Chapter 1: Birthday
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TW Homophobia


It's the year 2060. October 25th, the beginning of the 22nd year of my useless life. In other words, my birthday. 

“Here, son, this is for you,” my mom says as she hands over a heavy package with a smile. “It’s from your dad and me.” 

I look into her eyes and fake a smile back. “Thanks, mom.”

For years my parents have gifted me things I really didn’t want: male hygiene products, shaving kits, gift cards for ‘high testosterone adventures’, the list goes on. All presents that make me cringe the moment I get them.

I doubt this year will be any different as I open the package. “Wow, thanks...” I give another oscar-worthy acting performance as I see what’s inside: a pair of 5kg dumbbells and a gym pass.

“It’s time you work on those muscles of yours, kiddo,” my dad says after hitting me on the shoulder. “You aren’t going to get the girls when looking like a faggot.”

My dad is so open minded when it comes to the LGBTQ community…

“Sure, dad, I’ll work on it.” Another present that would need to mysteriously disappear.

“Here, Lucas,” my sister says, handing me a small box. I open it up and find a bottle of deodorant inside with a small paper that reads, “I’ll bring the real present to you later ;)” 

I love my sister; even though she’s five years older, she’s the only one who really gets me. She was the only one who supported me when I chose to follow an arts degree in college —  against harsh protest from my parents, of course.

Such a shame she doesn’t visit often. Although, I can’t really blame her, with the parents we have. It’s a wonder she visits at all, but I have a suspicion that it’s mainly for me that she makes that sacrifice. I just wish I could talk with her more regularly in any way — with her visiting here, or otherwise — but I don’t even really message with her, given that we’re both aware our parents monitor my phone.

“Thanks, Élise.” I give her a quick hug and turn towards my parents. “It’s been a long day with uni work and all, I’m going to go upstairs to get some rest,” I lie, hoping my parents don’t see through it.

“Sure, kiddo, maybe give those weights a lift before you turn in, though!” he laughs.


My rather heavy gifts in hand, I make my way upstairs, then immediately store them under my bed, already planning how I'd get rid of them.

A few minutes later, I hear a knock on my door. “Hey, Lucas, can I come in?” I hear my sister’s whisper. 

I unlock the door with a smile. “Any time, sis.”

Élise walks through the door with a medium sized package. “I hope you’re still into gaming.” She winks.

“Definitely! But with mom and dad monitoring my bank accounts it’s really hard to buy any game without them blowing up on me…” I sit down on my bed, looking down at my feet.

“That’s why you have me, right?” She places the package next to me and ruffles my hair.

“Quick, look what’s inside.” Her eyes seem to sparkle with joy.

“Okay, okay.” I open the box and I’m instantly awestruck. “Oh. My. God. You’ve got to be kidding me.” My jaw drops and I glance back up at her.

“Nope, it’s the real thing.” Her eyes are still sparkling like diamonds. 

“The D3u5XMachina...” Turning back to the brilliantly designed black and white headpiece, I find I can’t look away.

“Indeed it is.” She gently takes it out of the box and places it next to me.

“Isn’t it incredibly expensive?” I ask, my eyes getting misty.

“As it seems your sister’s got a job with certain perks” — she winks — “me and the girlfriend got sent three of these a few months ago. We had to wait until today to give one to you, though... Oh, and we also got you this.” She takes out a piece of paper and runs it through a side slot on the Machina, which instantly makes a beeping noise.

“What’s that?” My misty eyes perk up with curiosity. 

“This, my little sibling, is ‘Turn of Destiny XIX’, the latest Fantasy VRMMO by CircularPhoenix,” she says with glee. “It’s a game me and Nikki have been playing together as part of the alpha test — they gave us that extra copy to give away for the official launch.” 

“Wow…” I walk up to my sister and embrace her. “Thank you so, so much. And Nikki too!”
Élise laughs. “No problem, bro, I’ll pass the message.” She pats my head. “Anyway, I’m taking off. Not going to stick around the folks any longer than I have to. When you get in-game, add Elise_Windwalker and NikkiHeat, okay? I’ll text you the usernames later if you forget them.” 

“Yes! And thank you again, sis! Bye-bye.” 

She smiles and walks down the stairs.


After my sister leaves, I immediately run for the Machina headset to take a look at the manual. From my reading, I find that the D3u5XMachina is designed to be a stand-alone, rechargeable, full-dive VR console. It has a battery life of 12 hours and recharges completely in 30 minutes, though it can’t be used while it’s charging. Apparently they designed it that way so that people can’t spend entire days in VR without a break to eat or drink. On the plus side, though, your body rests while you are in VR. The manual states that the Machina has a AAA safety rating — even safer than drinking water. Finally, I get to the section of the manual for play. To go into the VR-mode, I simply have to lie down on a flat surface and press the buttons on the side of the headset. 

Putting the box on the floor, I prepare myself in my bed. “Let’s do this, I suppose…” 

I’m a bit hesitant since this is my first full-dive experience; it’s a scary thought to lose control of your body. On the other hand, I’m also super excited — I’ve always used gaming as a way to escape the drags of real life, and full-dive VR will probably bring this escapism to the next level. 

Finally putting the little doubts I have to the side, I press the VR button. “Let’s go on an adventure!” 


I'd like to thank a friend of mine for helping me edit this story and I'd also like to thank @PinkHuskeyDerp (Twitter) for the story's cover art!