Chapter 36 TRILLION Ship Arriving Soon
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Trillion floated in her room, stars drifting around her. She had the galaxy projected in her room, with the stars and the entire Milky Way visible. Her legs and arms were crossed, eyes closed and fists clenched tightly. She breathed in and out slowly.

Her calm appearance betrayed the mixed feelings of both excitement and anger. Excitement that Ship was arriving in 16 days – she was finally going to be able to escape – but anger that she had been on that moon for so many years. Years she could have spent building out her colony.

She calmed her mind thinking about the projection of stars around her. She relaxed her body, breathing in and out slowly.

She couldn’t do it. Anger welled up inside her. She wanted to destroy the Dottiens completely and utterly for trapping her there.

She thought about the name ‘assass-ANT’. How fitting she’d named it that – it was what she wanted to do to the alien that had trapped her on the moon.

Trillion opened one eye. “Lex, show me again how many assass-ANTs Ship is bringing?”

Lex changed the view in front of Trillion, replacing the starry galaxy with the armada Ship was bringing back. A good chunk of the resources from the Steel World System were on their way back.

To Trillion, it looked like the star scape again, only taking up a smaller section of her view right in front of her. The armada was so large and stretched over such an enormous area of space. She scanned the view. “Show me, Ship.”

A tiny dot appeared towards the front of the armada. It twinkled blue. It was still behind another thousand or so objects, but behind Ship were what looked like hundreds of thousands of tiny little dots.

She pointed them out to Lex. “Are those the assass-ANTs?”

The view lit up. There were millions of the little relativistic missiles heading her way. Almost 90 per cent of her view was shining bright blue. She could see a long tail of assass-ANTs too, all coming in quickly from behind the cohort.

A slight smile crept over her face. The number of assass-ANTs was enormous. She had more than enough to make light work of the Dottiens. The only thing left now was to plot her escape when Ship arrived. She needed to be pulled off the moon to safety before things got out of hand.

As she comprehended the immensity of what was on its way – the millions of assass-ANTs and the thousands of ships – she started to get a sense that she had made a mistake coming to the planet in a single spaceship. She had so many resources back at Steel World, yet she had left everything there. Why was I still thinking like a planet-bound human? she pondered, shaking her head in frustration.

“Lex, I keep looking at things from my old biological human perspective. Can you remind me we have an unlimited amount of resources? Can you remind me to not think so small?”

As she closed her eyes again to calm herself down, she thought about any other self-limiting beliefs that were holding her back. She reckoned maybe Icarus was right in his thinking – embrace being a simulation. She reckoned that might help expand her thinking faster.