The thing is, using poison was the only way to defeat that monster snake. The water that made up that lake of his was too pure to conduct electricity, so my first idea was ruled out the second I checked out the water there.

This was what Garami had answered Carion back at Velantas when he asked about how Garami defeated the Disaster of Water and if there were other ways to do it. 

This lake however, was simply clean. It didn't have a high aether-density like the lake of the Disaster of Water, so I thought it could work. Thank god that the Demon King had added some Lighting attribute attack items with the gifts... but if all this was a ruse from that guy, then I'm gonna clobber him the next time I see him! Political relationships, be damned!


Mira Aureola has reached LV3.

Mira Aureola has reached LV4.

Mira Aureola has reached LV5. 

Mira Aureola has reached LV6.

Mira Aureola has reached LV7.

Mira Aureola has reached LV8.

Mira Aureola has reached LV9.

A total of 2.8 Skill Points obtained.


Acquired title: [Giant Killer]


Acquired title [Dragon Slayer]


Conditions satisfied.

Class [Knight of the Mist] is now available as an evolution of Class [Squire] in the Skill Store.


Legacy Quest: [The Blood of Dragon], is completed:

  • Obtain the [Dragon Slayer] Title, 1/1 COMPLETE

Rewards can now be collected from the Quest Log.


Hidden Location Quest: [The Lady and the Snake] is completed:

  • Defeat the Wu Hu Long of the Lake of Forgotten Mist, 1/1 COMPLETE 

Rewards can now be collected from the Fuxing Yinghua of the Lake of Forgotten Mist

... Alright. One knuckle sandwich for a political and demonical overlord, coming up.


Back at the inn, evening.

Urgh, getting back from the forest took more time than I expected. But now, I need to figure out how to make Garami believe my lie about the treasures and my status. But first... foooood-

"You're late." - Garami

At the entrance to the almost-empty dining area of the inn, stood the Champion herself.

She's here!! From heaven6Food. to hell7Punishment from hell!! Wait, stay cool Mira. She's not on to you yet.

"Well, you will never guess what happened to me today-" - Mira

"You met the Demon King." - Garami

She's on to me!! No, wait, that's not it. How did she know!?

"What are you talking about?" - Mira

I used all of my acting skills to show my best 'surprised face' that I could make.

"Cut the act. I got the report right after I busted your smithy-girlfriend." - Garami

That idiot Shula! And report? What does she mean by 'report'? Then I noticed it. On Garami's shoulder...

"That spider again!?" - Mira

"You have to learn from your mistakes, like how I did by having this guy not act at all, even when you were faced with that dragon, sorry, that Long." - Garami

That 'Kur Reha' that shredded my clothes back at the Empty Temple! She bugged me with one of those!? Again!?

"You know, 'his majesty's teleport spell was pretty crafty, but these guys can make a shortcut by first traveling to Kur for then returning to our realm." - Garami

Oh no, oh no, oh no, oh no, oh no, oh no...

"... Relax already. You look like the Skeletons that are going to compete in the tournament tomorrow. Or what? Do you think I wouldn't forgive you for lying to us all this time?" - Garami


"What's with that face?" - Garami

"Nothing! Or..., are you letting all this slide? Are you stupid?" - Mira

"That's rude of you. And sure. Why not? You may have deceived, tricked, and manipulated me to do your dirty work, but was there any harm for me there? No. Nothing.

"Quite the contrary, without you telling me about the Balos gang, I would probably have ended up in the Husk Forest without knowing anything about the Husks and ended up dead. Nothing you did gave any demerits for me in the end, so except for the whole point about the tricking part itself, there is no reason for me to condemn you" - Garami

... But still...

" 'Isn't that just twisting logic' is what your face is saying. But even so, that Demon King of yours was right. The Balos gang would have sunken their claws into me the moment I entered Velantas if we hadn't busted the local baron there to get both Glavras' and my corpse." - Garami

"E-even so-!" - Mira

"Geez, here's someone trying to help you outta a pinch, and you do the opposite? Another point is that despite all the trickery, you never did something to harm me, or anyone else for that case, except the Balos gang.

"Besides, you are an excellent spy, right? Who wouldn't want someone like that on your team? Besides, having a clever and dangerous subordinate scheming behind my back is pretty interesting to me.

"Furthermore, a dangerous subordinate is one of the staple tropes for a demon that plans on creating their own small kingdom8Dungeon, don't you agree?" - Garami

What? Eh? This girl... is she serious?

"Uhm... were you always like this?" - Mira

"I was. I just never had the opportunity to show off this side of me.

"So, Mira, the trickster of the Demon King, come with me! If you feel any remorse for your lies to those you see as friends, use all of that wit, trickery, and strength for my sake!" - Garami

With those words, Garami extended her hand to me, waiting for my answer.

'Come with me.'

... Those words are too nostalgic... I went down on my knee and took her hand while still kneeling.

"... If that is milady's wish, this Mira Aureola, the Knight of the Mist, will do her utmost to serve you in any way you want. Do not regret accepting this woman of mysteries, milady." - Mira

"... Hmph. Who is the one not acting like themselves?" - Garami

Despite her complaints, Garami had a cocky smile on her face, clearly enjoying this moment.

"Enough with the theatrics. You're probably hungry now. I've fixed up some grub." - Garami

Garami helped me stand up from the ground and went into the kitchen to get whatever she had prepared. And here I said I would serve her just five seconds ago... I won't complain though. I sat down on an empty chair and waited for Garami. 

"Here you go. Bon apetit." - Garami

"Yeah... eh?" - Mira

What... in... the name... of the gods... is this? Red. Red everywhere. This...

"It's the owner's own Super Mapo Doufu. Even Levi couldn't eat it all up, so show some guts. There ain't many opportunities where you can beat an Undead Dragon in something you know." - Garami

"No... I am not so-" - Mira


Ow, ow, ow! My shoulders! Before I had noticed, Garami had grabbed both my shoulder from behind and prevented me from leaving the chair by holding me down.

"Don't tell you won't accept the food the owner almost burned his eyebrows off to make?" - Garami

"N-n-no way~. But Garami, is this not your favorite dish in this region? This lowly servant should not be honored with this de... delicious dinner instead of milady... I will just get some breadcrumbs-" - Mira

Seriously, why does she want me to eat this!? It feels so spicy, my eyeballs are getting burned just by looking at this!

"Relax, I've had my portion before you came." - Garami

Did she say she ate this dish that looks like it came straight out of the Pele volcano?!

"And besides, Mira needs to toughen yourself up for the future confrontation." - Garami

Confrontation? With who? The Balos gang?

"Don't make such a confused face. Don't you remember what the Demon King said when he left?" - Garami

The Demon King? Well...

-  I would like to meet her once, at her own castle...

- like to meet her once, at her own castle...

-  at her own castle...

-  castle...

AAAAHH!! The Demon King's castle! It's a Dungeon!!

"It seems like you finally noticed. Now, eat up. We need to become in top-shape for another reason than just being on guard from the current Balos gang that's aiming after our piece of the thump-thump. All thanks to Mira's brilliant actions, right~?" - Garami

... Oh crap. Her face is smiling, but her eyes-!

"Ah~, I almost forgot. I've gotten two skills after I met with your girlfriend smith. One of them is called [Whipsmanship], and I bought it after the meeting with the birdbrains you found for me. And the second, want to guess what it is~?" - Garami

"N-no..." - Mira

Her eyes are not laughing at all! No, those are-!

"Oh~, too bad~. It's called [Sadistic Constitution]~♡. And I want Mira's help with training both of them~. You will accept, right?" - Garami

Those are the eyes of the worst predator!!

Today's results:

Obtained the following items:

  • 350.000 Sol
  • A trade for an Ancient Ore
  • Shengmìng Yinghua seedling
  • The corpse of 1 Wu Hu Long
  • The Demon King's treasure (mostly items stolen from a different country in his youth):
    • Nimue, the Sword of the Lake
    • 40 Skill-Up Potions
      • Grants 1 Skill Point for each use.
    • 50 High HP Potions
    • 30 Manatite Crystals
    • 3 Vajra items (originally 4)
      • Inflicts deadly amounts of Lightning attribute damage to the targets.
    • Trishula
      • Trident type weapon that inflicts Fire-, Lightning-, and destruction attribute damage to the opponent.
    • Brahmastra
      • Reusable-type arrow. Returns to the quiver after being shot. Needs MP to use this effect.
      • Has a high positive Karma requirement.
      • Inflicts Explosion attribute damage to the target. It also inflicts bonus damage when used against demon type creatures.

Plus a potential ally smith?

Garami's growth:

  • Gained the Alchemist class
    •  [Alchemic Recipe] and [Synthesis] skills obtained.
  • Obtained the [Item Creation], [Whipsmanship], and [Sadistic Constitution] skills.
    • [Whipsmanship] reached LV.5
    • [Sadistic Constitution] reached LV.4
  • Completed the "Master Appraiser" Quest thanks to the item Mira brought.

Mira's growth:

  • Evolved Squire class to Knight of the Mist
    • [Mist Element] and [Mysterious Mist]
  • Obtained the [Pain Resistance] skill.
    • [Pain Resistance] reached LV.4
  • Obtained the right to gain a Dragon Slayer Series skill
    • The acquisition of the skill was delayed because of punishment training.
  • Unlocked a new fetish due to survival instincts.

Kigal-Note/Plants/Trees: Fuxing Yinghua

Name: Fuxing Yinghua
Rank: B+
Type: Ancient Tree
Attribute: Life, Death, Wood
STR: - VIT: - MAG: - RES: - SPD: - DEX: -


A massive Sakura tree with a dark grey trunk and branches, with lilac flowers blooming on the tree at any season of the year.


A Fuxing Yinghua is a special sort of tree, said only to evolve after having matured over a millennium. The three is known as a divine tree, granting life to its surrounding. It is also considered a divine tree, having obtained the [Divinity] skill over its many years.


Due to the great life-force of the tree, many monsters will try to take the bounties of the tree for themselves. The tree has two methods of protection:

One is to summon the spirit of the dead to protect itself. This does not work if there are no spirits to call upon.

The second method is to use its Quest Administration Privileges that are granted by the Ultimate Gods.

The warriors who accepted the Quest are gifted with a Shengmìng Yinghua seedling as a reward. The seedling has basically the same powers as the Fuxing Yinghua, except for the divinity and Quest Administration Privileges.

The Fuxing Yinghua has the power to grant life to its surrounding based on how infertile the land is. The worse the land around it is, the more power of life can be created. 

This ability is also inherited to the Shengmìng Yinghua seedlings, so people wish to obtain this plant to create wood equipment with recovery-powers that can even resurrect the dead, but only if it's processed by the finest artisans.


  • [Tree of Rebirth]
    • Attribute: Life
    • Materials from the skill holder have high recovery effects.
      • At high levels, even resurrection effects are to be expected.
  • [Tree of Dead Spirits]
    • Attribute: Death
    • The skill holder can summon the spirit of the dead to protect itself.
      • Only spirits that want to protect the tree can be summoned.
      • The same spirit cannot be summoned by the same skill holder twice.

Garami's comment: Oh? This was more impressive than I first thought.