Chapter 8.2
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A very small chapter today, just a little snipped really, sorry about that.


As they finished putting the dishes away Kara got dressed in some normal clothes over her solar suit, a black shirt and jeans, then the both of them flew out of the fortress and started making their way back to the mainland at a leisure pace.


“So, Kori is staying with Wonder Woman?” She finally asked when they were approaching the coast.


“Diana took a liking to the girl and they were spending some time together on Themyscira,” He nodded and turned her way, “But Koriand’r heard you were waking up today so they are waiting for you in Greece.”


They flew in a straight line over the cities and landscape too far above it to even be noticed by the people underneath, Kara just followed her cousin until he started to fly down.


Suddenly, a red comet shot from a beach bellow then trailing fire behind itself, Kara braced herself but she was still bulled over as she Tamaranean princess hit her, sending them both tumbling through the air.


Kori’s arms wrapped themselves around her body and attempted to squeeze the life out of it as the girl started talking without stop “FriendKaraIamsohappyyouarewellIwantedtoseeyoubuttheywouldnotletmeIamsorryIamaterryblefriend!”


“Kori, Kori calm down, breath” she said when she finally managed to push back and draw a breath.


Kori let herself be pushed away a little so they could really look at each other, the giant smile on her friend’s face warmed Kara’s heart, then she saw the glint in her eyes “No don…”


It was no use, Kori hugged her again and it was all Kara could do to keep them in the air and not crash down on top of the house.


Kara briefly glanced at her cousin to ask for help but the bastard was just floating there laughing at them.


“Kori, I missed you too,” she said as they finally dropped down on the sand.


Her cousin dropped beside Wonder Woman and a young woman who was looking at them with disapproval.


“Friend Kara I really missed you, I tried to see you but they would not let me, I am terribly sorry I am a bad friend.”


“No you aren’t foolish girl” Kara said as she flicked her friend’s forehead “It wasn’t even that long.”


“It felt terribly long to me,” Kori said as she rubbed her forehead.


“Alright I spent a week healing but what about you, I heard you stayed with Wonder Woman on her country?”


“Yes, Princess Diana allowed me to enter her country, and she even introduced me to her sister!” Pulling at her arm Kori lead her towards the waiting heroes.


“Greetings Kara Zor-El, I’m Diana Prince and this is my sister Donna Troy.”


“Hi.” Wonder Woman’s sister said grudgingly earning her a glare from the older woman.


“Greetings, I’m Kara Zor-El it is an honor to finally meet one of my cousin’s allies.”


Beside her, Kori could barely contain herself causing both her cousin and Diana to give her amused glances.


“Come on Diana, I think we can let the two of them catch up a little.” Kal-El said with a laugh, “I do need to talk to you about something.”


“Very well, this is my private property Kara, feel free to enjoy the beach,” Diana nodded and the pair of them walked towards the house talking with each other.


Kara made sure not to focus on them, she was sure they wouldn’t be talking out in the open if it was anything truly important but she wanted to give them some privacy anyway.


“So, how was Themyscira?”


“It was wonderful! The amazons were all warriors, they invited me to the arena of fighting and even Diana herself sparred with me.”


“Did you win?”


“I did not, Diana was very powerful.”


“Cheating alien girl,” Kara heard Donna cursing under her breath and turned her way.


“Something wrong?”


“Friend Troya is still angry she lost to me,” Kori said as if it didn’t bother her in the least “My sister was much the same when we sparred back on Okaara.”


“Is that so” Kara gave the young woman a glare but Donna seemed immune to it.


“Friend Troya I already told you there is no need to feel bad, yes? The amazons are mighty warriors indeed but the Warlords of Okaara are the fiercest warriors of the entire Vega system.” Kori said in a calming tone, “Even better, they are the best teachers of the Vega system and I have been trained by them for years.”


“Fine, I get it alright.” Troya waved Kori’s concern away, “Look, I only get so much time away from home alright, I’m going into the city, tell my sister I’ll be back by night.”


Kara watched the girl fly away with a frown in her face but it quickly went away as she dismissed her from her mind.


“She didn’t defeat you even once did she?”


“Do not dismiss her friend Kara, Troya is quite skilled, she is just not as skilled as her sister.” Kori said as they continued walking along the beach, “Oh, I know, you two should become sparring partners, you are stronger than her by a large amount but she is a far more skilled fighter, she is just too unused to facing stronger opponents.”


“We’ll see,” She said, she did need to get more training with using her powers and someone who wouldn’t fall dead at the first blow was ideal but she already had Kori and her cousin to do it. “Alright, now that you meet with the league did you get their help?”


“They are still discussing it, Diana tells me many of them have obligations on earth they can not abandon and are divided. Still, Diana has offered to mentor me and introduce me to earthly customs.”


“She wants to make you her sidekick?” Kara was surprised, she didn’t remember Kori becoming a sidekick in any version of DC she knew of, “Good for you, you must have impressed her.”


Then again, her knowledge and actions must already be making changes so it wasn’t a total surprise.


“Indeed, I was most exited at the offer, she has been a hero for years now I can not wait to learn from her!” unable to contain her excitement Kori started floating beside her causing Kara to smile in amusement, “She even wants to introduce me to the other sidekicks at an assembly at the Hall of Justice in two weeks!”


Kara frowned, did that include Robin, Dick Grayson’s Robin? For some reason she didn’t know if she really liked the idea of such meeting.


“Just a tip, don’t call them Sidekicks, they probably won’t like that very much,” then she thought about it a little and corrected herself, “No, make sure to call Robin a sidekick, do it as often as you can.”


“Please, why would they not? Is it not a venerable human tradition to learn from those with more experience?”


“Yes but they’re teenagers, I’m sure they won’t see it that way.” Kara shook her head in amusement just imagining the meeting.


“Thank you friend Kara, I really cherish your opinions.”


After that they found some beach chairs and laid down to enjoy the sun, Kara couldn’t help but appreciate Kori’s figure as the girl actually took her top off and laid with only the bottom part of her swimsuit to increase how much sunlight she was getting.


After a few seconds she finally snapped out of her daze and took her own jeans and shirt leaving only her skintight Kryptonian solar suit.


In her situation getting more sun wouldn’t really do her any good but that didn’t mean she couldn’t enjoy it.


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