Chapter 27 – Restless
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Earlier this evening.



“Reports?” Kan Yune was writing at his newly installed desk. He didn’t bother looking at the one who entered.

“Yes, Sir.”

“Excuse me, Kan-sama,” Rikku’s maid came in and spoke in a hurry, “Rikku-sama said that he will be sharing his tent with Ran-sama tonight. I came for instructions.”

Kan Yune paused, “Let them be,” then finished what he was writing.

Rikku’s maid retired and the guard that came to make a report spoke, “We confirmed that Edoran’s summoning ceremony was indeed successful. The number of otherworlders is still unknown. They are planning an official ceremony with the Nobles and Ambassadors in 2 months time. There have been some movements around 3 or 4 dungeons. We believe they want to train those otherworlders before having them perform in public.”


“There are movements on the Crown Prince’s side. They are more cautious. The spy we send was uncovered, however, they didn’t have time to interrogate him. As planned, they turned their suspicions on the 2nd Prince’s side.”

“What about the sheep?”



Kan Yune rose his head and squinted his eyes.


“There’s... - we…- we don’t…” the guard didn’t have time to stutter any longer when a faint light pulsed through a crystal ball sitting on Kan Yune’s desk. The light blinked twice, then once, then thrice before vanishing.


The high priest paled. Cold shivers crept along his spine. It took a couple of breaths before he managed to gather the courage to launch the message. Unfortunately for him, just as he was putting his hand on the crystal ball blinked brightly and at a fast pace. It was a direct transmission this time. He froze and his face turned unsightly. However, he didn’t dare to delay any longer. He put his hand on the crystal ball and closed his eyes. He sat still and felt his consciousness leave him.

Through his mind, Kan Yune saw a projection of himself in a dim study. In front of him was someone sitting in a leather chair. A bright fire was burning behind making it impossible to distinguish the features of the one sitting. Kan Yune promptly fell to his knees.


“This priest greets Your Hi-,” his voice was steady but his mind was blank.

“I chose you for this mission because I thought you were efficient and discreet enough for it,” the shadow stated coldly.

“I - Your Hi-”

“Do you know how important this mission is for me?”

“Your Highness, I -”

“Do you?” repeated the shadow.


Kan Yune lowered his head further. The aura of the one in from of him was pressing him down, “I do.”


“Then, can you say that you have been efficient and discreet so far?”

“I- What happened at Linestone Castle was -”

“What? A mistake?” The shadow cut him sharply. “I don’t want mistakes. Mistakes will get my head rolling down. I invested a lot in this operation. I sacrificed too much to have those otherworlders. I don’t need mistakes. I need results. I need perfectly obedient weapons.”


“I will not tolerate any other mishaps. I can’t afford it and you surely can't either.”


Kan Yune shuddered and buried his head lower. A tense silence was weighing on his shoulders.


The shadow asked, “Who messed up?” They may have reprimanded Kan Yune, but they knew their subordinate well enough; something must have happened.

The high priest swallowed with difficulty before speaking out, “Amongst the 12 otherworlders, there are troublemakers. The one who caused the commotion is being restrained until we arrive at the destination. The one who was in the middle of the dispute is most likely useless.”

“Useless?” The shadow tapped their fingers on the arm of the chair.

“Yes. Her job is related to a useless production class. We gathered that her stats are basic and without any real special skills. Her personality is also weak and apathetic. However, she is protected by what I consider our biggest threat.”

The tapping stopped, “One of them is a threat?” The shadow knew that if Kan Yune was wary of somebody, they must be really dangerous.

“Yes. That one has been wary of us and on his guard since the second he appeared. He has been monitoring us and his skill set must include stealth and dark attribute. He managed to leave his room undetected and can most likely use spells to avoid being spied on. I don’t want to move against him yet as I lack information. However, he is being very protective of the useless one. I can use this as leverage.”

The shadow kept silent for a long moment, “If he cannot be raised, get rid of him. A dead dog is better than a useless one.”


A dead dog is better than a useless one. It wasn’t just a sentence, it was a warning. Kan Yune gritted his teeth. He made up his mind. He will get rid of Ran and Rikku during the bandits’ raid. Furthermore, the death of 2 comrades will unite the group.


The shadow saw through Kan Yune, they didn’t comment on his decision, a wild card would be too dangerous. “Do not disappoint me.”


The connection cut abruptly and Kan Yune’s consciousness got back into his body. His heart was wildly throbbing in his chest and he was feeling restless.


“K- Kan-sama…”

“WHAT?!” The high priest snapped. His life was on the line and he was surrounded by incompetence. He rubbed his face and realised that his nose had bled. Fury washed over him and his fist came crashing down. The crystal ball shattered under the impact.


The guard’s expression turned ugly and he fell to his knees in submission. A maid could be seen kneeling in his shadow.


“What is going on with the sheep? Don’t try to bullshit me!”

The guard trembled, “We- we don’t have any news on their side.”

Kan Yune froze and stared hard at him, “What did you say?”

The guard gulped with difficulty, “We can’t contact them. The last report dated from yesterday evening. They had fought through the night with wild beasts. They even found clues of a demon beast. They should have moved forward and said they may have to act before schedule. We send a scout ahead at noon but we have yet to hear from him.”

“Useless!” Kan Yune threw a small knife that impaled itself deep in the guard’s shin bone. However, the guard kept his mouth tightly shut. “What’s the point of keeping you bunch around!” He just got a warning, he couldn’t afford anything slipping out of control. “If one isn’t enough, send 2. Send 3. Send everyone if you need to! If anything happens…”


Kan Yune paced behind his desk. He had to do something. To get everything under control or else… the consequences would be horrific.


The atmosphere was tense. The maid kneeling behind the guard had lost all colours. She wondered if she will be able to keep her life tonight. She gulped and resolve appeared in her eyes. At least if the high priest was to lose control over the news she brought, she would still have the satisfaction of dying a quick death.


“Kan-sama,” her timid voice was thin and was barely heard.


Kan Yune whipped his head around and stared menacingly. The maid shuddered, her whole body felt cold and she felt like fainting under the pressure.



“Something is going on in Rikku-sama’s tent.” She took a deep breath before going on, “Dorian-sama and Parvian-sama went in to discuss something and it has been a quarter of an hour.”

“What did you say!” Kan Yune suddenly appeared in front of her like a ghost. His hand wrapped around the maid’s pale neck and lifted her up until her feet could no longer touch the ground.

The maid grimaced in pain yet didn’t beg for her life, “There are some spells that prevent us eavesdropping.”


The guard heard the sound of her neck breaking and held his breath. The lifeless body of the maid collapsed on the floor in a thud. Kan Yune violently kicked it aside in an effort to vent his emotions and left in a hurry. A couple of breaths later, the guard pulled out the small knife and stood up. He looked at the body on the floor and sighed. He wondered how long he would be able to keep that insignificant life of his.

Kan Yune stood in front of the tent. Indeed, thanks to the spells it was impossible to hear what was being said inside. The spells were simple but if he tried to do anything or forcefully eavesdrop, he would definitely alarm the one inside and he wanted to avoid a frontal conflict for the moment. Kan Yune was seething from fury. However, it was unwise to stay there any longer.


Under the night sky, on the edge of the camp, a man stood. His tall silhouette stood straight and still. He stared at one tent, in particular, a tent where 2 otherworlders just came out. Cloaked in the darkness, he sneered. It looked like his cautiousness was justified in the end. Those damn dogs! It looks like I’ve been too nice. I’ll put you in line soon enough.




Rikku was standing near one of the tent’s walls, the one facing the forest. He was motionless with his eyes closed. He sneered and said out loud, “Someone is in a bad mood nearby.”

“Well, that someone must have been scowled at his boss,” replied Ran. “We need to get ready for tomorrow, who knows what he is planning.”



Ran thought for a moment then she whispered, “Status.”

















17 years































Lv 1



Lv 1



Lv 1



Ran thought for a while, “Unseal.”




Would you like to unseal your status?




Ran’s index finger hovered above the small screen, “It’s better to be safe than sorry.”

She was about to press on a button when she felt a gust of wind and saw Rikku suddenly standing by the entrance of the tent. She frowned and dismissed the windows.

“Something is going on,” he said softly while peeking outside.

Ran crept forward and peeked outside as well, “Kan Yune is up to something?”

“I don’t -”


Aaaaaaaaarrghh! A shriek rose into the night followed by another one.


“Horde. A horde of beasts is coming this way!” A scout who came running into the camp yelled before collapsing on the ground.

Ran and Rikku looked at each other in dismay. SHIT!


Thank you for your patience and for reading this new chapter.

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