Chapter 1 – The meeting
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The whole space was white, illuminated by numerous small orbs of light. It wasn’t cold nor warm.

The space had a holy and otherworldly aura. In this space stood 11 people of various age and ethnicity. They all stood apart from each other without speaking, immersed in their own mind.

However, you could see clearly they almost shared the same expressions on their face: arrogance, pride, impatience, and excitement.

One of them, dressed in black was slightly withdrawn from the rest. His arms were crossed on his chest and his head was lowered making it impossible to see his face.


“How long are we supposed to wait here?” finally complained one. The man was tall, bulky as if his muscles were built from rocks. His chin was high and his glare was condescending.


A series of complaints started to flow and flood the space. Up high appeared a bright light and the silhouette of a woman dressed in white emerged.


“We are waiting for the last one.” replied the woman


“Why does it take so long?” asked an annoyed young woman with red hair.


The white dressed woman just smiled. A ripple of power crossed the space and the last summon appeared.


She was of average height, black and silver hair and hazel eyes. When she saw the group, her face paled and she looked frightened.


“We were waiting for this?” ask the bulky man in disgust.


The newly member winced, bowed deeply in apologies and hurried toward the back of the group.

This is going to be a hero too? It must be a joke!


As she walked, everyone judged her with contempt and impatience. They already ruled her out of their group.

The one dressed in black glanced at her and slightly frowned. She could only smile awkwardly and make a face.


“Welcome, heroes! My name is Lyres, I am the avatar of the Gods. You were summoned into another world called Vitalium. The demon race is on the verge of conquering the free world. In times of need, heroes from other worlds are their only and last resort. You were given skills and powers, make good use of them.” Lyres surveyed the room and the eyes stayed a bit longer on the latecomer. Everyone noticed and scoffed in disdain.


The girl could only burrow her head deep and shiver in fear.


“Please help Vitalium!” Lyres slightly bowed.


“Hahaha, don’t worry! With the great Dorian here, you have nothing to fear!” the bulky roared with confidence.


The others also smiled with confidence. They were given such a good opportunity, they even got to choose their own skills, how couldn’t they have confidence?

The black dressed man remained silent, his expression indifferent and stiff. He sneered in his heart. They were so gullible. He glanced around then walked to the late comer.

He sighed. She is bound to have a hard time. How come they selected someone so weak-willed?


He introduced himself, “I’m Rikku.”


She was startled by the sudden introduction, she panicked a bit and said, “My name is Ran. Nice to meet you.”