Chapter 003 – Inevitable Fate
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"Oh. You'll attend the tournament as well."


"You heard me."

The Principal spoke as he grinned. He knew what Ryuuya was thinking about and what he would ask next.

"Surely you are joking sir."


"The people who participate have been practicing and perfecting their ability since kindergarten. Do you really think that I, who has no practice and knowledge what-so-ever, can be a match to them in a short amount of time?!"

As Ryuuya was talking, the wind picked up inside the office. The papers which were on the table were flung up and the curtains danced as well. The windows were closed so what was the explanation? It was Ryuuya. The wind was circling around him like a tornado. As he was breathing deeply and in his eyes was a questioning look. As he kept questioning he felt a hand on his shoulder and all the wind stopped moving.

"I suggest you calm down."

"It's you!"

"And here she is. The reason why we're all here! Oh thanks for lifting the seal by the way, it wasn't early for it at all."


"I'm as confused as you are. You called me, sir principal?"

"Yes. I called you both for an explanation."


"Yeah, it's about your powers, lives and fates. From now on, you two will be partners. You will never separate from each other while in the campus and will do most of the things that you do daily together"

"What?! Sir are you… serious about this!? You can't force this on us!"

"I agree. Why should I be within 100 meters of this… commoner?"

"What? You realize that I saved your ass today right?"

"Ah! What way of talking is that? You are talking to a noble lady!"

Evil God smiled as the two kept bickering. His arms were crossed in front of his chest and he was sitting on his table.

'Looks like it works well, that girl's power. Good.'

"You seem like you get along to me so I see no problem at all."


"You'll understand once I explain so shut up."

He pointed at the two chairs that weren't there a moment ago and indicated them to sit. He then proceeded to put two cups in front of them, on the coffee table and filled them with tea. It had a fragrant smell.

"It is a special tea from Turkey, similar to the previous one. It is apparently called linden tea. They say that it is good for your health. I tried it when I had cold and it worked wonders."

"Sir, explanation?"

"Oh we don't have to rush. You children must be hungry, want something to eat?"

"No thank you."

"I just want to go and rest."

"Haah. You guys are boooring. Very well. You know how the people with powers have been chosen by various forces of higher beings right? On the D-Day? Well one type is always similar to each other, like your friend Akagi. His fire powers come from his family, who have been chosen by the branch leader of the Fire Clan. They, like their name suggests, control fire and heat. Some even control lava but those are usually hybrids among families and are very rare. Even I just only heard about it.

Anyway, you two though, are a special case. You, Shiro, do not have the same power as your family members and I'm sure you noticed it somehow. Even your behavior is different in some aspects."

"Indeed, it is as you say."

"Weren't you an orphan?"



"Hahaha, youth. But back to the topic. And you Amano, should not have a power as your family was not chosen. But you still have a power, as you learned today."

"They said that you were a powerless loser though?"

"Yeah I thought so too until today."

"Yeap. That is your fault Shiro."


"Yes. Even though I planned for you to lift the seal, you still did it too early! Now I have to push my plans a little. Why I want you guys to stick together is because your powers balance each other out. You, Shiro can dispel any kind of ability that you touch and Ryuuya's ability is one that can be only controlled by you alone. I originally planned to start training after the tournament and make you into friends until then."

"What is it about our powers? You were about to talk about that also."

"Your powers are unique. Meaning there isn't an ability that is like yours. That is because your power comes from Pandemonium itself. Shiro got the balancing one while you got the chaos one. You are a part of a bigger scheme than you can ever think of.

The thing is, Pandemonium is corrupted. Something messed with it before it opened to Earth. The Protector of Earth, the True Dragon tried to fight against it but even it saw it coming a tad bit late. The light that came from Earth? That was the will like I said. After that attack, the one that divided to 7 was the Will of the Dragon itself. It managed to defend against it at the cost of its own life and somewhat succeeded. During this division, the will got corrupted as well; lessening the corruption in Pandemonium but there is still some left.

Your powers are the calling of restoration. Shiro's power is natural for pandemonium and Ryuuya's power got mixed up because of corruption. Your fate is bringing the balance back to Pandemonium."

The faces of Shiro and Ryuuya conveyed their confusion clearly. It looked like they didn't understand a thing about what the Principal said. But without batting an eye, Evil God kept on talking.

"There's also a traitor amongst the higher beings but I don't have a clue who. Maybe it is me? No but I act against it. But what if they want me to believe it so? Maaan this is-"

"Sir Principal! What are you saying? What do you mean by bringing balance to Pandemonium?"

"You heard me; you two will save the world! Or that's what normal movies would say. You will go on a journey to weed out the traitors and defeat them, therefore restoring the order. I know it sounds like a cheesy action novel's plot but that's how it is."

Evil God was shrugging his shoulders. He sipped his tea while the two children who had an enormous amount of information launched at them made sense of their situation. It was natural. Two complete strangers were just told that they would become best friends and fight for the survival of the world. Anyone would hate that. It wasn't their responsibility so why would they care? He would be surprised if they accepted it with just that.

They were still thinking and looking at each other, trying to read the other's thoughts. Evil God would give them ample time to think about it.

"You can always come back and tell your thoughts on this at a later date. Just keep in mind though; you will die in a week if you don't make a decision Amano."

"I'm going to come back tomorrow. Then I will give my answer to you."

"Very well. What about you Shiro? Though you two have to come to a consensus on this as only one of you will not do as I said."

"I shall think about it, sir Principal."

"Good! Then I will await you two again tomorrow."

"Before that, can you tell me, sir…? Why me? Why did you choose me?"

"He said that it wasn't him though?"

"It is of a different matter. Let's see… You could say it was a random act of kindness. Nothing more, nothing less. Is that enough?"

"For the time being."

"Then I'll see you tomorrow."

Ryuuya and Shiro left after bowing. After they closed the door behind them, Ryuuya let out a heavy sigh and scratched his head. He fell into thought and started walking towards his dorm room. Shiro just looked at him and touched his shoulder.

"Hmm? What is it?"

"Where do you think you're going?"

"Umm… To my dorm room?"

"Don't you think we should at least talk about what just transpired? The Principal said-"

"I know what he said. He also said that I will die in a week so what choice do I have?!"

"Why are you yelling at me?"


"Even though you have no choice in the matter, I still have the right to refuse, remember that."

"What? You are threatening me? Are you serious?!"

"Not a threat, more like a reminder."

"What's the goddamn difference?!"

Ryuuya was thoroughly enraged now. He breathed heavily with clenched teeth and was about to jump at Shiro. Shiro saw this and smiled.

"Do you think your power would work on me? Don't forget that you don't know how to use it."

"I don't need a power to beat you up if I need to!"

"Well, let's talk about it tomorrow or something. Your friend is rushing here."



Katsuki rushed at Ryuuya and tackled him to the ground in his excitement. Even though Ryuuya told him that he was still somewhat injured he didn't listen and kept on clinging. Shiro, without batting an eye, started walking away. Seeing this, Ryuuya wanted to call out to her but decided not to. He didn't think that she was a person that would say one thing and do the other.

As the two were on the ground still the Principal opened his door.

"Oi! Don't yell in front of my office! Get out!"

"Oh shit! Run Ryuu!"

"It was your fault!"

"Oh Amano. Tell her that she doesn't have much of a choice either."

After winking, Evil God closed the door, leaving Ryuuya thinking. He came to himself when Katsuki came back and shook him. It was a busy and fast day and Ryuuya just wanted to sleep now. He made his way towards his room. Katsuki wanted to come in as well but he thanked and refused. He just took his backpack from Katsuki and closed his door.

He threw the bag somewhere and fell on his bed. He had so much to think about the next day and so many things to do as well. But now, his eyelids closed slowly, against his will.

He woke up the next day and nothing much had happened. The students that caused trouble for him and Shiro the previous day were absent today. Probably the work of Principal. He talked with Shiro about what they were going to do. He did not forget to convey the Principal's message to her.

"I know that."

"So? What will you do?"

"What do you think?"

"Umm... What the hell are you guys talking about?!"

Katsuki was dumfounded by their friendship, if you can call it that. After the classes ended, all three of them headed for the Principal's office. Katsuki kept asking questions to them but all they told him was he would understand soon. Needless to say, Katsuki was not happy with their mysterious attitude.

The Principal was waiting for them like he said, normally this time.

"So, your answer?"

"What choice do I have huh?"

"We accept, sir Principal."

"Good. So first of all. Akagi, you want in as well?"

"Yes sir! These two were mysterious all day long! I want to know what's going on!"

"Very well. I gave you a chance, so don't try to leave later."


"All right you three! Prepare for hellish training!"

"Wha- Whaaat!"

Among the chirping of birds, Katsuki's confused yell was heard.