[Arc 1] Chapter 10: Leaving my Home and Spider Once Again.
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Goodbye, my sweet home. I'll miss you.

I've finally finished my training and got [Cutting Thread]. I also went up a level thanks to a frog that wanted to visit.

Let me tell you this: I'm never gonna do the [Magic Sense] training again. Bleargh.

Here are my current skills, for those who're interested:

Ability Skills: [MP Reinforcement (Small) LV.6] NEW
Attack Skills: [Poison Bite LV.8]
Active Skills: [Stealth LV.4]  [Thread Control LV.6] NEW  [Cutting Thread LV.2] NEW
Passive Skills: [Hidden Strike LV.4] UP1  [Throw LV.9]   [Concentration LV.19] UP2  [Language Adaption]
Resistance Skills: [Poison Resistance LV.10] UP1  [Heretic Immunity]
Perception Skills: [Magic Sense LV.9] UP1  [Appraisal LV.6]
Racial Skills [Spider Thread LV.12] UP3  [Albino] [Demonic Storage LV2] UP1  [Shape Change LV5] UP3

They went up a lot. [Shape Change] is especially quick on the subject, since I'm using it all the time now. It's so much better than to endure that nasty feeling of morphing ugh. No, forget I said anything. I don't want to remember even.

[MP Reinforcement (Small)] is also coming along well. These small type skills must be easy to train since they are weaklings from the beginning.

I managed to obtain a total of 0.8 skill points from reaching LV10 with multiple skill, the [Poison Resistance] skill included. The reason it increased is that I got some company to my home: two new frogs and three rats.

They must have been on the lookout for the ones I killed before. If even raptors started to come by regularly, then I would not be safe for long. It was a good decision to leave my home for now. I'll never forget you my home *sniff*.

I also managed to level up with those monsters. Is it just me, or are the monsters that don't have 'Glavras' in its name give too little EXP? Well, these guys where weaklings from the beginning, so the amount of EXP should be equally small, but still...

Returning to the subject, I leveled up to LV2, gaining another 0.2 skill points, which gives me a total of 0.5 skill points now. I need 3 level ups to be able to get a new skill, even if it's a weak one. 

Speaking of skills, I managed to appraise the frogs and rats' skill lists. The frogs have [Jump] and [Lesser Water Element] like the first one I appraised, while the rats had [Breeding] and [Flee].

[Flee] is increasing your SPD stat when you're running away, while [Breeding] increases the amount of offspring you can have and reducing the time needed for the offspring to be born.

So there are R-18 rated skills as well. Hope I can get my hands? Claws? Tentacles? I hope that I can obtain such a skill when I have a real body that can do the deeds.

Well, my former theory of monsters not using their skill points seems to be true. None of the monsters had any strange skills that would need the skill shop to acquire, just their inborn skills.

Guess that gives me an advantage against the monsters here. Not so sure about the more intelligent monsters, but I'm not so keen on starting a fight with a monster so high level that it's able to think intelligently.



Hehehe. That's another frog down for the count. If these guys were allowed to jump around freely, then it would have been a losing fight for me. Then how did I stop them from moving?

The answer is simple: since my [Demonic Storage] skill leveled up, I gained 5 new slots to it. Then I created some portable webs that I named Pocket webs, which can be spread out in a moment's notice, thanks to [Thread Control]. With these,

I can use the 'My Home'-strategy even out in the wild.

I found the frog when I wandered the tunnels on my way back to the river-bridge area. It was jumping around in the dark, and talk about a jump! It reached the ceiling in one jump it crashed into it. Are these guys so low on INT because they hit their heads so much just like that?

Seeing that jump, the frogs placing on my mental monster totem pole went up. If it wasn't in these narrow corridors, but in an open space like the water pillar area or river-bridge area, then I would have never been able to trap it. 

This one, on the other hand, was simple. While the frog was dizzy from the collision, I used a combination of [Throw] and [Thread Control] to shoot a web from my storage at the unsuspecting frog and trapped him in place. Then I just went over to him and gave it its daily dose of [Poison Bite].

I still have some space in my storage, so I'll take this guy with me. The [Demonic Storage] skill gains more proficiency the more stuff that's tucked into the storage, and with the frog corpse, I've filled 15/15 slots. Complicated items like monster corpses cannot be stocked like rocks and webs. Each item needs its own slots.

Well, nothing more to see here. Let's move on.


This could be bad. What's bad?

Name: Nameless
Race: Glavras Aquaect   | Gender: Female
Level: 7
Skills: 5
HP: 100/100 MP: 111/140 SP: 80/90
STR: 44 VIT: 66 MAG: 120
RES: 40 SPD: 42 DEX: 51
INT: 68 LUC: 91

This is bad!

It's a new spider, of the same type as the one that was the first prey to my home. The spider is a magic type, or maybe a special ability type? It does not have enough INT to be using magic, despite MAG being the biggest stat in the neighborhood. 

[Appraisal] Result:
Name: Glavras Aquarect
Rank: E+
Type: Spider (Monster)
Attribute: Water

A Water attribute spider monster, unique to the [Water-Knot of Glavras] Dungeon.

The Glavras Aquaect is incapable of producing silk, a unique characteristic for a spider-type monster.

To compensate, the Glavras Aquaect produces massive amounts of water in its mouth, which it shoots at the opponent with amazing destructive powers.

Hmm, I would say, special ability type. A Water Gun move like that ain't what I think "magic" should be.

When I appraised its skills, I found [Pure Water Dependency] and [Lesser Water Element], along with the new skills [Water Walker], [Water Synthesis] and [Shooting].

[Water Walker] allows you to walk on water, like how a ninja would do it. Kinda want that, even if there's no real reason for me to have it.

[Water Synthesis] creates water by using MP. It sounds like a more primitive version of water magic. I don't know how water magic works. It is the water it creates with this skill that it shoots out.

And the reason for how it can shoot it lies in the [Shooting] skill. This is probably an improved version of [Throw], giving the user a boost when throwing things, as well as being able to send stuff flying without throwing it.

The spider must have created the water with [Water Synthesis] in its mouth, then shot it out with [Shooting], resulting in the powerful water blast that can break even the dungeon walls.

I could take this spider out with the same strategy as I did to the frog, but this guy is hiding inside a crevice made by a huge boulder. I can't hit it with my web. 

I guess that the spider has taken a position as a hidden tower, shooting that water gun of it's from the darkness of the crevice when something is passing by. A good strategy, for a muscle-brained spider.

The problem is, how to make that shut-in come out, then how to web it before it notices me. If I try to lure it out by revealing myself, then it could dodge the web. More likely, I would get splashed to the Crossroads before I get the chance to take the web out of the storage.

If I could get on top of that boulder, then maybe... Nothing ventured nothing gained, I guess.

I've got [Stealth] running, so there is no big risk in climbing the boulder. First, a climbing cord. Hoi!


Good, it's fixed in place. Then hup!


Wheeze, wheeze, that was tougher than I thought. And this thing is not that big either! Maybe I should have used the rubber-cord trick like that time with the Adventurers. 

I'm at the top of the boulder now, at least. Time to implement operation "Bait and Trap"!

The plan is simple: if the spider waits for prey to blast off, then let's give it some. Our brave hero of the day is Mr. Rat! I'll use the rat corpse I've saved for emergency rations. It does not the best tasting stuff I've got with me, so there's no great loss. 

Now, we throw the rat down again somewhere out of the spider's sight and then use [Thread Control] to move the rat-like a puppet in front of the spider.


Whoa! Hook, line, and sinker in just a sec. As expected of a muscle brain.

The spider destroyed the rat corpse with a single water blast. The result turned kinda gory. Rest in pieces, poor rat.

I don't have too much time for a prayer to the rat. The spider has come out of it's hiding space to eat up the remains of the rat. Time for some capture web.

"Kshaa!" - Spider

That surprised you huh? Having a web coming from above you. The spider is flattened by the web, forced to the ground by it, and immobilized. Alright then, GERONIMO.

*Bump* *chomp*

"Shhhaaaaa!" - Spider

Yup, it hurts by being bitten by something poisonous. I don't know how it feels myself, and I'm not planning on finding out!

How long will this spider last with my new race and improved STR and pois-


Nameless individual, [Grey Demon], has reached LV3.

0.2 skill points acquired.

These spiders must have a thing for dying when I least expect it. 

I can say with certainty that I've grown stronger now. This spider didn't take half the time as the first one, and this time I was the attacker. 

My poison has grown stronger as well. Too bad there is no good way of steadily increasing its toxicity except in battle.

Wait. [Poison Fang] gains proficiency when it's used on an opponent, wasn't it? It could increase it's level if I bit myself as well, but I won't do that. Anyway, is there a need for the target to be alive? What if I just used the poison on a corpse, wouldn't that increase the level of it?

That's... not a bad idea. Let's try it when I make a new home. 

Now then, what shall I do with this spider corpse? I can't take the rat corpse with me. It's in too many pieces to be worth it. That gives me 2 free slots in my inventory, while the spider takes up 3.

I won't be needing so many rocks, so let's remove some.

  • Rocks (10), 
  • Pocket webs (18), 2 slots
  • Berry Box (1), 3 slots
  • Corpse of Glavras Slipraus (1), 3 slots
  • Corpse of Pond Toad (1), 3 slots
  • Corpse of Glavras Aquarect (1), 3 slots

I have enough pocket webs and food at the moment, but I want this skill to level up some more again. The more the merrier and all that.


Hello again, river area! Long time no see! How are.. you... doing?

What's going on? Am I seeing this right? Is [Magic Sense] broken? 

To be sure, I turned off the skill and turned it on again. What I was seeing was that unbelievable.

Yup. No change, it's not the skills fault.

The river area has turned into a Ground Zero, with most of the bridges and stalagmites destroyed. Waiting in the outer perimeter of the area is hordes of raptors, cheering for the apparent culprits of this mass-destruction.

Two T-Rex looking boss-class monsters, duking it out.