Chapter 6.2
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They approached the spot from the air, all three of them flying above the dark cloud of rain that was covering the city.

From her spot there, Kara could see hundreds of people guarding the building, most were holding guns, but some were using iron pipes or even chairs as weapons and walking around like zombies.

Amber somehow had an invisible shield around herself and Kara wasn't entirely sure she could break through it on a single strike, so she decided to leave the girl for later.

"Are you ready?" Giovanni asked the both of them and they nodded at the same time.

Lifting his cane, Giovanni pointed it at Kara and Kori and started laying spells; protections against magic, evil and mind control were the main spells he used.

They wouldn't block everything, but Giovanni said it would make any blow they received weaker for a time or until his magic was overwhelmed.

"Tel Reh Swolb ecreip lacigam sreirrab!" He finished while pointing at Kara and almost fell down from his floating disk as the cost of his latest spell hit him.

Stretching her neck, Kara took off her helmet, it had been dented by Amber’s previous telekinetic blow, and she didn’t want it getting in her way. Then she fell, a second later she put all her power in her flight and burst right through the sound barrier, flying like an arrow towards her target.

Ibac and Oom snapped their heads up and started to straighten when Kara flew fist first into the Wicked Witch, Giovanni's magic clashing against some kind of barrier and breaking right through.

Somehow, the witch managed to survive the blow, but Kara still drove her body into the ground creating a huge crater and breaking all of her bones.

Kara was equally disappointed and relieved that the witch's magic had managed to reinforce her body; with the woman completely defeated, she didn't feel right delivering a killing blow to her defenseless face.

Turning around, she flew up to see dozens of white birds dispersing the clouds and turning into shining projectiles that rained down on their enemies.

Ibac waved his mace and destroyed a few of the spells, but one hit him in the shoulder and sent his body spinning, the few that hit Oom only caused the alien to stumble, but the spells were far more effective in the others.

A few holes were punched right through Mr. Atom's iron armor and the Evil Eye released a loud screech of pain, his huge bulk catching most of the spells.

Amber didn't even move, an invisible shield covering her body and blocking every blow until one of Kori's starbolts struck her from behind and sent the girl flying.

Flying up, Kara concentrated and released a ray of heat vision as hot as she could, burning through the building before hitting the Evil Eye, the giant monster's flesh boiled under his skin and he exploded like a balloon.

It wasn't Kara's first kill, that dubious honor belonged to some of her captors, but it was the first time she made a conscious decision to do it.

Back then she had been running on pure instinct, a desperate need not to escape, to eliminate her captors so they would stop hurting her and she had barely thought about her actions.

Killing Evil Eye was different, it had been a deliberate action, she could have done something else, she had time to do something else, but chose to eliminate him to stop the villain from using his civilian thralls.

Kara expected to feel horror, to throw up or at least lose her breath but there was nothing, she just felt numb.

It had been so easy… a single stare and the villain was gone.

Kara gave a little giggle when she realized she could literally kill most beings on this planet with a look, then she stopped herself and swallowed.

It had been so easy, barely an inconvenience, a single look and a life was gone completely.

Glancing back, she saw the mind controlled humans regain their senses and start running away from the fight as fast as they could, almost trampling each other.

With some hope, she turned to Amber, but the girl didn't regain her mind and started throwing bolts of lightning towards Giovanni.

It was worth a try.

"Nrub!" With barely a second to react, Giovanni pointed his cane and released a wave of fire towards the girl.

The flames hit Amber's telekinetic shield and stopped dead, but it couldn't fully block the heat. With a scream of pain, she stumbled back and gave the magician a break from her blows.

Distracted, Ibac's mace hit Kara upside the head and sent her flying back, her ears ringing from the blow.

"Ah, and just when I started to think it would be boring." Ibac laughed and patted the head of his mace with a hand. "I'm going to enjoy destroying you, little girl!"

Despite having her hands burnt, Amber recovered fast and released another bolt of lightning back at the sky, interrupting Giovanni's next spell before she turned to Kara and smiled.

"Interesting, to think I'd be able to have a Kryptonian at my hands." The girl said and started walking towards her. "First, I get Marvel, now you… This day just keeps getting better and better, a pity Thaddeus couldn't make it."

Kara dodged a lightning strike and flew back when Ibac almost hit her again, taking a second to look around herself, she saw Kori in a heated battle with Oom.

The alien seemed stronger, but Kori was more skilled, dancing around his blows with beautiful martial arts moves and blowing him back with starbolts, a wide smile on her face despite their situation.

" Esir dna niated meht." Zatara shouted as he approached the building and concrete golems started rising from the floor before charging the enemies.

A blast of radiation hit Kara in the side and drove her back a few meters before she turned her head and struck Mr. Atom with another heat ray, melting his left arm.

Another lightning bolt hit her chest, but Zatara's protection held and she retreated behind Ibac's body, making it impossible to strike her without also hitting the man.

Briefly glancing aside, Kara burned the ropes tying up Billy's arms and desperately dodged another of Ibac's blows, the maniac laughing all the while.

"Pathetic, at least the other one is a male and a worthy opponent." Ibac mocked and grabbed one of the golems, throwing the entire thing at her. "Will you keep running, little girl? Or will you let me catch you and show you your place?!"

Looking at Ibac's impressive physique, Kara trembled and slowly floated back, she released another heat ray, but Ibac managed to block it with his weapon and smirk.

With a roar, the villain charged and Kara flew up trying to escape from him.

Filled with confidence, Ibac actually dropped his mace and jumped up, grabbing her leg and trying to drag her down with his weight. "Oh I'm gonna have fun with you!"

Kara smiled, she didn't think anyone would be stupid enough to underestimate a Kryptonian so much but Ibac deserved a prize.

Dropping her pretense of fear, she turned around and kneed him in the nose.

With a grunt of pain, Ibac's hand released her leg and he started to fall, whipping around. She grabbed his wrist and punched his face as hard as she could manage.

Blood flew everywhere, the blow was so strong it sent Ibac's body flying, only to be stopped by the hold she had on his arm. With a loud snap, his shoulder was dislocated.

From the side, Mr. Atom had recovered and delivered a strong blast of radiation so Kara swung her villain around by his loose arm and blocked the blast, then used him as a weapon to pummel the robot through the building.

Lifting the screaming villain, Kara punched his face again and then thought about what he said. "Oh I'm going to enjoy this, little boy."

Dropping him to the ground, she flew down as fast as she could, causing another sonic boom and hitting him between his legs with her booted foot, folding his body in half before breaking through the roof and several floors until they hit the ground.

Ibac was left disabled and foaming at the mouth, his body seemed to deflate as whatever power he held fled and he became just another street thug. Satisfied, Kara flew up from the hole they had made and cracked her fingers.

To the side, Kori blasted Oom off the rooftop with a starbolt, but the alien managed to grab her and drag her down with him, they hit the ground with a devastating impact.

Worried, Kara couldn't help but use her X-Ray vision to look through the building and see Oom punching her friend in the face twice before Kori kicked him off, sending him flying away and flying after him.

A bolt of lightning struck Kara's armor and sent sparks flying as the armor started melting on top of her body.

"Do I have to do everything myself!" Amber screamed and the rubble started flying around her, blocking another of Zatara's spells.

Turning into a bolt of lightning, Amber flashed to Giovanni's side and struck him with lightning, Zatara's protection blocked the lightning, but he lost control of his disk and fell down.

Billy had finally managed to fully escape his bindings and was running away from the fight when Mr. Atom burst through the roof in front of him, the damaged robot almost managed to grab the boy when Kara dropped on its head and dented the metal with a kick.

"No, cease this action!" the robot shouted and tried to pry her off with his one good hand, bolts of radiation flying from his eyes.

Grabbing Mr. Atom's head, Kara twisted it aside, making the metal scream until she pulled it right off.

Adjusting her grip, Kara used the head as a projectile to try and hit Amber, causing the girl to turn into lightning again and appear a few meters away.

Despite having defeated most of her allies, Amber didn't seem all that worried as she stood there and watched Mr. Atom's head flying away. "How disappointing, I really should have waited for Thaddeus, at least he is competent."

"It's over my dear." Zatara said as he stepped back into the roof and straightened his suit. "You're strong, but you can't hope to defeat the both of us."

"Heo hao heeee hohe hoo, you really think you have defeated me?" Amber turned her head sideways and sighed. "I admit I got a little greedy, after obtaining the power of Zeus so easily, I wanted to try stealing the other attributes too, and so I kept the boy alive and the damage to a minimum."

Before she was finished talking, Kara was already moving, unfortunately, with a wave of her hand, Amber released a giant thunderbolt which struck the building, it was so powerful it made the ground shake and actually disintegrated whatever it hit, turning it into dust and leaving a scorched hole in its place.

Dodging another spell from Zatara, Amber forced him to block a smaller bolt and struck him from behind with a head sized piece of rubble pulled by her telekinesis.

Kara took the chance to strike, punching the girl's smug face.

Her fist hit a telekinetic shield with so much force it created a shockwave, then it broke through, hitting Amber's face and sending her stumbling back.

"Heooo hee haaa huee, really impressive Kara." Amber said, massaging her face. "Kryptonians really are a step above those pathetic humans, I almost don't despise you, come on, hit me more, hit me harder!"

She did, this time she kicked the girl and sent her body flying back, her body bounced twice off the ground and started falling off the roof before Amber flashed again and appeared back at the edge, one of her arms holding her chest and the other broken, she still managed to gather another bolt of lightning.

"Pots, tel ruoy rewop eb delaes!" Zatara said as he pulled himself up, managing to cut off Amber's attack and creating a magical barrier around her.

Kara released a sigh of relief seeing the girl traped inside Zatara's barried, then she looked at Amber's amused smile and felt a chill down her back.


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