Chapter 49: Frilly
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Thanks to Sam’s incessant flirting time flies by and soon we reach our destination, the café that commander Jerry told us about.
“Looks like it’s pretty busy inside, want to wait here while I get our drinks?” Hilda says as she peeks in through the glass windows of the café.
“Let me go with you, it will be easier to carry our order.” Nikki volunteers.
“Alright, so what do you all want?”
“Black coffee for me.” Élise raises her hand.
“I’ll take the same.” Sam raises hers as well.
“Banana milkshake for meeee!” It’s my turn to raise my hand.
Hilda smiles. “Right away, miladies.” She makes a bow and enters the café together with Nikki.
“So it's just me and the youngsters, huh.” Élise starts joking around. “Want to do something while we are waiting?”
“There’s a couple of shops there apparently.” Sam points at some glass windows down the street. “We can do some window shopping.”
“Great plan!” My sister takes my hand and drags me along.
“W-wait, I didn’t agree to it yet! It’s a catnapping! Help!”
We all start laughing and arrive at the first store.
“Looks like an antique’s store.” Sam comments while browsing, behind the window all sorts of nicknacks are being displayed , one of which looks like a pretty old alcohol flask, and another item looks like a sword hidden in a cane.
“Hey! Hilda has a sword like this in Turn of Destiny!” I enthusiastically point at it.
“Yeah, but let’s not tell her this is here, otherwise we will be hours too late to meet Charlie and her family.” My sisters laughs.
Sam already has moved on and is staring at the second store. “Oh, my, goddess.” she calls out to Élise. “Bring Ami, quick.”
My sister obeys my girlfriend’s command and takes me over to the next window.
“We should totally get her in this outfit.”
My sister immediately starts laughing even louder when she sees what Sam is pointing at. “Oh my goddess, YES!”
When I finally see what they are on about my face turns red in an instant. It’s the most fluffy, cute, pink, maid’s dress I’ve ever seen. “N-n-no. I’m not going to wear that!”
“Really, Amicia? I think you’d be incredibly cute in it.” My sister pokes my sides.
My blush grows even stronger. “N-n-no.”
“C’mon, I know you want to.”
“F-fine then, but only if you wear it too.” I look at my sister.
“Sure! Let’s go!” She picks me up under her arm and carries me to the door.
“Wh-whaaat! I didn’t expect you to say yes that easily!”
“It’s but a small price to pay to see my sister in an outfit like that, kitten.”
In the meantime Sam is completely losing it. “The cat maid idol sisters - this is going to be soo good.”
“Don’t worry little dragon, I’m going to get you in one too!” My sister smirks and she opens the door.
“What? Please, no!”
“Stop complaining and come here already.”
Sam pouts but it's clear she has no choice in the matter and follows me and my sister inside.

We get greeted by the store clerk. “Good afternoon ladies, how can I be of assistance?”
My sister immediately replies in her usual calm but charming manner. “Hey, we would like to fit the outfit you have in your shop window.”
“So three times the pink frilly one?”
My sister nods.
The store clerk smiles. “I’ll go and get them for you.” 
Seeing that I won’t be running away, Élise puts me down and starts looking around the store a bit more while the lady is gone.
“What kind of store do you think this is?” I ask my sister, following her around.
“I think it might be a glamour store.”
“Glamour?” Sam asks while looking through one of the clothing racks.
“Yeah, you know those stores in games where you can get outfits to roleplay or to wear over your normal armour?”
“Ah, yeah I think I know what you mean. Don’t they usually cost real money though?”
“Not all of them. A lot of games stepped away from that business model quite some time ago.”
“That’s cool.” Sam pulls out a tuxedo from one of the racks. “Oh, this one looks pretty neat.”
“It sure does, I can already hear Amicia purring about it.” My sister takes a good look at the outfit.
“I was not! N-not yet anyway....”
Sam smiles and puts the tuxedo back. “When we go to a fancy restaurant I'll wear one, okay?”
“Let me log off so I can reserve right away!”
“Good try, kitty cat, but you aren’t going to run away now.” My sister takes me by my shoulders and turns me around to face the storage clerk.
“Here are your outfits, feel free to try them on in our fitting rooms.”
“Thank you very much.” My sister softly pushes me in the direction of one of the fitting rooms while Sam takes her outfit from the clerk. “Let’s fit these clothes quickly so we can get our drinks, okay girls?”
“Yes mom.” I answer.
“Not your mom, still related tho.” She sticks out her tongue and leaves me alone in front of an empty stall while she goes into one by herself. Sam takes the other one next to me. 

It would be so easy to make a run for it now… but I do kinda want to wear it… It looks sooo cute…

I sigh and decide to get into my dressing stall as well, quickly getting out of my camouflaged clothes, and straight into the super duper cute pink frilly dress. I finally got the hang of undressing and dressing myself again so it didn’t even take that long either! When I leave the other stalls are still closed.

Yes! I managed to beat them this time!

But my hybris doesn’t take long to dissipate entirely when I see my sister waving to me from one of the alleys. “Hey, what was taking you so long!” She immediately starts laughing.


“Let me see my cute sister.” She walks over, Sam short in tow.
“Wow, it’s even better than I dared to imagine.” Sam says the moment she sees me in my entirety.
I try to hide a bit from the gazes of my companions but while doing so I’m probably making myself look even cuter. Who doesn’t like seeing shy catgirls in a frilly pink maid costume?
My sister is just standing next to Sam, nodding appreciatively. “This is indeed better than expected… And what do you think of us, Ami?” My sister does a short spin, making the frills of the dress spread out a bit. Sam on the other hand is just uncomfortably standing there with her arms crossed.
“Well, it definitely suits you more than it does for Sam.” I giggle.
“Hey, frills just aren’t really my jam.” She pouts.
“Although a tsundere dragon girl maid does have its perks.
Sam pouts even more but before I can tease her about it my sister approaches me from the back. “I also found something in the aisle over there.” I try to react but it's already too late, she has got me by the tail.
“W-what are you doing?!”
“Don’t worry sis, just attaching something to your tail.”
“What is it?” I frantically try to look behind me but my sister is blocking my view.
“Aaaand done!” she backs off and claps her hands. “Yes! This finishes the picture.”
Sam has stopped pouting and is nodding quite enthusiastically.
“What did you do?”
“Look in the mirror and see for yourself.” My sis nods towards one of the many mirrors in the store.
I quickly walk over and inspect my back. Looks like my sister attached a small pink ribbon to my tail.
“Do you like it?”
I nod. “It does really complement the outfit.”
“See, your sister at least has some fashion sense.” She starts boasting about herself. “Let’s take a group picture and then buy the outfit for Amicia.”
Sam agrees. “Let’s get this over with so I can get my coffee.”
We quickly take a group picture of us all, taken by the lovely store clerk and get undressed again.
“Even Sam looks pretty happy in this picture.” My sister shows it to me once I get back out of the stall.
“As much as I was complaining about it, it was a pretty fun thing to do.” She smiles as she walks up to me.”
“I am totally going to print this out and put it in a frame in the living room... My beautiful sister and her lovely wife goofing off with me.” Élise is gushing her heart out.

Let’s not ruin her mood by refusing, it is pretty cute after all. 


And it looks like Sam shares the same opinion as she smiles at me and gives a nod.
“Let’s go outside and show it to Nikki and Hilda.”
“Wait!” My sister stops Sam. “Let’s keep it a surprise for when I printed it out.”
“Alright, I won’t say a word.”
We buy the outfit for me at the register, hiding it inside of my bag before going outside. Just when we leave the store we see Nikki and Hilda exiting the café as well.
“Hey girls, hope you didn’t have to wait that long.” Hilda walks over with Nikki next to her.
“No, we managed to occupy ourselves pretty well.”
“Oh, what did you do?” Nikki hands over my glorious milkshake.
“We just went for a walk around the block.”
“Saw anything interesting?”
“Not particularly, but talking with my two favourite younglings always makes time fly by.”
“Hopefully she wasn’t too demanding.” Nikki turns herself to Sam.
“N-no, she was fine.”
I can barely contain my laughter. “Yeah, she behaved.”
Hilda is clearly not buying it by the way she looks at me but decides to not pursue it further.

Let’s go play some basketball!

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