Chapter 5.2
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Without Amber attacking the city like a maniac they had time to think about things.

Flying inside her home Kara didn't see anyone there and sighed.

"Children, I swear uncle Jor-El was mad for wanting to raise a kid the old way" Cloning and help with education was far more effective.

Flying a few centimeters off the floor Kara took of her destroyed clothes and threw them in the trash and took a hot shower.

She grimaced when the water hit her body but her muscles soon relaxed as she washed herself, finally she stood in front of a mirror and looked at the damage.

Her entire chest was filled with electrical burns, her belly was blackened with large exposed spots of red but she could see they were already healing.

It'd still hurt like hell for a week or two but she'd heal.

Touching one of the spots she winced, magic was such bullshit.

Her cell phone was just a melted piece of metal so Kara grabbed her landline and dialed Billy's number in a futile hope, the boy didn't answer.

With a sight she dialed Kori.


"Hey Kori how are you"

"Most wonderful, I did not know the mall of shopping had such diversity of nourishment"

Holding the phone against her ear with her shoulder Kara started putting own her provisory armor, it was far weaker than her natural resistance but, when dealing with magic, it would act as a barrier and take the blunt of any attack… she hoped.

Either that or it'd melt against her skin and make things so much worse.

"So I take it Captain Marvel didn't call to ask for help or something"

"Nay, he did not" Kori answered seriously, her voice losing some of her usual cheer "Please, do you mayhap require my help friend Kara?"

"You know what yeah, I could use some help" Pulling the phone off her ear Kara finished putting on her armor before continuing "Can you meet me at the apartment?"

"I will be home in a moment"

By the time Kori finally arrived Kara was fully armored and had managed to use her ship's computers to hack a government site and find a blueprint for a prototype inhibitor collar, the principles behind its functions were simple enough for her to copy.

In a moment she had cannibalized some of her technology and adapted it into an inhibitor shackle. She doubted it would hold up to the power of Zeus but it should at least keep Amber from turning into lightning for a few minutes.

"Alright, this should be able to disable Amber for a few minutes if she still wants to fight" Kara said towards Kori.

"Wonderful, humans are not so dissimilar to Tamanareans thus I should be able to disable her if she can not escape" despite being slightly weaker Kori had the training needed to make someone pass out without hurting them.

Koriand'r wore a purple sports bra, gym shorts with a small skirt to cover her ass and ankle high boots leaving most of her light orange skin exposed to the sun.

Kara couldn't help starring as her friend finished putting on the boots and floated up, her long, curly red hair floating around her like fire, then she shook her head and smiled.

"Good, let's go" 

They both flew off the apartment and Kara made a mental note to try and find another house, no way had people missed several heroes coming and going from her place.

Even with all her powers Kara still couldn't find two kids wondering alone in the entire Fawcett city.

She didn't know if that was because her powers were still growing with exposure to the yellow sun or if she was in a version of DC where Kryptonians just weren't that strong.

"Friend Kara!" Kori called from her back "Over there"

Turning around Kara saw her friend pointing towards a hospital without lights, activating her X-ray vision she scanned the building and finally found everyone standing around the bed of an adult male.

Dashing through the air they both burst through the window to stare at the scene.

The man on top of the bed was clearly related to Amy, they had the same hair and face but he was still asleep and had a respirator over his mouth.

Beside his bed was Amy's missing personality, a kitchen knife held over the man's throat in her shaking hand.

Amy and her childish copy were huddled against the wall and trembling in fear, the girl was frozen in place and quiet tears fell from her eyes as she stared from Amber to her… father?

Finally, amber held Billy up in front of herself like a shield and smiled with a cruel light in her eyes as she seemed to take pleasure in everything.

"Do it, end his pathetic human life already" Amber said with eagerness, lightning cracking around her head "Come on, don't be a weakling like Amy!"

Kara frowned, Amber seemed different, the g0irl no longer had any hesitation in her voice and seemed to act with deliberate cruelty as she squeezed Billy's throat to keep him from speaking.

"Stop, you don't have to do this" Kara shouted but didn't dare attack.

She didn't know if Amber's lightning would be able to hurt Billy but she didn't want to risk it.

"Don't listen to her, she's an adult you know how they are" Amber mocked and approached the girl "Finish it, you know we all want it"

Throwing his head back Billy managed to smash it against Amber's nose and escape her grasp, the rebellious teen lifted her arm and started gathering electricity when Kara moved.

Flying as fast as she could Kara broke the sound barrier again making everyone in the room but Kori wince, she grabbed Amber's arm and put on the shackles, a second later Kori hit the girl and grabbed her neck, she squeezed for a few seconds until Amber passed out.

"Well that was easy"

"I can teach you" Kori smiled at her "It can be very dangerous if you do not do it right"

"Amy stop" Billy shouted as he recovered from his fall "you know she wouldn't want this"

"He hurts us" the girl with the knife said, her voice shaking "he always hurts us and nobody does anything"

"I know you don't want to do this and you don't need to" the 10 years old said and slowly approached her "I'll protect you, you know I can"

"No, you're not a hero anymore!" she shouted back.

Kara considered interfering but Billy was the hero and, even without his powers he still had the experience, instead she went to help Amy while Starfire made sure Amber wouldn't wake up.

"It's alright, I know you don't want to do this" Billy finally reached the girl and held her arm, he was much smaller than her but he managed to pull her arm away from the man's neck "Look at me, I swear I won't let him hurt you anymore"

The girl stared at Billy's blue eyes and finally dropped the knife, Kara relaxed and helped Amy get up, now they just had to find a way to return Billy's powers and help the girls unite.

"Utterly pathetic" Said amber, her voice cold and without feelings, "And to think I had some hope for you still"

Turning around Kara saw Starfire floating in the air before being launched at the bed, Billy Managed to grab the girl and throw himself aside but Kori still smashed into the man and sent them both sprawling to the ground, the man's head bounced against the ground and Kara could hear his neck braking.

"What?" she whispered in confusion looking from Kori's face to Amber's fallen body "I mean, what!?"

"This was only supposed to be a test but, once the girl came to me to complain and I saw how successful it had been I couldn't resist" Amber said and got up from the floor, a smug look on her face even as her eyes stayed closed.

Without another word Kara launched herself at Amber but she suddenly smashed against an invisible barrier in the air and bounced back, her face stinging.

"To think that after all this time, all the pawns I threw at you you'd be defeated by a new kid" Amber mocked.

With a crack the floor under Amber broke off and started flying carrying her body up, slowly everything started floating up in the room and then flying around Amber's body like a hurricane of debris.

Shaking her head Kara tried rushing the girl again but she was struck by the metal frame of the bed, a number of wires and pipes burst from the walls and warped around her limbs like snakes pulling her away and trying to choke her to death.

Glancing around Kara saw Starfire grabbing Amy and her childish copy and trying to fly towards Billy but the breathing machine hit her in the head and forced her back.

Twisting in the air Billy screamed and managed to throw the girl in his arms towards Kori before Amber motioned with an arm and he was held beside her body, his limbs locked in place.

"You know, I think I'll enjoy watching your face as I wipe this city off the face of the planet" Amber said as her eyes finally opened and they flew out of the building.

With a scream of rage Kara pulled herself free from the rubble and growled "Alright, this is getting ridiculous, no more holding back"

Flying straight towards Amber she pulled her arm back and prepared to hit the girl as hard as she could, then a telekinetic blow hit her in the chest and sent her flying back with a sonic boom.

Kara's body broke through the hospital building smashing straight through the walls and floor and causing terrible damage before she hit the street on the other side and carved an enormous trench, sending parked cars flying and damaging every building in two blocks.

With a groan Kara lifted her head to see Amber waving a hand and her Inhibitor shackle burst apart, lifting an arm the girl released a house wide stream of lightning towards the sky which spread around the city before coming back down.

All around her Kara could hear the sound of explosions and shouts of pain as the sky itself rained down death and destruction, looking around she saw a building get hit with one of the lightning bolts and violently explode sending pieces of debris raining down around it.

"Come, let me give you a front row seat as I destroy your beloved city" Amber shouted at Billy and they started rising in the air while she laughed out loud "Only then will I end your pathetic human life, ha ho hee ho haw heeeee!"


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