09- Introduction to manifestations (2)
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..."Tap! Tap! Tap!" as Zero was deep in thought, a sound resounded from the front of the lecture hall.

Adjusting the sound amplification device, a woman dressed in red, with a sort of exotic beauty smiled as she arrogantly spoke into the sound amplification device (S.A.D) . "Good day students, My name is May Draco, you will only address me as Professor Draco. All of you are to listen to me attentively and those who don't, nothing will be able to help you."

The group of students beside Basil Draco started to smile with the mouths expanding wider the more professor Draco spoke. Like Basil, May Draco was from nobility and was Basil's distant aunt, she was more from a side lineage. May believed that this was a world made for nobility and commoners should be happy that they are treading the ground beside them.

"Okay, listen up, we will first be talking about the usage of your manifests, there are 5 ways to use your manifests. But I have to stress that not everyone can use their manifests in all 5 ways, it really depends on the types of manifest you have. I will go through it one by one if you have a question please keep it to yourselves and not ask anything until the end of the lesson.

The 5 ways of usage are Augmentation, Creation, Manipulation, Emission and Transformation. Those of nobility, you should already know these classifications by heart. The machine you were tested with has given you a grade, that grade corresponds with the manifests you contain."

May Draco cleared her throat as she took the (S.A.D) and walked towards the center of the hall.

"I have a B grade manifest, This means that out of the 5 ways of usage, my manifest can be used in 4 ways. Let me give you a more physical example."

Professor Draco's hand was coated in flames as she punched the dummy in front of her.

"My arms are coated in flames, this gives me an additional boost in damage, this is Augmentation. Augmentation is described as adding a boost to your current strength, as such there are a lot of boosts that can be considered part of the augment tree. For example, manifesters that have any form of speed, power amplification, even if you enhance your vision, smell it would also be under the augment tree."

Professor Draco stood away from the target again and steadied her breathing, she extended her hand and formed a sword made from fire.

" The second way of usage is creation, with my flames I can create a weapon which is suited for my own usage. There are many manifests which can create objects as well. If you can create something tangible with your manifest, your abilities fall under the creation category. Legend has it that the gates that guard us against the badlands were created using a manifest that used creation."

Without skipping a beat she rescinds her flames into her palms and gathered them on the spot. She summoned her strength and launched a fireball into the dummy.

" The next usage I'm talking about is the emission usage, emission is different from just throwing your manifest, only when you are able to launch your manifest at a quick enough speed with a strong enough force can you be considered to be able to use your manifest via emission. Psi blasts, energy balls etc. are some of the manifests that have such potential."

The poor dummy who was on fire seemed to be turning charred from the heat. A flicker occurred on the flames of the dummy as the flames began to take the appearance of a cat, professor Draco stood at her spot rooted, while her hand moved and controlled the cat, perspiration dripping from her head.

"For the manipulation tree, you may think it's similar to the creation tree or the emission tree, by controlling your manifests via manipulation, you could achieve the same results. It's not impossible, however, manipulation takes up way too much of your mental capacities and it is not very feasible in a straight-up battle. Manifesters who can use manipulation usually will create an avatar from their manifests and control them at will. Using it to move around to use reconnaissance."

Professor Draco explained while letting the fire cat dissipate.

"Last but not least, for the transformation portion, I wouldn't be able to use my manifest in that way, so let me invite young master Basil to demonstrate."

Basil walked up to the centre of the hall with a haughty look, as he walked his hair gradually turned into flames.

"As you can see, young master basil has the transformation tree, along with all the other ways of usage, this is what we mean by a rank A classification. However, for those of you who are below the rank A need not feel discouraged, even if you are rank E, if you have a useful enough manifest, in the army, you would be able to receive a specialist rank.

For example, there is a trainer in the army, his strength is overwhelming. Just using his manifest via the augment route, he has even made A grade classifications fall on the floor rolling. His code name is mad tyrant, I hope that when you enter the military you would meet him because his fighting sense is amazing and he could train everyone including the people at the back into strong soldiers."

Professor Draco invited Basil back to his seat as she slowly made her way back onto the front of the hall.

" To summarise, the grade of your manifest depends on the way of usages you have. Even though you have a low-grade manifest, if your combination of manifest and usage is useful, you would still be able to be a specialist.

Also, to explain further, there are different power classifications as well. By improving the control of your manifest, you can gain power beyond your wildest dreams. Right now, everyone is at the militia level where you can barely be considered to control your manifests.

Beyond the militia level, is the tank level where you would wield strength equivalent to a tank of the old days, beyond that you could wield warship level capabilities. In the holy capital, it is said that the upper echelons have power even stronger than that of the warship levels so you must not give up on training your manifest. As for the supports, reaching that stage may be a pipe dream, that's why specialist classes are created. If you enter the military via that route, you will have more information then.

Later you will be heading to a class to classify you in accordance with the possibilities of your roles in the future. We can't have a support class running out fighting the war on the front lines."

Professor Draco ended off the lecture leaving the students deep in thought, about their future about their roles and about how they could progress with their manifests.