Chapter 97: new skill dirty masseur
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Chapter 97: new skill dirty masseur


Title Name: Zombie annihilator


Description: a title that is obtained after slaying 100 thousand infected zombies of the infected category of monsters.


Effects: player can do 40 percent additional damage to all the zombies of the infected category of monsters.


Player can do 15 percent additional damage to all the infected category of monsters.


Player has a 10 percent chance of not becoming a zombie when infected by the virus and evolve into a species in control.


Vikram was thoroughly satisfied with the gains and then made a small count.


The combined gain is


Title zombie annihilator,


12100 military merit points,


11,000 civilian merit points,


111 free attribute (Stat) point and


11 skill points


As for the chaos points it has reached around 101 thousand chaos points all in all in this fantasy world.


Then he opened his status panel to take a look






Name: Vikram, Vicky, hidden demon, hidden king


Age: 22


Race: human


Titles: chosen (gold grade)


Job: alchemist (tier-1- novice), hunter (tier-1- novice)


Affiliation: oriental- king of nature faction


Military rank: private (1000/12680)


Civilian rank: gathering leader (1000/11840)




Vitality: 23+1 (Evolution chaos genetic points)


Stamina: 20


Strength: 19


Agility: 19+1 (Evolution chaos genetic points)


Intelligence: 23


Sense: 21


Charm: 24




Evolution chaos genetic points: 209


Random grade chaos monster genetic essence: 8 percent


Basic grade chaos monster genetic essence: 15 percent


Ordinary grade chaos monster genetic essence: 21 percent


Epic grade chaos monster genetic essence: 10 percent




Health points: 240/240


Stamina points: 200/200


Magic points: 230/230




Free attribute points: 332


Chaos points: 0.31 million


Skill points: 24 (1 Skill Point = 1000 skill experience)



Innate skills:


Insight: tier 2 (25/3000)


Will: tier 2 (10/3000)



Acquired skills:


Cooking: tier 1 (1740/2000)


Contract: tier 1 (1144/2000)


Hunting: tier 2 (2430/3000)


Persuasion: tier 2 (90/3000)


Physical fighting: tier 1 (400/2000)


Weapon fighting: tier 1 (1790/2000)


Dead shot: tier 0 (0/1000)




Vikram looked at his status panel and explained his gains to his women then he wanted to increase his civilian and military rank immediately.


“From private to private first class requires 1000 military merit points”


“Successfully ranked up to private first class…..”




“From private fourth class to corporal requires 4000 military merit points”


“Successfully ranked up to corporal…..”


“From corporal to sergeant requires 10,000 military merit points”


“Insufficient military merit to further rank up.


Current balance of military merit points is 2680”




“Personal storage space is improved to 15 cubic meters from 10 cubic meters.”


Vikram was satisfied with the current military rank and then moved to the civilian rank upgrades.


“From gathering leader to gathering leader level 1 requires 1000 civilian merit points”


“Successfully ranked up to gathering leader level 1”




“From gathering leader level 4 to tribal head requires 4000 civilian merit points”


“Successfully ranked up to tribal head level 1”


“From tribal head to village head requires 10,000 civilian merit points”


“Insufficient civilian merits furthering ranking up


Current balance of civilian merit points is 1840”




“Personal storage space is improved to 20 cubic meters from 15 cubic meters.”


Vikram was satisfied with the improvements but the future developments are far harder.


Then he shared the news with them women.


All of this happened while they are having their dinner for the night.


For the night they are going to stay here.


Well there is something special for the night.


Vikram got a tit job, blow job and hand job with the women.


They are very satisfied with the power of Vikram’s big brother that did not go down even after three climaxes.


As for the women Vikram has fingered, and played with their bodies till they had multiple orgasms.


Vikram was also practicing a special technique to satisfy his women that is a massage technique.


His goal is to make any women have a climax with a simple massage on their body.


Each of them has at least climaxed three times and when they had their fourth time they had their eyes rolled back and fell asleep.


Vikram has already checked the surroundings making sure that there is no problem.


Also he took some special measures for safety before playing with his women.


So there are no mishaps as he slept beside them looking at the latest notification.


He got what he wanted.


It is a skill called the dirty masseur.


Skill: dirty masseur


Description: the desire of a person to conquer all women and made them climax with a simple massage.


Effects: favorability of any women towards the player increases by 1 percent after every climax they got after your massage.


For every 10 successful improvement of favorability player will receive 1 charm stat point.


Restriction to the favorability of the women is below 70 favorability points.


After that player will not receive any charm points….


Vikram was surprised by the effects of the new skill and was sure that there would be more benefits in the future as the skill level increases.


With that Vikram slowly dosed off into sleep with peace.


Well it is only a semi sleep state so that he would not be ambushed in this unfavorable place just because of his negligence.


Fortunately nothing happened in the night.


Also because of his persistent efforts to remove all those zombies around the surroundings of the place is peaceful.




Early in the morning Vikram woke up and cleaned up.


His women followed along without much shame as they took a group bath and some hard soft kisses.


After that they dressed up and went to Takagi’s house to tell him that he is going to go away from here towards the city outskirts.


Then he left without much resistance.


Asami has formed a connection with her previous love that is the fat man of the group.


Well Vikram don’t mind this as he did not have any intention to take her with him from the start.


The three women Saeko, Rika and Shizuka are the only one that he wanted to take from this world.


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