Arc 6 – 🔞 How To Tame Your Demon 1.1
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This marks the start of my publication on Amazon Kindle! Thanks everyone for pushing this series past 100,000 views!

Azyab is a demon and usually demons perfectly know where they are. They are after all, apex predators.

As she opens her beautiful blue eyes, though, she finds herself in a place she does not recognize.

“What the…” she groans. She looks around, but she finds herself locked in place: she’s been tied to a chair in the middle of a dim-lit room. “Who did this to me? Let me go, whoever you are! Do you know who I am?” She shouts.

“Calm down,” replies a female voice. From behind her, someone walks into her field of view and Azyab’s eyes turn into angry slits. That’s the little arrogant piece of nothing Knight she fought the other day! But she was sure she had defeated her…

“You will just make this more tedious. I would prefer it to be enjoyable. We are going to have a lot of fun, you and I…” she says, slapping her naked shoulder with a playfulness and a confidence that Azyab does not like.


The Knight snaps her fingers.

Another spark of lightning goes off in her hand.

And then the collar vibrates - and Azyab screams as a pillar of electric pain goes off in her body. And not just that, the feeling is burning but… it’s also burning between her thighs?

“Ghgghghgg…” she tries to resist but she can feel her pussy growing wet even as pain bites onto her flesh with its electrical teeth, even as her muscles shake and her limbs shudder even as her heart rattles. She tries to keep her thighs closed but they slowly spread apart, showing her growing wetness there. She’s getting off on being electrocuted!

“Haaaa-!” She cries out, her eyes rolling back into their sockets, her hair frizzy, her fingers and toes curling as the electrical current arches trough her body. “Haaa… haaa… haaa…”

What was that? She’s not into this sort of things! She wouldn’t cum just… just…

“That was interesting,” the Knight muses, going back to her seat.

“What… the fuck… was…”

She is slowly coming back but the weird feeling in her pussy persists. She still feels it coursing through her body as her hips shake, as if inviting something in… something to fuck her more. Fuck her up.

“I tried using only the weakest of my spells,” she reveals. “Just to try it out.”

Azyab’s heart skips a beat.

“W-Wait. Let’s talk.”

“Oh, we have all night to talk.”

The Knight grins as a feverish light goes off in her eyes. And then she snaps her fingers.

I hope you liked this little preview. A shock collar sure proves handy to tame demons, doesn't it? This also marks the beginning of my publication on Amazon. I also put a few words dedicated to my scribblehub readers right at the book's start. Just another way for me to say thank you for your support.

Take precautions when purchasing this tale! There's a bit more sex and debauchery than my usual. 

Have fun, and I will see you in two days!

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