Volume 1 prologue
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“I’m so sorry…”

“This is unbelievable, this is unbelievable, this is unbelievable….”

What is this development…? This is such a crappy development!

“Why….?! Fujiaki Shiori; you had an ex-boyfriend…?!”

And just like that, my feelings were kicked to the curb. It felt like I had a hole punched straight through my heart.

Fujiaki Shirori is; was… a girl who was destined to be my ideal girl…. And yet: Japanese: Fujiaki Shioro was my ideal waifu, but now…

Seichii, I didn’t mean to hide it from you.”

As those empty words played through my speakers. The glow of her troubled face shined through my monitor, even then her expression was cute. She truly was my ideal girl

But she’s a bitch! Skank!

“But that’s all in the past now.”

Her 2D mouth was talking, but I could not hear a word from a hymen…

(TL note: The original was a joke about how she wasn’t a virgin and that her hymen was “broken”)

That’s because she’s a bitch!

“Don’t mind it too much, ‘kay?”

“Are you crazy? You’re already used!”

I passionately yelled at my computer screen. But as expected, only silence permeated through the room. Then again, I was yelling at a 2D character from a game. It was pretty much a one-way conversation.

“I don’t mind at all, don’t worry about it“

The text box that was the protagonist read… completely disregarding how I really felt

“You too? Mr. Protagonist!”

This protagonist is meant to be my avatar… or so I thought. The feeling of betrayal was reignited.


Frustrated, I let loose through a violent single kick to my computer

Bam! The sound of the impact woke me from my anger. I looked up to see the game froze, the background music that had been playing smoothly, started screeching out an unnerving unhappy noise.

Click, the disc tray slid open with a dull sound. On it the eroge game disc, on it Fuijiaki Shiori’s smiling face was printed.

Like it was taunting me, her glistening eyes stared at me. The rage continued to build as thoughts of smashing both the disc and the disc tray flashed through my mind.

“Damn it! Damn!”

What “line up of pure heroines”?!?! I am going to report you to J.A.R.O. (Japan Advertising Review Organisation!) This is a total scam! Check your facts before claiming anything you shit!

I collected all the goods that came with pre-ordering this game and assembled it in my room. After sizing up what I had, I proceeded to destroy everything: shattering some by stomping on them, ripping the books up into little pieces and shattering the discs.

“Shit! Now my room’s messy.”

Even though I was seething with rage, a part of me was still rational. As I collected my thoughts, I stood in the center of my room clueless as to what I would do next.

Getting my waifu NTR’d like this! Who could stand that!

“Haaah…! Haaah…!”

I then slowly picked up the broken games and merchandise’s and started tossing them into a cardboard box.

The thought of mailing the box to the developers deviously popped in my mind, but my rational side stopped me. Instead, I went online to contact a local garbage collectors company to come over and pick up the trash here.

“Musashi garbage removal!”

“Here…This… Please…”

“Ah… yes… Th… Thank you for using our services again

After a quick 5 minute wait, the employee arrived, picked up the box and got on his truck. The truck then drove away, having removed the toxic waste.

I was left with an empty feeling as I watched the truck drive away.

“If girls aren’t chaste …..what value do they have?”

Silence filled the air, as I alone was at home. However, if my little sister had heard me, she would have sent me flying with a flying kick, yelling “SHUT UP, YOU VIRGIN!”

Firstly, people who agree with my opinions don’t exist in this world, and this is something that I know very well. Furthermore, guys like me who use labels like “virgins” on girls are not acceptable in reality.

“Oh well, I’d better get some sleep.”

Hugging the sorrowful betrayal to my chest, I fell asleep wishing I could die.

Sleep… Dreams… Time… These will help me recover from my heartache, won’t they? A good night’s sleep, paired with a nice sweet dream should help me recover from this sorrowful sadness.

But… as I climbed the stairs leading to my room, the rose coloured memories came flooding through. Her beautiful smile, the ring of her voice when she called my name.

Why did you betray me, Shiori? “Had she dated before?” the echoes of dirty lies from my virtual classmates rang through my mind.

Why… this felt like one of those moments out of a drama. Damn developers, bringing real world scenario’s into my perfect 2D world. I never asked for this!!

To find my ideal heroine; like Shiori. It’s not easy even in the 2D world.

If she’s not a virgin… But other than that she’s perfect…

Like so, I opened my eyes as I laid on my bed. Having not gotten a wink of sleep. I turned to check the time, and it was almost time for dinner.

“I will be home late. Please settle your dinner first, I’ll return the money you used when I get home.”

I glanced at my phone as I strolled down the street to get my dinner. But for me, dinner was not important. The goal, was to acquire a new eroge!.

Shiori’s betrayal has left a deep empty darkness in my heart. Ah… I definitely can’t let my Sunday end so depressingly.

Having had my fill of dinner, I exited the game store with a new game in tow. I peered into the plastic bag, wondering whether my new eroge would have my new perfect waifu. At least, I hoped that with the recent trend in heroines, there would be no “Used heroines”.

Nowadays, you rarely see anyone who are a day over 20 that are still virgins. Even then, Screw reality. Girls that are still virgins are better than second hand goods.

Would you eat chocolate  that’s been obviously touched by other people? A proper person wouldn’t.

But, there’s also the argument that they aren’t virgins once they have sex with the protagonist. Even if that argument has its own merits, even if it’s a strong dose of reality, or if it’s just to traumatise me with negativity. The one that gets to decide is me! The protagonist’s will is MINE!

For the first time, I didn’t care what I did.

Angel (Maidens), Banzai! Devils (Used goods), begone!

…well, except for real girls. I have no interest in them nor do I want anything to do with them.

“It’s cold… is it raining?”

As I felt the cold kiss of a water droplet. I raised my hand to the sky as the rain started to pour down heavily.

I need to get home quickly…..better use the shortcut.

I took a turn round the corner, passing by commercial buildings, as I slipped through the small alleys.

If it was earlier, I could have just walked through the mall or sheltered shopping district. But since it’s gotten so late, everything was closed..

There was barely any moonlight in the path I took. “Don’t come in here—ueeg, EEEK!”

There seemed to be some commotion down the path. The voices of different people down the alley. Were they like me, trying to head back quickly?

“You are in for—mmmmmfff.”

“Ah… You’ve finally shut up!, Oi, you!, tie her hands and legs up.

“Yes, sir..”

“You got it, boss.”

As I prepared to turn the corner, I spotted several silhouettes. I quickly jumped back and hid as I peered around to attempt to find out what was happening.

“Mmph mpmph”

As I peeked around the corner, I could make out a couple of guys pinning someone on the ground.

“Damn. How dare you give us so much trouble. Making me lose face* (footnote: to crush his ego), did you think that I would just let you go safely?


“There’s nobody who’s gonna hear your pathetic screams. Nobody ever comes around here. Oi! One of you take off this bitch’s panties and stuff it into her mouth!


“If you behave nicely, I’ll treat you nicely in bed. But you’ll have fun with me here first…”

I couldn’t have walked upon and an Eroge scene, could I?

I could hardly make anything out in this darkness, but from the dark silhouettes and what they said, this definitely foreshadowed a bad situation.

It’s almost like  “Hondo’s road to love”. Or was it another eroge?

No no, I couldn’t have entered an Eroge. That’s impossible.

Perhaps, Eroge had become reality?

Nah. Nah. It didn’t.

As my mind started to wander more and more, the ice cold rain snapped me back to my senses.

“Oi! Hurry up and take her panties off already!”

“MMMMMPH!” The figure on the ground squirmed and kicked in an attempt at resistance.

“This bitch, she’s pretty violent.”

“Oi, you aren’t a virgin anymore, hurry and stop resisting already.”

It seems as if I’ve walked in upon a terrible situation.

I silently peer around and notice five guys, with a girl screaming in the center. There’s also a big guy who’s covering her mouth to keep her quiet.

I really hope that this is a film for an Eroge game, but as I look around, I didn’t notice any cameras anywhere.

To be honest, I’m dead scared of the current situation. His eyes were like daggers, my inner coward was shouting not to get any closer. Additionally, the possibility that he possessed a pocket knife was very high..

On the other hand, I can’t really see the girl’s face. But I was able to see that she was wearing ripped jeans and a Paka shirt. With brown hair and ear piercings, she looked like a girl who enjoys traveling at night.

I think I’d better retreat before the bad guys catch a glimpse of me. As a part the supporting cast, I shouldn’t show my face as if I were a companion of the protagonist in an eroge game.

“Hey, is there anybody standing over there?!”

Goddamn it, they noticed me!?

“Sheesh.. This is going to be problematic. Hurry and go check!”

It looks like there’s no other choice!

A guy sprinted swiftly towards me, so I turned around to hide my face.

I grabbed my foldable mobile phone from my shirt pocket without hesitating. I pressed the number 1 twice, following with a 0* and pressed the call button.

“Hello, what is your emergency?”

“There’s a girl being attacked by a gang of men at the Yonnomiya station, Center Plaza West Building, inside.”

I intended to talk loudly so that those guys could hear me. I called the police without any hesitation. Since I had almost been attacked many times because I’m an Otaku, I knew that I could use their power at times like this.

“Quickly finish them before the police arrive!”

They started to run at me. Then at that exact time, the police siren echoed louder and louder through the alley.

“Sheesh, you guys have been around here since the start right? You shall be attacked by our henchme-…. Oi that’s too close, let’s run!”

The man who was approaching me, quickly turned tail. The remaining men seeing this started to panic.

“Can you hear me? We’ve already sent the police cars, but please give us more details…”

“…I’m sorry, they have already escaped,”

“Oh really? In that case, may I ask you for some details about this criminal case—”

A girl was being attacked and the people from the police department are still taking this very slowly…

Now that my job was over, I hung up the phone. This was a common thing people who called the police for help did all the time. This way, they wouldn’t think that I was just prank calling them.

As I continued to process what I just did, the sound of sirens continued to blare through the alley. I quickly took out my other smartphone out and shut off the audio player app, the sound of sirens then stopped as well. This, was my backup smartphone that I had on me. Thankfully, we were in a cramped area and it was raining tonight. If not, those men would have realised the sirens were an audio clip being played.


No wait, if I think about it carefully, this was an unfortunate situation to be in.

…Why did I just intentionally interfere in someone else’s business? Wasn’t I committed to a peaceful quiet life?

As if responding to my complaints, the rain poured down heavier. Everything on me was completely soaked.


In response to my sigh, the girl sprawled on the ground stood up.

Her clothes were completely in a mess, her hair was in a mess and she had bruises everywhere. As I looked closely, I could see her ripped pants and her underwear that had been pulled down to her knees. Shouldn’t she be more aware of how she looks?

Then suddenly, she turned towards me.

“…Ah… Eh? You…”

Alright. My business here is now over. It’s prolly better if I walked a different route now and if the police was one their way here now, it wouldn’t be wise to stay any longer.

“Eh…? wait, HEY! Wh-why are you running away?! W-wait… WAIT!!”

I ran back down the path I came from. I don’t care if she was chasing me right now.

It’s better to run away first whenever such an incident occurs. Only an eroge protagonist would stay still and confront the girl.

*End of Prologue*

[1] Real voice system

[2] This means 110, he’s definitely calling the police of Japan