28.5 – Tiny poll for a bonus chapter
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Heya Guys!

I have a smallish question for you.

Would you rather have the chapter describing Ran summoning - AKA what happened before Chapter 1- 

A - Right now as a bonus?

B - At the end of the arc so that the flow of the story isn't impacted?


Like I said in the Q&A, I was supposed to reveal Ran's job way later so this chapter was like a flashback. The thing is that you missed some info when I changed my plans. 

Chapter 28 will be released only Friday, so if enough people choose A, you'll have a bonus chapter on Thursday.

This chapter 0 will become the prologue when everything will be put together, but I thought you deserved a small bonus after I made you guys wait so long. 

So, the choice is yours!