Chapter. 90: Evolution
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I found myself sheltered inside the familiar room, along with the notification of entering a nest. But there was no ease, in spite of how great things seemed the outside became nothing but a sea of red. And Sun was still injured, even if he was healing due to the potions, things were still not great for him. Things weren’t great, the outside lurked with dangerous beasts. I felt uneasy, if I underwent evolution, and became useless wouldn’t Sun…


Wouldn’t he…

Die without my help?

My mind paused for a second, blanking out as a deep sense of duty filled me. I couldn’t evolve, I didn’t know how long it would take, but it would be a lengthy process⁠— if I was riddled with pain, or whatever changes my body underwent, wouldn’t I be unable to help Sun, and by the time I was able to help, wouldn’t it be too late? Nervousness filled me as I became indecisive. He had asked me to evolve, yes, but did he not care for his life?

If he died.

What was I supposed to do?

I felt even more uneasy as I entertained the idea of death, and at that moment I heard some more trees fall, and the red waves outside increased, no place seemed safe aside from the cave I was in. And soon, a voice broke through my ears.

“My kin, step back!”

It was a familiar bellow. It was the other Guardian. I felt uneasy as I lost sight of Sun outside, and soon howls filled my ears, the familiar ones of the Moonfangs. I had to do something⁠— something! Panicked, I stared at my weapons and tools in hand, I still had the blessing of the moonlight, and the one of the osthus tree too! I could help.

I took a deep breath and brought up the Evolution prompt, just in case.

[Do you wish to undergo D rank Evolution? Warning: Consider finding a place to hide in. The process is extremely painful and places a high strain on your body.]

I nodded and dismissed it.

It wasn’t important right now. Not relevant at least. I left the cave, and its illusory wall, and the first thing I saw made my mind pause. Everywhere as far as I could see there were Moonfangs⁠—standing atop the bridge looking down, the Upper Moons, standing off in the far distance near the ramp were Lower Moons, and at the far stretches of the forest were just regular Moonfangs. And everyone was looking at a single thing, all of their golden eyes were glued on Sun.

He was ready to attack at any moment as he stared ahead to a blinding moonlight. There, a different⁠— distinct Moonfang emerged. Much bigger than all the other Moonfangs, much more elegant as four moonlight whips trailed as its tail, and its fur was pure white shining with a tinge of blue, and markings of gold. Its eyes were a deep amber color, almost orange, and its strides were dignified and slow, devoid of any hurry.

[Guardian of the Full Moon. Lvl. 64]

It stared forward and it opened its mouth to speak.

“Well, to believe you’ve finally exited that cave to massacre my kin, or rather⁠— awaken them?” it trailed.

Sun snorted, seemingly nervous. “I can see through your schemes.”

The Guardian chuckled. “Oh, you cannot. I aim higher. Better. Stronger. Back there, where we came from, we were nothing but fodder, but now?” It bared its fangs. “We have an opportunity to be an apex predator. Those beings we were so terrified of, at our reach!”

You must be insane,” Sun gritted his teeth.

“Maybe, but it’s better than doing nothing!”

Then why brainwash your kin?”

The eyes of the Guardian of the Moon narrowed. “For emergency purposes of course, not like you need to know about it.”

At that moment, its white fur began to glow and turned into a shining armor, mana wisps detached that became nothing but a file of floating spears, and it stared deeply at Sun.


Sun paused for the briefest moment before letting out mana mist. I saw its muscles tense, and at that moment I got two notifications once more.

[Guardian of the Sun and Blood enters a frenzy.]

[Guardian of the Full Moon is enhanced by the moonlight.]

Sun vanished into a wisp of smoke, and the Guardian of the Full Moon stood and began to throw spears at shadows, they were fast like the wind and each of them pierced deeply into the ground like beams of death. Meanwhile, in a short second a shadow hit the Guardian from the side, and its armor cracked and blood splattered. It was a deep gash, one that passed through its shoulder.

You’ve grown stronger, but it’s not enough!”

Wisps generated around it, dozens of them, and all of them shifted into spears and hung overhead. Once more a shadow passed, and cleaved through the neck of the armor, and at that moment I saw the Guardian smile, and with a small shriek the spears slammed into the ground, and what I heard next was a yelp⁠— a blob of red slid across the ground with three spears on its back⁠— my eyes widened realizing it was Sun.

He stood up, clearly bleeding and shook⁠— the blood shifted and removed the spears as if it was a small sprouting geyser, then went back into his body.

Most interesting,” The Guardian commented. “But was it worth it to give up on the Sun?”

“If I didn’t give up on it, I would’ve ended just like you!”

Hmhm,” it mused. “I kept it in my chamber, don’t you wish to join me?” Its amber eyes narrowed. “We can conquer the world together, become the apex predators.”

“If it means killing those of Blood, never!” Sun finally stood straight, and its fur shone in a crimson color.

“A shame then!”

The spears slammed towards Sun, but with bright flashes and weird curves of red, they were deflected.

I’ve grown stronger. And soon, when she is done evolving, you will die!” Sun shouted.

The invader?” It scoffed. “I don’t think so!”

They clashed once more and Sun’s words brought me to my senses.

He was buying me time. And I decided to look at the fight instead. I had underestimated Sun⁠— right, he was stronger because of my Settlement! I hurried and brought back the notification as their clash became nothing but a blur. Both of them were using all their skills, or at least it felt like that.

[Do you wish to undergo D rank Evolution? Warning: Consider finding a place to hide in. The process is extremely painful and places a high strain on your body.]

As I was about to accept the prompt, a flash occurred in front of me with a painful yelp. My eyes turned towards the battle and I saw Sun sprawled on the ground, he was bleeding profusely with an open wound on its side. The Guardian chuckled as its armor dispelled. It walked very slowly towards Sun, whose blood was trying to crawl back into its body very slowly.

You may be able to regenerate. But if I kill you, then I will be the sole ruler. I ask again.” It took a breath as it stared deep into Sun’s eyes. “Do you wish to join me?”

I don’t wish to be a monster like you!” He replied, and The Guardian audibly sighed.

“Is that so?” A blob of mana detached from its body and morphed into a simple sword. “Then I will put an end to things. Once in for all.” It loomed and as I was about to swing, my breath stalled and I instinctively reached for my bow and immediately nocked an arrow⁠— there was no indecision as I chose the arrow that would give me the best opening⁠—

Man Eater⁠— I pulled and enhanced my string, and then tapped into the bow, activating Immediate Fate for good in the bow. The arrow buzzed with purple and finally, as it was about to swing, I fired.


The arrow struck its body and launched it back. Digging into its insides as the plants instantaneously consumed its organs.

It let out a painful yelp with a guttural screech, rolling far away onto the ground and thrashing dirt around. The Moonfangs around seemed to tense up and Sun turned to me in a hurry.

“Blair, you are not… Evolved?!”

I felt a pang in my heart.


“Just run⁠—”

A scream interrupted both of us, I felt the plants vanish from the Guardian and its body seemed to be leaking steam as it looked towards me.

The other invader, I see.” It smirked. “A great attempt at sneak attacking.”

It opened its mouth, this time differently.

“My kin!”

Sun hurriedly stood up, and with a near grunt of exhaustion its body began to emanate mana once more. It vanished and jumped towards The Guardian, and in an instant its voice was cut off as a deep gash was carved through the sides of its body. Sun’s voice entered my ears at that moment.

“Blair, hurry, I need your help. Please!”

I awakened from my stupor, and this time, feeling much more unconditional trust. I pulled up the prompt, not caring for where I was standing.

[Do you wish to undergo D rank Evolution? Warning: Consider finding a place to hide in. The process is extremely painful and places a high strain on your body.]

I agreed, and in an instant I felt a headache assault me as numerous notifications came.

[Evaluation Excellent, allocating]

[Received attribute bonuses to; Vigor, Perception, Agility, and Wisdom.]

At that moment the pain escalated, it felt as if a knife was running through my veins. I felt my headache reach a new crescendo. My legs with bursts of pain gave under me, and I struggled to breathe, and I nearly blacked out as an intrusive thought reached me⁠—

Use Guidance of the stars⁠—

I took out the vial with my messy now bubbling mana and immediately touched the liquid inside with my tongue. And at that moment, everything went black⁠— stars shone upon me and a familiar voice reached me as I felt all the pain fade from my body.

“You listened to my call, well done, Blair.”

I turned only to see Lumina smiling at me with her crimson eyes.

“We don’t have much time, so I can’t teach you anything. But you did listen to my call, so I’ll do you a favor.”

“Favor?” I frowned, my anxiety rose in an instant as I recovered my wits.

She walked up to me, and helped me up since I appeared to be laying on the ground. And staring right at me, she loomed her hand over my head and touched it.

“I’ll allow you to remember those repressed memories of yours.”


A new headache came as a mixture of emotions engulfed me.

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