The Chosen Ones Part 3
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Chapter 7

The Chosen Ones Part 3


The information that appeared in front of him was something that he could not comprehend it at all. Being ignorant of life and what is going on around him didn't mean that he couldn't recognize that it was an impossible situation that he is facing at the moment. Yes, impossible. How could he encounter a situation like this in a place like this? He had to read the information that appeared on the screen three times to believe what he was seeing.


Name: Emperor Haider


Age: 29


Race: Human


Rank: Emperor (Ruler of the Manuhunter Empire)


Status: Injured 




1- Judgment 


2- Light Sword


3- Fear Eyes


4- Predict 


Intelligence: 140


Gifts: Peacemaking


Grade: 2


Phase: 1


Points: 0 


Remarks: Emperor Haider rules the Manuhunter empire in Tamilya and is currently on a secret mission and being persuaded by an unknown enemy.


His mouth was wide open from the surprise. An emperor who rules an empire is in the forest fighting with a man from another country by himself. That was something incredibly unbelievable, but unfortunately it was right in front of him, and there is no way to deny it as unbelievable as it is. The Manuhunter Empire is known by everyone who lives on the Tamiya continent.


It's the largest country in the continent, the strongest, and also the most populated among all the countries in the continent. Although Julian never left the city that he was born in, he knows about the Manuhunter Empire because it was the dream country of everyone, and the story of that country being the most prosperous in the continent was circulating everywhere. He even heard that in that empire everyone who lives there is rich, no one gets hungry, and all the citizens have houses, lands, and servants. Even if someone from another country becomes a servant over there, he or she will live like rich people in other countries.


"So the question is, what is a person like this doing here?" he thought, and at the same time he answered himself the same "Like I know what I'm doing here? How will I know what's going on here?" The fight between the two men In the beginning, the captain named Murad seemed to be attacking and the emperor was defending, but within a second, it changed when the emperor increased his speed and his attacks became hard to parry from the captain's side. With a quick move, the emporer switched his weapon to his other hand, took a step closer, and used his shoulder to push him. Not giving him a split second to recover, he followed up with a kick from his knee, and with his sword, he did a move that Julian couldn't explain, and with that, he disarmed the man he was fighting, and the sword was pointing at the captain's neck.


The captain's movement stopped totally, like he was shocked and was not expecting what he saw to happen to him, although Julian was unable to see his face and the reaction that showed on it because his back was facing him at the moment, but he guessed that from the way his body reacted and the way that his whole body stiffened.


Without a weapon and a sword pointing to his neck only a few centimeters away from piercing his skin, there was nothing else he could do at the moment, or at least that is what Julian thought, and the fight is over. He was frozen in his place and didn't move an inch during the fight, even though he was holding his breath unconsciously, waiting for what was going to happen next, so what will happen next that was the question or in fact the onl7y question that was going through his head.




Jennan's point of view


I don't know where to start telling my story, it's hard to believe what happened to me during these past few hours. I felt like I was on a roller coaster; my whole life went upside down, and I found myself in a situation I had never dreamed of in my wildest dreams. I felt really bad that misfortune had become my best friend recently. The moment I passed through the portal, I found myself in a dark forest, the strangest forest I have ever seen. Although the trees are tall, the branches are tangled together from the top, blocking even the sun's light. I became immediately scared, and I felt a fear that I had never felt before in my life. A third message came again:


You have arrived.


Experiment initiated.


You have 24 hours to complete it.


Mission: Survive.


Reward: 200 credits upon completion.


The countdown will start in five minutes.


Food and water are provided.


Your objective is to survive for 24 hours.


Good Luck.


That message was what greeted me, and since I have been seeing this virtual screen in front of me with details and information, most of it strange and incomprehensible to me, on my way I encountered two individuals, a young boy and a woman. I had to follow them cautiously, not knowing who they were or what they were doing here. After a small conversation between us, they claimed they didn't know either where we were or what they were doing here.

All I could think of was to take care of myself. I was especially worried about the other woman who was carrying two short swords on both of her hands. This was the first time I saw a real sword; it was not something common in our world, it used to be used centuries ago and only displayed in the museums. Even though I believe most people wouldn't recognize it for the first time, I didn't laminate on how she got it or why she was carrying it. What put me at ease was that she started the conversation and introduced herself, I didn't feel any ill intentions coming from her.

The next thing we encountered was the scariest thing in my life. It was the first time I saw a dead body and blood, and that shocked me in a way I couldn't believe possible,which made me frozen in my place unable to move even an inch. What made me come back to reality was hearing a gunshot. I even think it passed over my left ear, that is, I heard the sound passing by. That is when I noticed the environment. I came by seeing a young boy not much older if not the same age as the one who we were moving together.

I don't really know what happened next; I can't tell where my mind wandered. That gunshot was enough to bring me back to reality at the same time that it increased the shock that I was feeling, so I guess my reaction was to stand still in my place, unable to think, move, or do anything at all, feeling nothing, or maybe I was feeling something, but it was not something that I was feeling, but it was not like something that I could explain. Even if someone said something, I couldn't understand it. The young boy was asking me something, but all I did was look at him with a blank eye.