Chapter 98: reading books while killing zombies
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Chapter 98: reading books while killing zombies


The three women Saeko, Rika and Shizuka are the only one that he wanted to take from this world.


The three women followed him and left the place.


Vikram has a map of the entire city in his mind and found the best way to move out of this city.


His target is the places with more zombies while the number of living people should be less.


Zombies are much better than those black hearted people especially in the apocalyptic setting the human nature will be much deteriorated.


So Vikram has to move carefully.


Soon after they got on to the high way and moved to the outskirts of the city.


Vikram was happy that his personal storage space has increased by a lot.


So he first took many kinds of food materials for easy cooking especially some high quality ones.


Like in 5 star hotels there will be an area with live food stock instead of the dead one.


Since these beasts did not have consciousness of intelligence like the plants and other food materials he can directly store them in his personal space for a limited amount of time.


He also got good amount of mineral water supply stored for the next three days.


He went on a killing spree on the way taking care of many zombies leaving the roads littered with corpses.


Well there are a few thugs of the apocalypse that wanted to try their tricks with some stupid guns.


But what they got is a bullet in their head within the next second they showed desire towards his women.


Vikram is very good at reading the faces.


He is not tolerant towards the bastards that eye his women with evil thoughts.


Only he has the right to play with his women.


The other men are all off limits.


Well if they are women Vikram don’t mind and even willing to take them into his harem.




They went out of the city to a place with less population.


He found a house with hand a pump which is much safer than that of getting water from the tanks above.


Also the house is big with fewer zombies.


Vikram killed the zombies quickly with the help of Saeko and Rika.


Shizuka is driving the vehicle inside and placed it to the side waiting for them.


Finally they had a home where they can stay peacefully for the next three days.


Vikram made some preparations.


Well he doesn’t want to go and kill more zombies in the next three days.


He has other things to do.


First of all he bought with him some soft edition of books.


These are not just books about the real world.


They are books that contains the knowledge from the worlds like harry potter, Naruto, irregular at magic high school, full metal alchemist………


Vikram wanted to study these books that have the basic knowledge of all these worlds.


For example these books contain the school syllabus of the 7 years of harry potter world.


Some basic chakra refining methods and technique of Naruto world……….


But players have a restriction unless they entered that particular fantasy world they will not able to use the power or technique of that world.


This is only to the life world like Naruto, bleach, harry potter……….where player has start from being a child till the end of the given mission to complete the life world.


If it was from some normal movies then it is not a problem to buy them from skills or technique from the either the fantasy store or outside.


The cost of items in the fantasy store are always costly then the same items available outside by other vendors.


Studying them when he has the free time would save a lot of time to manipulate many things in that specific fantasy world.


Those worlds are the best to get more benefits with long stay time.


In some life fantasy worlds one can stay for more than 20 years or more.


Well there are restrictions too……




For now Vikram is going through the basics of those worlds just for the preparation work for the future foundation.


 As for killing more zombies it will be done too from time to time.


There will not be many out there in these outskirts of the city.


Vikram don’t want to waste his time roaming around for those zombies.


The real world is not offering any time for him to go through these books as he has other things to do there.


So he can only use the free time in the fantasy world.




On the other hand hunters can directly learn the magic and other things quickly from players without needing to enter the fantasy world.


These books are not in physical form but only available in his magic cipher like reading a document in the smart phone.


Getting information did not cost him anything more than 1000 chaos points as most of this was freely available.


All he has to do is to enter the information center of the king of nature faction to get all the free information for free.


As for the information that costed him was to buy a storage device that can store all the information along with some inferences of these fantasy worlds from veterans.


This is to cross reference the information that he got form those worlds.




In the next three day Vikram would take the girls out to play with the zombies.


Saeko really wanted to test the new sword that she got.


Her body was covered with a special protective suit similar to the one that Vikram put one when he entered this world to fight with the zombies in close quarters.


Since Saeko is fighting those zombies he doesn’t want her to have any accidents.


Vikram was sitting on the top of the car with Rika sitting beside him holding his modified gun with silencer.


He will cover Saeko just in case of a problem.


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