Chapter 45: Dressing Room
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“So, what’s the doctor’s verdict?” I walk up to Sam and Charlie.
“It should be fine, her shoulder is still a bit sprained but it’s not like taking a bath will make it worse. I checked her legs as well and while walking will be a bit hard it’s doable with a bit of help.”
“Good to hear that.” I smile at Charlie and she smiles back.
“What were you doing in the meantime?” Sam asks, putting away some of her medical tools.
“Hilda wanted to show me something in one of the rooms.”
“Something interesting?”
“Pretty interesting, yes.”
“That’s good.” After she has put away her tools she gives me a quick kiss.
“Is someone going to guard the place while we bathe?” Élise walks back into the room after her own exploration of the building.
“Hmm. I can go and set some tripwires around the building, so I don’t think it’ll be necessary.” Hilda already starts looking through her pack. “Can I borrow a couple of grenades Nikki?”
“Sure things. Which ones do you need?”
“Flashbangs will be good. I don’t want to hurt innocent people.”
“Good thinking.” Nikki tosses a couple of grenades over to Hilda.
“Okay, I will be right back.” Hilda smiles. “Why don’t you all get in already?”
“Don’t have to ask me that twice.” Élise grins and walks away to the dressing room. “You all coming?”
“Yeah, yeah.” Nikki closes her pack and follows her girlfriend.
“Let’s get going too. Ami can you support Charlie?”
“Will do.” I crouch down and let Charlie swing her arm around my shoulder. “Okay, I’m going to lift you in one, two, three!” and get her on her legs.
“Undressing you might be a bit harder though.” I walk her over to where I assume the dressing room is.
“I think I can manage that myself, as long as I’ve got something to sit on.” Charlie answers.
“Sam, I remember there’s a chair in the room Hilda showed to me, can you go and grab it?”
“Alrighty.” She jogs away. “Oh wait, where is it?” Sam suddenly comes to a halt again.
“Around the corner, second room on the left.”
“Thanks babe.” She laughs and jogs off again.
When we enter the dressing room I can already hear Sam coming in behind us.
“There you go.” She puts down the chair in front of one of the bin racks.
I gently put Charlie down on it and look around. “Nikki and Élise, are you already done?” I call out to them.
“Yep!” I can hear my sister call out from the room next door.
“How in the name of the Goddess did you manage to get undressed so fast?”
“Many, many years of practice, sis.” I hear her laughing. “Anyway, hurry up, the water is great!”
“Alright!” I turn around and find that Sam is almost done undressing as well. “What! How?” A blush covers my face.
“I play sports, remember?”
“So I’m very skilled in getting undressed and dressed back up again, really fast.”
“Because you always need to hurry because you are often too late?” I tease her.
“I will neither confirm, nor deny this.” She sticks out her tongue.
“Oh does Sam play sports?” Charlie asks, having some issues getting off her shirt.
“Want some help with that? I know you said you could do it yourself, but…” I ask her.
“...S-sure…I might have underestimated how hard it was gonna be.”
“Don’t worry.” I carefully help her with her t-shirt. “And yes, Sam plays basketball, she’s their team captain.”
“Oh! I heard of that game!” She enthusiastically replies once her shirt is over her head. “I heard they stopped playing because of the apocalypse though?”
“Where we are from people still play.” Sam gives her a little pat on her non-painful shoulder. “If I can find a ball when we are back in the city I’ll show you how to play.” 
“Thanks! I’d love to see it!”


I continue helping to undress Charlie with a little bit of help from Sam once she’s done when Hilda peeks her head in.
“Oh, you girls are still undressing.” She quickly hides behind the door again.
“Sam and Charlie are basically ready.” I give a nod to Sam. “Can you take Charlie to the bath without me, Sam?”
She nods and puts Charlie’s arm around her neck. “See you in a bit then?”
“Yep, see you in a bit.”
Once Sam and Charlie have left the changing room Hilda enters.
“Still a bit shy with people you don’t know?” I ask when she enters.
Hilda nods. “A bit yeah...  I’m surprised you are so okay with this.” She finds herself an empty clothing bin and starts undressing, with me doing the same thing.
“My inner gay always yelps a bit when I see Sam undress though. And for some reason being around Charlie feels pretty comfortable.”
“Haha, I can believe that and Charlie does look like a cool kid, that’s for sure.”
“No such reservations when you are around me?”
“Nah, you feel very much like a little sister or some kind of daughter to me. Don’t forget it was me who taught you how to put on a bra.”
“Oh right! How could I forget. But I’m glad you see me that way.”
“Yay.” She pats my shoulder making me look around finding a completely undressed Hilda standing there.
Hilda waits a couple of moments for me to finish undressing as well, while she sorts a bit of her gear.
“I’m finally done.” I sigh as I turn around to Hilda. “Are you ready?”
“Yep!” She puts her clothing basket in the rack and follows me towards the onsen. “Don’t forget to wash yourself first before entering the bath.”
“I know, I know. It’s not that, because I forgot was a ryokan was, I also forgot what the proper bathing ritual is.”
“Allrighty.” She smiles.
“Ah, our glorious leader is back together with the kitten. Did you manage to set up the traps?” I see my sister poke in from the edge of the onsen, which by the way, looks bloody amazing.
“Yeah, no one should be able to get in here without us knowing.”
“Great! Also, sis, what are you gaping at?” Élise turns her gaze to me.
“This bath looks amazing.”

There’s even lush vegetation and the rocks that make up the sides of the bath look great, reflecting the lights of a couple of lanterns in the room.
“I know right! It’s like a little paradise on earth.”
I nod enthusiastically “And where’s Nikki?”
Nikki comically pops up her head right next to my sister’s. “Am here, don’t worry.” She starts laughing at her own antics, making me laugh a bit too.
I look over to my right and see Sam helping Charlie wash herself.
“Need some more help?” I walk over to one of the washing tables.
“Not really, we’re almost done.” Sam looks over to me and smiles.
It’s pretty interesting to see how her dragon-like scales flow over to her skin, as my eyes follow the several patterns on her face, her arms, her back, her thighs…
“If I wasn’t already undressed I’d say you were undressing me with your eyes.” She giggles.
“Oh, sorry.” My face goes tomato red.
“It’s fine, I don’t mind it if it’s you doing it.”
“Flirty flirt.” Charlie smirks, clearly visible in the mirror before it quickly disappears when Sam poors warm water over her head.
“Charlie sit with us for a bit.” My sister has gotten out of the bath to come and fetch Charlie.
“Okay?” She looks at her a bit confused.
“Let’s talk a bit while these two get to their antics.” My sister takes Charlie off her feet towards the bath. A move she clearly didn’t expect.
“A-ah, right!”
“Be gentle with her, she’s still a bit fragile.” Sam calls after my sister.
“Don’t worry, I will.” She calls back, slowly lowering Charlie in the water.
Sam turns her attention back to me. “Want me to wash your back?” and tilts her head a little.
“I-if you’d want to…”
Meanwhile Hilda sits a bit further away from us, starting to wash herself. “Don’t pay any attention to me.” She gives me a wink.
Sam starts with soaping me up and continues on scrubbing my back.
“Should I soap in your tail as well?”
I nod. “Just be a bit careful at the bottom of my tail it’s a bit…”
Just when I say that she scrubs that area.
“EEEEEPP! S-s-s-s-sensitive…” I pout, my blush from earlier returning instantly.
“That was a cute sound, maybe I should do it again?” She whispers in my ear.
“No please… a-a-at least not in front of the others…” I whisper back.
“Alright, I’ll wait for the next opportunity then.” Sam whispers again.
This comment sent a shiver down my spine to the tip of my tail.
“Sam,” my sister comments from the bath. “I’m afraid that if you tease her even more you’ll have to scrape her from the floor.”
“Y-y-ye!” I agree with her.
“I’ll try to control myself then.” She laughs as she continues washing my back.

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