Chapter 1
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“Saya(紗夜), I want to discard my engagement with you.”

“………… Isn’t that very sudden? What does that mean? You have to explain it.”

“I have someone I love from the bottom of my very heart. I cannot imagine marrying anyone else but her.”


Is that so, with whispers of murmuring voices Saya gave a tiny sigh.

The engagement with 『him』, was tied to keep the relationship between the houses mutual something like a political manoeuvre, from the time the relationship was tied up to today, at least there wasn’t a fragment of emotion for romantic love directed towards 『him』.

And it was the same for him.

Since Saya had been living abroad for a long time before gaining awareness concerning it, and since the(・)first(・)time in all her memory the meeting with 『him』 was held on the day she returned to Japan…… That is to say, it was because there wasn’t an opportunity to meet each other by chance anywhere. (TLN: Author put those (・) in there I’m not sure of the significance.)

『He』 is from a distinguished family referred to as one of ancient pedigree, the branch family in contact with the Yakumo household, Tachibana house’s heir, 『Tachibana(橘) Takayuki(孝之)』

She is similarly referred to as from a distinguished family, the branch family in contact with Shijou household Hiiragi house’s 2nd child and eldest daughter 『Hiiragi(柊) Saya(さや)』 (TLN: It either says 2nd eldest daughter or 2nd child and eldest daughter I believe it is the latter since no elder sister has been mentioned in the 1st chapter)

The pair was mutually pulled together, the adults declared an engagement to bind the relationship

The parents of both families, believed that after college Takayuki would smoothly get married, Saya somehow or other also thought that way until today.

Nevertheless Takayuki attended the high school graduation ceremony on this day, at the occasion of Saya and Takayuki’s engagement announcement party, of all things Takayuki would like to discard his engagement with Saya, unilaterally announcing he has another partner he wishes to marry.

Naturally since a moment ago it had become noisy. Really, in the first place Saya’s parents had not been informed about the circumstances, even though it also influences the future relationship between the households. The way Takayuki’s parents look seem like they’ve heard of this for the first time just now.

(It wasn’t explained to your honourable parents as well huh……)

Properly speaking, of course one shouldn’t declare things like this in such a place.

Originally the relationship of both families was decided previously, when you are aware of your favoured marriage partner you begin with speaking to the parents, after gaining approval it is reasonable to come together to 『request』 the 『cancellation』 of the engagement and give 『apologies』 to the Hiiragi household.

However now he indicated, not 『cancellation』 but 『discarding』, furthermore it was not a 『request』 but a one-sided 『declaration』, there wasn’t a sense of intent to offer an『apology』.

An unnatural silence washed over both families, gohon(cough) it was seemingly interrupted by a purposeful voice clearing their throat.

Looking over to the voice’s direction, the current head of the Tachibana family…… Takayuki’s father had a face coloured in an expression of bewilderment.

“Takayuki, your words just now, do you not care that it would be understood to be your true intention? To make such an alarm in at this occasion, I wonder do you know how much of a complete joke this is?”

Of course, Father.

“If so, why haven’t you consulted us beforehand. Like the other people present, what we think about being informed for the first time. Did you not think of how other houses will view it?”

“………… I admit, is was a little beyond rash, excuse me. However thinking about 『her』, I do not have the leeway so go about it leisurely after discussing with both families together. After all 『she』 is a very popular person.”

“Popular person? That why I say what of it. I don’t grasp the significance”

“That is………… it seemed it would be better to introduce 『her』. I introduce to you …… Natsumi!”

“っ, ! !”

To the name called, for some reason Hiiragi’s parents had triumphant(proud) expressions, thus Saya embraced the feelings of resignation, Takayuki turned his sight towards where he was gazing ahead.


Ahead of where he extended his hand, a figure appeared with calm(relaxed) strides from the spot that everyone had their eyes turned towards, a touchingly lovely young girl wearing a 『pure white』 one-piece dress, which by all proper rights should only be worn by the leading role of the scene.

The approximate age is around 1 year or 2 years younger than Takayuki, a head of light brown hair with a tendency to be a little fluffy at the back, every time she walked step by step the the air dances to wrapping around.

Slightly dipping eyes, small cherry blossom coloured lips, and a round feminine physique.

Saya who had slanted almond shaped eyes fitting of her actual age gave a more sturdy impression compared to, 『her』…… Amou(天羽) Natsumi(奈津美)that gives the impression of being something lovely you want to protect, those who know the two girls converse chattering in unison.

Natsumi took Takayuki’s hand with a seemingly bashful expression on her face, very naturally escorted while lined up next to him, and then at last gazing at myself sight aligned as if having noticing Saya, as if frightened nestled closer to Takayuki.

“Ah, …… Saya, chan………… That, I’m sorry. I…… Takayuki-san was, currently engaged with Saya-chan, I didn’t know. When I became aware of it…… that, I already, loved. I thought it was wrong, but I just couldn’t give up. I’m sorry! !”

“Natsumi, Natsumi doesn’t need to apologize right? I from the start, I tempted(invited/lured) you. If you say it was wrong then it was my fault that I came to love you even though there was a fiance. There’s no need for you to suffer.”

“But! I, understood. About her fiance Saya-chan…… About Takayuki-san, I believe is certainly important. Therefore, the matter of getting along happily with Takayuki-san, I…… I hate it, why. Such a thing I understood!”

“………… Hate it? What in the world, what are you talking about?”

As Saya tilts her head as if, not understanding, Natsumi knitted her brows as if enduring the want to cry.

“Saya-chan…… Do you recognize me? Saya-chan, do you hate me? Because it’s always always constantly so hard…… there were prior incidents such as being struck, from stairways………… I am, scared, if…… I was hated so much. ”

“And so what is it? I don’t know what you are talking about. Its no good what is no good, that is to say…… There isn’t any memory of striking? In the first place what sort of conversation is this from the staircase?”

Natsumi and Saya’s relationship is as neighbors.

Speaking of pedigree Saya’s household is of a higher rank, being a neighboring household, and above all charming looks and behaviour in the blink of an eye Natsumi became a popular person of the neighbourhood, it was none other than Saya’s parents who were in a trance.

Natsumi and Saya since they were abroad would often stay in the Hiiragi residence, Even after Saya returned 『because I want to be friends』 she came to see her, now Saya is left disregarded as the doting real daughter. (TLN: last part of the sentence might be wrong. Or maybe all of it? I gave up after awhile.)

Such a Natsumi may have been because she was brought up with love that she is wild(extravagant)and willful(selfish), a part of Saya could not endure it “You can’t do such a thing!” often admonishing her.

Each time Natsumi cries exaggeratedly in grief, for that both parents certainly reprimanded, “What a cruel child to tease(persecute) Natsumi-chan.”

However, I never raised a hand, since Natsumi entered high school the opportunities to meet were reduced sharply, far from staircase and such there shouldn’t have been even a few words said personally.

Natsumi and Saya go to different schools. Natsumi’s school is an escalator-style with elementary ・middle ・high ・and university education the same as Takayuki, Saya goes to a boarding school forcibly decided by her parents.

Therefore, she didn’t even know that Natsumi and Takayuki were establishing an intimate relationship, recently since I am 『older』 the mood to admonish Natsumi’s ill manners has greatly diminished, even though there was opportunity to meet once in awhile I tried not to voluntarily come near her.


That is why Saya tried to insist that something was misunderstood.

“Thats enough, don’t play dumb! Its because of you that Natsumi is always enduring, smiling with an expression like she is about to cry. It’s alright now. You…… wretchedly harassed Natsumi who is loved by everyone didn’t you! ? I heard it from Natsumi and her friends. I think that is sufficiently fair, a terrible hypocrite aren’t you(isn’t it).” (TLN: The last part is dana which I’m not quite sure how to express it in English. I am also assuming he is calling her a hypocrite here since the subject you was said earlier.)

With this you understand right? The true colours of this person(thing. derog).

Following that remark, Takayuki looked out over to his parents and the guests who had gathered for the announcement at this time, with a FUN(sfx) proudly snorting his nose.

His parents HIKKUHIKKU(sfx?) are dumbfounded such that they alternately look to compare Saya’s state with Natsumi whose shoulders are shaking expression sobbing, seemingly unable to decide their attitude.

It isn’t surprising, although he doesn’t seem to be acquainted with Natsumi, Saya up to now has been met face to face many times as Takayuki’s fiance, that straightforward temperament and with matters not understood the character is to diligently make great efforts seriously considered to be desirable, although there is testimony from the son and lover in question it could be said to be incredibly implausible.

However, there are multiple people immediately who responded to this.

It was none other than, Saya’s own parents

Father’s face was exactly an expression of rage, mother also stiffly lifted her head to glare at her daughter.

“You this thing(yatsu- this fellow, derog.) up to what extent……! ! Forgetting the debt of gratitude nurturing you up to this! I considered you to be a lovable child, I certainly did not think you were completely rotten(corrupt) to the roots! Always always, you bully that girl who yearns to visit and make her cry, if you are not pleased with it I will expel you from the house. Like that you did not show compassion for Takayuki-kun such that it makes him suffer! ! You are not a child anymore! Get out! Right now, in this place I will sever connections with you! !”

“Thats right! Please do not come back anymore! Because I will toss away the baggage! !”


It was truly recognized by Saya, her parents hated her.

Although they were biological parent and child succeeding blood, they cherished only the brother a year older who is the heir, and hated anything of Saya.

Saya was certainly different from her brother her growth speed was quicker, and was very mature child since childhood…… Nevertheless, engagement annulment aside even her self-proclaimed friend betrayed her, furthermore even her parents have forsaken her on the spot announcing they will sever connections.

As expected of even Saya, there was no energy remaining to digest after receiving this.

Putsun, the sound of something snapping.

That is her consciousness, the sound might possibly have been forced termination due to overheating.

As if the marionette strings had been cut Saya’s body visibly collapsed on the spot, a person catching her just before she fell to the floor.

Approximate age around mid 20s, stern face with masculine features wearing non-frame glasses, leisurely brushing back disordered forelocks without minding, he gently got down on his knees and carried Saya’s body back up.

Then with a glance, turned towards the parties concerned looking down as if astonished, abruptly smiled defiantly.

“Betrayal of a childhood friend to break off an engagement, and now severing connections from family, is that so. Then as of now the people here have no business with this young woman, isn’t that correct?”

Looking around the surroundings, when it becomes clear that no one objected he gave one satisfied nod.

“Then, from this moment on I will receive this girl from her family. Procedures and such matters, the lawyer will contact you with necessary things in the near future. Well then, excuse me.”

Heres to hoping it gets picked up! *cheers* Theres only 20 chapters and its completed…. =D But it was quite painful for me to do this single chapter. My brain cells! Everything pretty much turned into run on sentences as I was mtling.