Chapter 58: Laundry
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My friends keep on petting me for a while, making me unable to do anything else for a good while. Except for being a purring mess of a catgirl. After 15 minutes of incessant petting I hear the distinct footsteps of my girlfriend coming from the stairwell.
“Ah, I see y’all have been keeping my girlfriend good company.” Sam giggles as she crouches down in front of me.
“She’s just so fun to play with, you know?” Carol answers, scritching the back of my neck.
“Trust me, I know.” Sam smirks.
“Didn’t Max come with you?”
“No, she had to run some errands and get home. She did give me a message to relay to you though.”
“That you wear some, and I quote, “easy to take off clothes”, when you go on a date with her. On Sunday wasn’t it?”
Carol starts blushing profusely. “O-on Saturday… B-but thanks for the message,” she stutters.
“No problem.” Sam answers and looks over to Hailey. “It looks like your other friend has fallen asleep while petting you, Ami.” she softly laughs.
I look over and what Sam said is indeed true, Hailey is fast asleep on my shoulder.
Now that Carol has temporarily stopped petting me I can feel the power in my voice returning.
“Should we wake her?” I peep.
“Might be for the best.”
I gently nudge her shoulder. “Hailey. Wakey wakey.”
Hailey groans. “Just five more minutes.”
I laugh. “Didn’t you want to see my headset?”
“Ami?” she mumbles before slowly opening her eyes. “Oh! I can’t believe I dozed off like that.”
“Amicia’s purring can’t be underestimated.” Sam states matter of factly.
“Apparently not…”
“I wouldn’t be surprised if her purring had some kind of magical effect either. She does specialize in healing magic, and we all know what research has said about the effects of a cat's purring.” 

Hmm, I hadn’t even thought about this myself, maybe when I purr I amplify my magic? Yet another thing to test out. 

“Anyway, you told me Gamma gave you a present?” Sam continues.
“Mhmm. Here it is.” I hand it over to Sam who immediately starts inspecting it.
“Can I put it on you?” She asks after a minute.
“Sure!” By the time Sam puts it on my head, both Hailey and Carol are awake enough to observe. I demonstrate all the different functions of the headset, including the fluorescent light function.
“Well, that fluro light is definitely Gamma alright.” Sam laughs.
“It looks really cute on you Ami.” Carol pushes the colour button. “I do think pink or purple suits you best though.”
“Yeah, I was thinking the same thing.” Hailey agrees.
“Mhmm.” I nod. “Those colours definitely fit my aesthetic better.”
“Hey Ami.” Carol prods me and whispers. “Do you think your Goddess could…”
“If she could turn me into a catgirl too?”
Her question surprised me. “Really?”
“I don’t know.” Carol backed down a little but pushed on. “I just get really envious to see you like this. And when I thought about what Max said earlier…”
Sam and Hailey are watching our conversation closely. I don’t think Carol was whispering silently enough for them to not hear what the conversation was about, but they are remaining silent out of respect.
“I don’t know if she can do that, honestly. From what I gather, what happened to me was kind of an accident. That being said, it does also come with its downsides. Having to hide who you truly are, et cetera. “
“Yeah, you are right…” Carol sounds somewhat disappointed.
“But if you want to test it out, so to speak, nothing is stopping you from checking out some VR games. The feeling is as authentic as it gets. Maybe you can get Max to play something with you.”
Carol perks up and hugs me. “Thanks for the advice, and thanks for listening to my crazy brain twirly.”
I hug her back. “No problem, I know how you feel. To be honest, I wouldn’t want to turn back to being human myself, and having been trans, I understand what it feels like to long for something seemingly out of reach. If you still want to be a cat girl I’ll gladly have a talk with Veanya about it.”
“You are a good girl, Ami.” She hugs me tighter.
“Mow, you are going to make me start purring again if you call me that.”
“Would that be a bad thing?”
We both start laughing. “No, I guess it wouldn’t.” 

We talk a bit more about the headset and life in general before saying goodbye to each other.
“Would you like to come and visit me at my sister’s place one of these days?” I ask my friends before we part ways.
“Sure thing.” Carol quickly replies.
“It’s just that I like my sister knowing the people who know my secret…”
“That’s completely understandable.” Hailey puts her hand on my shoulder with a smile.
“When do you think it would work best?”
“I’ll ask them when I get home, I’ll message you about it later.”
“Alright.” Hailey and Carol both give me a goodbye hug and go their own way. Leaving me and Sam by ourselves.
“Are you really going to ask Veanya about the cat girl thing?” Sam asks while we are going down the stairs.
I nod. “I don’t see why not. If she really wants to be a cat girl and I know someone who could make that happen it would be cruel not to ask. Want me to ask them about your leg too?”
Sam nods. “I guess that’s true.” she rubs her leg. “And I don’t know about that, it was probably her who made me having this prosthetic possible… and on top of that, it’s kind of part of me now… It’s hard to explain.”
“Mhmm.” I nod again.
“And, it does look pretty badass in my opinion.”
“It sure does.” I give her a quick kiss on her cheek. “Although I think you look badass in general.”
She smiles and kisses me back. “Thanks babe. You always make me want to make you a purring mess, you know that?”
I start blushing. “I-I’ve noticed.”
Sam enthusiastically jumps two steps down and awaits me on the landing. When I’m one step away she lifts me off my feet into a princess cary and passionately kisses me on the lips while spinning around. 

“Hey sweetie.” She gently puts me down again.
“Do you mind if I go back to my parent’s place for an hour or two? Just so they see my face.”
“Your very handsome face.”
“Yes, that one.” She laughs.
“Of course not.” I give her another kiss.
“Allright, I’ll come back after that.” Sam smiles. “I’ll walk you to the tram stop however, milady.” She kneels down on one knee and offers me her hand.
“That’d be much appreciated, my knight.” I gladly play along.

I put my choker back on and we walk hand in hand to the tram station where we temporarily say our goodbyes.
“I’m already feeling lonely and I haven’t even left yet.” Sam rubs her thumb over the top of my hand.
“Me too.” I give her a final kiss before the tram arrives. “See you soon, my love.”
“Ciao, kitten.”
The tram leaves with Sam still waving me goodbye from the platform, giving absolutely zero shits about what the other people are thinking of our dramatic goodbye.
Soon it arrives at the stop near the apartment and I make my way inside.
“Hey there, sis. How did your lessons go?” Élise is folding up some laundry on the dinner table.
“They went pretty well. Want to see my sketches?”
“Of course, of course!” She enthusiastically replies.
I walk over to her and take my sketches out of my bag while she is leaning her hand on a pile of shirts.
“Oh, those look really good. And you did these all by yourself.” She rubs her hand through my hair.
“Yes! Ah, and I have something else to tell you.”
“Oh? Does it have something to do with a blue-haired catgirl?”
My mouth drops. “How did you know?”
“She visited here right after you left. Is she one of your God friends?”
“Euh, well I guess she is. She’s called Gamma and basically sees me as her cat girl sibling. She gave me this headset too.” I also take the headset out of my bag.
“Oh, neato.” She takes it into her hand to examine it. “When we were gaming last night I was thinking listening to music as a catgirl would be pretty...hard. I guess this solves it. Did you have to pay for it?”
“No, she gave it to me for free.”
“That’s pretty generous.”
“She said she had plenty of money.” I shrug.
My sister thinks for a second. “Well, she is a Goddess and everything sooo….”
“And there is some other news too.”
“Hmm?” Lise tilts her head.
“My friends kinda found out I’m a catgirl by accident...”
She sighs. “Well, it was to be expected someone else would find out in time, but I didn’t think it would be this soon. What happened?”
I tell her the entire thing, from our dinner date at the Mexican restaurant to my question if they would like to visit our apartment. 

“Meeting them is indeed not a bad plan, but Ami, you really need to be a bit more careful.”
“I know…” I look down at my feet.
She grabs me in for a hug. “I’m not angry at you, it’s just for your own safety.”
“Mye, I understand.”
My sister hugs me even tighter before releasing me. “By the way, is Sam not coming?”
“She is, she just wanted to go by her parents for an hour or two.”
“Allright.” My sister smiles. “Let’s decide on when your friends can come over when Nikki is home. Can you help me with the laundry in the meantime?”
I nod and put my bag down next to the sofa.
“Good girl.” My sister winks as she starts folding the laundry again. 

Freshly washed clothes and blankets always smell soooooo nice.

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