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Dawn breaks, there were no urgent reports during the night so Suzuki must have been able to deal with the capital. Once Releina wakes up she is going to have a tough job. I wonder what the most efficient way to deal with this will be? Hopefully, Suzuki and Mia have plenty of information on what is happening within the kingdom so this can be handled swiftly. My fatigue from the night before is gone I did not sleep at all, but it seems just resting my body was enough that is some useful information. Anna has been up all night as well, every once in a while she would glance at me but then immediately returns her gaze to the princesses. She is worried about them, at some point during the night Lilynette grabbed her hand and has not let go of it since. As a little bit of light from the window begins to fill the room I see Releina begin to stir, I cannot see her face from this angle so I cannot be sure if she has awoken. Anna gets up from her chair and moves to Releina’s side, which causes Lilynette to stir as well, Releina is being assisted in sitting up on the bed her tears have dried but she still has quite the somber face. I change to number 5 to greet them and Releina makes eye contact with me, then slightly blushes.

“Good morning Princesses, I hope you are well-rested.” Lilynette has also sat up by herself and is looking around a little confused.

“Thanks to you Seigi-sama, I honestly did not think I would have been able to sleep at all if it was not for you being here.”

“Then I will wait just outside the door for both of you to get ready.” I stand up and exit the room, after I close the door I can hear Lilynette crying once more, I return to using number 11. A few moments later Mia comes running down the hall.

“Seigi-sama have you been out here all night?”

“Ah no, the princesses just woke up so I left the room. I fulfilled my duty and watched them all night with Anna. If I may, it seems the capital is well under control.”

“Yes, once word had spread that the castle was safe the rebels in the capital began to retreat south. I will give you the full report with Princess Releina in the briefing room once she is ready.” I ask Mia to enter the room once she knocks and announces herself, I would not want to have any kind of misunderstandings during this kind of situation. Their culture of not knocking is seemingly set up to have those kinds of accidents as a common occurrence, at the very least I will not be dealing with that of my own accord.

About an hour later Mia and Princess Releina emerged from the room, Releina has a stern look on her face now; almost like she is going to war. I guess in a way she is, isn’t she? Looks like Lilynette is going to be cared for by Anna for now at least.

“I will lead the way please princess, Sir Seigi, this way.” Mia leads us to a room on a floor of the castle I have never been to before. There are several people gathered along the walls here talking into their hands next to some glowing magic circles, I guess there is some kind of long-distance communication network setup in this world after all. Suzuki is at a large table in the middle of the room adjusting a map of some kind.

“Princess Releina!” Suzuki announces her and the room falls silent; half the people rise and bow to her as she enters the room. So bowing is done here, it must be only used in wartime since I have never seen anyone do it before now.

“Princess if you are ready I have the most up to date information ready for you.”

“Sir Suzuki, If you would start at the beginning please.”

“...Yes, princess, at approximately the same time as the attack on the castle three of the major front line forts to the south and east were attacked from the inside as well as a couple of reserve supply bases just south of the capital. We did not receive any reports from two of the other southern forts so it is believed that their forces are part of the coup as well and have in essence already fallen. But some good news, every insurgent force was repelled there are many casualties but all the forts and bases have reported that our forces remain in control of all facilities and that the insurgents have retreated. Just a few hours ago we have confirmed that all enemy units appear to be heading south to the largest of the fallen forts. Fort Armor that is directly under the control of Duke Jin Aranwell. It would be safe to say that he is the mastermind of this coup. As for the assassins, we have no information about their identities or their current location, they are most likely foreigners, and have likely fled the country or went to Fort Armor along with the other retreating forces.”

“How long until we can muster a response to them?” Releina asks with anger in her eyes.

“Even though our loss were not many if we take into consideration the forces that have betrayed us. We are greatly undermanned everywhere but the northern and western borders and those are already maintaining a light staff as they don’t border demon territory. I have issued emergency redeployment orders so reserve units from the north, east, and west should arrive within the week.”

“So a week to gather men then another week to move south giving Jin at least two weeks to plan and prepare for us.” Releina looks even more distraught than before; all this bad news is not helping her. She needs more time to cope, normal people, cannot get over losing family in just one night she is pushing herself, and running the kingdom will not give her much time to grieve.

Letting the enemy prepare for that long cannot be good for us and the battle will be on their homeland, morale will be high. The princess most likely cannot lead the army, and Suzuki or I will have to stay with the princess. They could get a general from some other fort to lead the army but how will they react to following the Princess’s orders. Nothing good will come from that, she could just be looked down on for being a woman or still being young. The general could in the worst case be sympathetic to the rebels and join them, and this needs to be resolved as soon as possible. There is only one answer, after all, I had hoped that this information would open up a different path but we are not that lucky. Everyone looks to be in thought still.

“Princess Releina.” I raise my voice slightly and change to number 15.

“Please give me the order and I will end this.” Everyone in the room looks shocked except for Releina.

“I had planned on asking you to lead the army to suppress the rebellion, but that would still take a few weeks to prepare your forces. Also, Fort Armor is highly defended laying siege to it will be quite difficult. Moving siege weapons will take even longer; I want to give you all the power we can muster before you move out.”

“No Princess, just give me the order and I will end this. I will spare all those that surrender. There has to be a significant number of their forces that do not know the whole situation, and the faster that this is done the more we can save from being drawn into this conspiracy.”

“Yes, that would be for the best as we will still need to defend the south after this. But the forces we have now will not be enough.”

“Releina-hime!” She pauses and looks at me confused and blushing.

“I am your sword, wield me with conviction and I will end this. The enemies are normal humans conventional knowledge here is that they have no chance against a hero who is meant to fight demons. So Releina-hime, give the order and I will end this for you.”

“But Seigi-sama how many would you have to….”

“Any that do not heed my words of surrender, all that still dare to oppose you will have resolved themselves to their fate. That is why I will go; not an army, not a subjugation force, a hero will go and tell them to lay down their arms. Any that will not surrender, will be ready for what they chose. So once again Princess Releina, I Seigi, your hero ask you for the order to end this rebellion and bring back peace to your kingdom.” Releina now in tears timidly responds.

“Please Seigi-sama, end this tragedy.” Mia then comforts Releina and escorts her back to her room.

“Sir Suzuki I need a little bit of information and equipment before I head out. If you assign someone to aid me that would be of great help, and I leave the princess’s protection to you and Mia.”