[Arc 1] Chapter 6: Lesser Grey Demon and preparations
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*Chompity, chompity, chomp*

Damn it all. The whole world, my stats, and this dungeon.

I'm currently finishing of a rat that got caught in my web now. More like, overkilling it in order to release some stress.

Why did the [Appraisal] skill I always wished for, kick me so hard down? Guess I shouldn't pass the blame. The fault is in my race. Here's the [Appraisal] result I got when I checked out my race:


Lesser Grey Demon

A low-class demon that is born when aether that has accumulated over 10 years, is exposed to the aether released by the death of a high-ranking monster. This monster can be seen as a infant demon, without any real power on it's own.

A Lesser Grey Demon is gifted with skills from it's dead monster parent, but is extremely frail. If cautious, even small children could defeat one.

Lesser Grey Demons are also extremely aggressive for some reason, if not straight out crazy.

Theories states that the inborn skill all Lesser Grey Demons have, the [Magic Sense] skill, is the reason for this behavior. The demon will be exposed to a ridiculous high amount of information from birth, which will lead to it becoming mad.

There is no concrete evidence on it, but some researchers thinks that a Lesser Grey Demon, as well as it's superior variant, the Grey Demon, has the ability to evolve into any demonic being, since they are a demon without any attributes of any kind. Again, there is no evidence that supports this theory.


This is more information than with the raptors. Maybe because Lesser Grey Demons is more common than a dinosaur which only lives inside one hidden dungeon.

If I take this info for face value, then the crazy sight skill I have must be [Magic Sense]. After appraising the skill I found out that it's a skill that combines several observation skills, the result being a too OP skill that's not usable under normal circumstances. When [Magic Sense] activated, all the skills that combines into it is used at the same time. Too top it of, [Magic Sense] isn't depending on the users eyes, resulting in a expanded line of sight. This usually is a good thing, if you could decided yourself how much you want to see, which [Magic Sense] can't do alone.

If I didn't use [Concentration] too limit the information flow, then I would have gone nuts like the appraisal result says. Both it, and [Appraisal] are brilliant, now that I know how they work.

Now I'm working overtime to increase my [Appraisal] proficiency, but this takes time. Oh yeah, remember that I told you about [Magic Sense] giving me enough information to be sick? [Appraisal] has the same drawback.

Just one and one appraisal at a time is no biggie, but if someone is appraising in heaps like I did, they'll turn out real sick.

It isn't at the level of [Magic Sense] which ends up in becoming crazy. Instead, they'll feel like they've taken the worst roller coaster in ther life. AND, that coaster was on board the worst ship of the seven seas, while sailing through the worst storm in a seafarer's memory.

Crap, my mental stomach's turning just remembering that. 

I keep on appraising though. Only to the level that I'll get a small headache. Even so, there's no visible progress on it.

Maybe I have to appraise lot's of different stuff? I haven't taken a step out of my home since I build it, and there isn't that much stuff to appraise here. The only new stuff I meet with is prey that get's stuck in my webs. Like this rat just now:


Race: [Greycave Rat]   | Level: 2

Karma Value: 0

Skill points: 1.1


HP: 25/25   | MP: 11/11   | SP: 22/22

STR: 20  | VIT: 16   | MAG: 5

RES: 8   | SPD: 26   | DEX: 6

INT: 20   | LUC: 100


That's right, I'm beaten by a rat in stats. To make thing worse, a Greycave Rat is just a regular rat that's evolved into a monster when living in a cave. Courtesies from [Appraisal] for that trivia.

I knew I was a weakling, but still, no sugarcoating? I'm fearing for the future.

The stats is easy to understand, at least.

HP, or Health Points, are showing ones life force. You know what happens when this goes to zero. They must have used Health instead of Hit since this is not an actual game.

MP, Mana Point, shows how much mana you have. Mana is the energy you use to activate magic or other supernatural abilities. I haven't used a single MP yet, and I'm pretty sure that [Stealth] and [Magic Sense] are supernatural. Having zero MP will knock you out cold until you regain a certain amount of MP again.

The difference between mana and aether is the same as the difference between gasoline and oil, from what I can understand from the description.

SP is Stamina Points. Exercising will use SP, and eating and sleeping will recover it. Done.

Oh, and these three status values gathered together are those life attributes that recovers during a level up. Not that is helping me so much, since I recover SP easily on my own. Then there's HP and MP... let's not go there.

The next six are what you could imagine from the names;

STR is strength. Not just how much damage you give with physical attacks, but literally your physical strength. No wonder I couldn't move all the pray I captured without rolling them around.

VIT is vitality. A high VIT would decrease loss of SP and HP. 

MAG is magic. This one tells how high your proficiency in using magic is. I don't know a single thing about using magic, so of course my MAG is at 1. Better than 0, but why does a rat have better MAG than me...

Moving on! RES is resistance. This isn't just limited to magic resistance, but also to status conditions like poison and paralysis, even sickness.

SPD is  speed, of course. And DEX is dexterity. Why are these two so much bigger than the other stats? Must be that a Lesser Grey Demon is just an infant demon and have not developed it's stats yet. I hope so...

Then there is the two ridiculously large stats left: INT and LUC.

INT is intelligence, and LUC is luck. How do they calculate someones luck? Anyway, the appraisal result tells me that these stats are normally at 100 points each. INT must be based on the score of an IQ-test, while LUC is sharing that concept. Someone with LUC below 50 can expect bad luck, while those above 15o is the lucky one, seriously. 

I'm supposed to be lucky? Maybe I am, depending on ones point of view. I've managed to be born and survive in this dungeon all this time, while being relatively safe. Yes, I'm lucky! I'm lucky. Am I lucky...?


Okay, I've decided! I'm gonna go on some real dungeon diving!

It's taking too much time just waiting for something new to be caught in the webs to appraise and eat. If the stuffs not coming to me, then I've just gotta go to them!

I've got the worst stats in the dungeon, but so what!? Just waiting isn't going to make me stronger! Therefore, I've made a plan:

All of the dungeons lighting comes from the aether filled water. And the only places enough of that water is the lake and the water pillar area. Every other places have barely enough lights or completely in the dark. My home is of the former category, despite that I'm forgetting that time to time due to [Magic Sense].

In that case, as long as I stay in the darker parts of the dungeon, I could sneak through the monsters. I've already done that ones, when I passed through the water pillar area, but back then the monster's was too busy with keeping a eye on each other to notice me.

I don't want to gamble like that again, therefore I'm thinking about making a camouflage cloak. With that and [Stealth], I'll be able to stay hidden from potential enemies, To be honest, I just want some extra safety measures. This white body of mine will stand out too much in a dark tunnel.

There's just one problem though. All my threads comes in just one color: white.

Then there's no point in making a cloak if it's just make me stand out! The only soulution is to be able to create threads in different color or being able to dye them. 

First I thought of searching for a fitting skill in the skill shop, but after some fruitless attempts, I got a new idea:

If I trained the spider thread skill far enough, would I be able to customize even the color of the threads?

There's nothing that stops me from going for that idea. I've been against the idea of training the thread skill since it will use up my stamina, but now I'm able to monitor it with [Appraisal]. As long as I keep around 5 or 6 SP left, the aether water would be able to recover it.

Even if I wouldn't be able too change the thread color, just increasing the skill will be useful in making new webs. If it reaches LV10 then I'll get skill points even.

Better than doing nothing. Maybe I'll get some new ideas while I'm spinning threads. Heck, if I make enough maybe I'll get a Thread Maker title or something. 

That sounds kinda cool! Okay, let's go for that!