Chapter 96: surprise in skill and titles
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Chapter 96: surprise in skill and titles


But she never expected this situation where she would meet with something she never expected before.


Vikram was not stupid to let go of such a great chance.


Also the current favorability of the three women has a little improvement after Vikram gave Saeko the sword.


The other women know the value of the sword and this shows how Vikram cared for his women.


So the favorability of Saeko has reached 95, Shizuka has reached 90 and Rika has also reached 90 points of favorability.


So he can safely proceed to play with them without causing them much resistance from them.


Especially this is true in the case of Saeko that would be willing to spread her legs and give her virginity to Vikram with open legs.


She has already given her mind and soul to Vikram completely right now and there is only slight barrier that needed to be broken which is taking them to real world clearing all obstacles.


This way they will no longer doubt Vikram and completely surrender to Vikram.


Vikram still has to work with Titia and Katherine about these things.


Since it was the first time to get them he did not plan well to get their approval completely.




Vikram without a notice moved his hands around the waists of Rika and Saeko pulling them closure to him their legs crisscrossed with their pussies almost sticking to his body on both sides.


Vikram then moved his hands towards Shizuka that was sitting on his lap closure as their noses touch each other.


Then he kissed her lips directly.


Well there is a momentary resistance for a moment but it was gone in the next second.


As for the other two women Vikram did not leave them freely as his hands moved towards their tits playing with their perky nipples that are already hard from the arousal just now.


Shizuka is an amateur at kissing and Vikram has to take the lead playing with her mouth and ravaging her mouth with his tongue.


He is literally fucking her mouth with his tongue.


On the other hand the moans of Saeko and Rika escaped from their mouths from the sudden movements of Vikram playing with their tits.


They are sensitive around their nipples and Vikram is pinching right on that place without showing any mercy to them.


When Vikram parted the lips of Shizuka he bent down his head to catch her nipples and pulled their tits up with his lips holding her nipples.


The dazed Shizuka from the previous kills came to reality and moaned right at that moment.




Vikram was not excessive as he only killed them and played with them for an hour.


He made them have an orgasm for the first time with a man’s touch and leaving the ecstasy expressions on their faces.


He achieved this while placing with their body with his hand.


He explored every corner of their bodies finding their sensitive place in the process.


Well he did not take the short end of the stick.


He received a blowjob with three women licking his dick and balls at the same time.


He was carefully enough to not to spray his cum on their hair.


He only sprayed them on their tits.


Even then his dick did not backed down and stood there majestically like a king, standing erect for more action.


But Vikram don’t want to do anything more here.




When they are done cleaning Vikram took out some food that he stored before and cooked a good meal for the three women.


Their faces are bright red from all the fun they just had.


Well they thought that Vikram would move on taking their virginities right then and right there.


But Vikram did not.


Well he can read their faces and said.


“I don’t want to take you in this world.


When we return back to the real world we can have the fun we wanted there.


So just hold back for a little while.


Before that we will make some plays to enjoy the moment.”


While they are eating breakfast Vikram was looking at the development of his new skill that he got when he killed the 100 thousand zombies.


This skill is called dead shot.


Skill: dead shot


Description: a skill that was obtained after killing any target with one shot kills for 100 thousand times continuously.




10 percent increase in the accuracy when firing of all projectile type or shooting type weapons or magic or skills………


If the target dies with a single shot then player might get 5 percent chance of obtaining rare extra benefits from the drop.


1 percent increase in the speed of proficiency in any skill that can be influenced by the dead shot skill……


Vikram was thoroughly surprised by this over powered skill.


He got this skill for killing over 100 thousand zombies and with every zombie killed with a single shot.


Also it did not trigger when he completed his 100 thousand zombie kill count instead when he was clearing more zombies around the day to get the supplies.


That is after he killed another 100+ zombies did he got this skill.


This means his shooting efficiency is more than 99 percent with only 100+ zombies that needed a second shot when he completed his 100 thousand zombie kill.


There are other notifications that he got before that he ignored till now.


One of them is his new reward for achievement for killing 100 thousand zombies.




Congratulations player,


Succeeded in Killing 100,000 zombies will give zombie annihilator title, 10,000 military merit points, 10,000 civilian merit points, 100 free attribute points, 10 skill points.”


Vikram was thoroughly satisfied with the received achievement.


But he was sad that he cannot get the other achievement for million kill in this world.


Vikram decided to take a look at the new title improvement that is zombie annihilator.


Title Name: Zombie annihilator


Description: a title that is obtained after slaying 100 thousand infected zombies of the infected category of monsters.


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