Chapter 10.1
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That same morning Kara floated in front of the mountain, her mind deep in thought. She was feeling very conflicted right now.

It’s not like she didn’t understand her cousin’s reaction, she had been human once, a long time ago, she got why finding out you had a clone made in secret would affect him in such a way.

Well, in a manner of speaking anyway. There weren’t any human clones walking around in her previous world after all but, she imagined the experience was kind like finding out you had a son from a drunken one-night stand years after the fact.

Only, since Kal-El didn’t consent to having his DNA taken, it was probably much worse.

Still, she kinda expected Superman to rise above such things, it was not like Superboy asked to be created after all. Kal-El could be mad at the scientists who created him all he wanted but the boy needed help, now damn it.

Plus, she was Kara Zor-El and this was a DC universe, it didn’t take her long to come to terms with the probable fact she’d have a clone made by one supervillain or another somewhere down the line.

Her Kryptonian education also didn’t help at all.

On Krypton, nearly all Kryptonians were born on the Birthing Matrix, the DNA used was carefully selected and modified not only so they’d be more capable in the caste they were supposed to belong but also so they’d get joy from doing it.

Kryptonians didn’t rebel against their imposed roles not because it was forbidden but, because they didn’t want to, they were genetically designed to like their jobs.

Looking at things from a Kryptonian view, Superboy’s birth was perfectly normal and only his accelerated growth was an anomaly. It was not like every Kryptonian pairing loved each other or wanted to be parents after all.

In fact, love between pairings was the exception not the norm and, sometimes, their guild just needed a new member.

So, two thirds of Kara’s mind was screaming at her that her cousin’s actions were wrong and illogical and she should be giving him the beating of his life for abandoning a member of his own race like that. There weren’t a lot of them left after all.

Still, she knew it would do no good right now and, more importantly, Superboy’s situation came first.

Kara would give her cousin the time to think about things in peace.

From the YJ show she knew he’d take a long time to accept the kid but maybe, just maybe, her presence had changed things for the better.

Right now she had a newborn Kryptonian to deal with, even if he wasn’t really a baby and, since her cousin wasn’t gonna be there for the kid, it was her job to take care of him.

Using her X-Ray vision she pierced the layers of earth and stone over the secret base and sighed at the lack of protections it had. She really shouldn’t be able to observe Superboy watching static on a TV from outside the building itself.

Why the hell was the league even still using this place for anything when every two bit villain knew it existed?

Well, it had some defenses and very advanced facilities for something a human build so it was better than any random house, but still.

Dropping fast Kara stepped in the front entrance to Mount Justice and watched as the AI scanned her body before slowly opening the underground entrance, she floated down the mostly empty building while watching some robots doing a few last minute repairs and cleaning.

She followed the calming sound of static towards Superboy’s location. The kid was sitting on a sofa in the mountain’s living room, ignoring the robots working around him and concentrating on the TV.

“Hello there.” Kara called out awkwardly as she dropped back to the ground beside the sofa.

Superboy wasn’t surprised, he had probably heard her breathing or even her beating heart as she approached, he grunted and gave a quickly glance her way, then he jumped three meters into the air and fell back down with his fists lifted.

“Who are you?” he growled, his posture aggressive. “You’re not a member of the Justice League.”

Kara sighed at his aggression and sat down on the sofa, crossing her legs she looked at him without her x-ray vision for the first time.

He did look a lot like Kal-El.

Well, the Young Justice cartoon had established that already but, it was one thing to see it in a cartoon and another to see it in real life with all the small little details.

“You’re right I’m not with the League, I’m here to find out how I’m gonna deal with you.”

Slowly, Superboy lowered his fists, then he crossed his arms over his chest and glared at her, “Where is Superman? I thought he’d be the one to deal with me.”

Was he pouting? Yes, yes he was pouting, cute kid.

“Kal-El is being a little bit stupid right now.” She told him and turned off the TV, she didn’t see the problem revealing his Kryptonian name since he didn’t use it anyway. “I do somewhat understand his point of view, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t stupid.”

“Is that… his name?”

“Right, you don’t even have a name yet, fuck what were they thinking?” She covered her eyes with a hand and sighed again. “Come on kid, let’s talk a little.”

“Stop calling me kid!” he shouted at her and refused to obey, his anger already starting to rise.

Damn, she really didn’t know how to do this.

“Alright… alright, sorry.” Correcting her posture Kara tried to be a little more serious since her approach wasn’t working. “First let me introduce myself, I’m Kara Zor-El, I’m Kal-El’s older cousin.”


“Yeah, interplanetary travel and being frozen kinda inverted that order but, I was definitely born first.” Kara told him with a nod. She looked around all the working robots and the empty space and came to a decision. “Nope, come on we’re leaving.”

“What?” He asked again, still flabbergasted to be meeting a second Kryptonian.

“This place may make for a good base of operations, after putting some better security that is, but it’s definitely not a home. Come on you’re staying with me from now on.”

“The Justice League told me to stay here.” He protested weakly but Kara just got up and started pulling him away from the room.

“The Justice League stashed you here you mean, yeah I’m gonna have to have some words with them too.” She started to walk towards the exit when she remembered the boy couldn’t fly right now, turning around, she went back towards the Zeta-Tube.

She didn’t really like using the things too much, she didn’t have the time to study the network and she wouldn’t put it past The Light to be able to access its records, thankfully Batman had approved of her initial paranoia and gave her a fake name.

Brika was a good name for an average flying brick package wasn’t it?

Kara took the kid back to Fawcett city but, instead of going directly back home, she stopped at an empty restaurant where they could have some privacy without having the kid become too defensive.

They sat at a booth and Kara pulled a device from one of her pockets, throwing it inside the table she activated the sound blocker so nobody could hear their talk, soon a waiter came around and she ordered two plates of Beef Bourguignon.

“Come on, eat up.” She told him as she thought about what to say.

Superboy actually dug into the meal with gusto, it seemed he had inherited her cousin’s like for the meal after all.

“Alright, first we’ll get you a name. Do you want to choose one for yourself or for me to give you one?” Kara asked, “I mean, if you have anything in mind it’ll be great but, it’s not like people usually choose their names so there’s nothing wrong about not knowing.”

Kara had thought long and hard about Superboy’s name, in the end, she decided there was nothing really wrong about Connor or Kon-El and she didn’t need to change it just to be different.

“I, I really don’t know?” He asked in confusion as he looked at his own hands.

“Hey, I just said it’s okay remember, no need be worried.” She calmed him down. “How about this, my cousin is called Kal-El from the house of El, I’ll call you Kon-El since you’re family.”

“I… Kon-El?” the kid said with a little smile on his face. “I’m family?”

Kara knew she was throwing a lot on his plate right now; the kid was barely out of his tank before so he didn’t have much experience, but he did have the knowledge necessary to understand things.

Hopefully getting him in school and interacting with a wide variety of people would help with his emotional development.

Also, no member of the El house would live without a proper education.

“But, I’m a clone…”

“Alright, wanna know a secret? For a Kryptonian, you’re actually more normal than Kal-El.” She let Kol-El digest that as she ordered a serving of ice cream as desert, scoping a spoonful she commented, “Most kryptonians are like you, born from mixing DNA, Kal-El was the odd one, he was actually born the old school way, can you believe that.”

Kara continued to eat her ice cream as Kon-El slowly started to understand the situation he was in.

Truth be told Kara really didn’t want to be involved, Kon-El was created by the Light and chances were high they’d find out about her existence if she got involved but, she just couldn’t leave the kid alone.

She, Kal-El and the boy may have been the last Kryptonians alive today, no way could she let a member of her own race to fend for himself like that.

Well, there was the phantom zone to consider but that was a whole other can of worms.

“I guess this is a lot to take in right? So, what do you want to do?” She finally asked him with a welcoming smile. “I confess I was a little hasty to just take you out of the mountain, if you want I can take you back while you think about things but I’d really like for you to stay with me. I wasn’t there when my cousin needed me but I won’t make the same mistake with you.”

Despite her dislike of the place Kara was willing to recognize Kon-El would probably be safe at the mountain for another few days and her main reason for taking him out of there was to have a frank conversation without Batman, or anyone else, peeking.

“I-I need some time to think.”

“I understand.” She finished her ice cream and laid back against the stuffed chair, “How about this then, let me tell you a little about your family and Kryptonians in general.”

“I’d like that, yes.”

So, she told him about their original planet, about how most Kryptonians were like him, born through a machine in order to fulfill a purpose in their society but they could still grow to like different things, all in order to get him to relax a little and maybe help him find himself sooner instead of being angry because he wasn’t Superman.

She wasn’t even lying, spending a few months or even years training in a different guild was a common form of teenage rebellion on Krypton. It was even beneficial, they’d inevitably discover they liked their original guild more and the experience would make them better when they came of age.

A member of the Science Guild who spent a few years training in the Military Guild would understand their needs better after all and Kryptonians lived long enough for the lost time not to be a problem.

She also told him about the house of El, their story, their customs and their achievements, all in the hopes of catching his attention.

The damn cabal of clowns used telepathy to fill his mind with thoughts of filling Superman’s shoes and fighting for earth like that was all he could do.

Kon-El was created from Lex Luthor and Kal-El, a member of the El house, it was impossible for him to just be an angry musclehead who punched things and she’d make sure of that.

Eventually, she left a much happier and, perhaps, a little less confused with life, Kon-El back into the mountain with a new cell phone with both her and Kori’s number.

She flew away from the mountain for a few minutes before her smile fell off her face.

“UGH! That was a mess! I kept confusing him and barely let him talk.” She lifted both arms up and almost yelled in frustration. “And I didn’t even talk with him about the examinations!”

Kara knew for a fact there were mental commands implanted on the kid and she wasn’t about to let them stay.

Also, she didn’t remember anything being wrong with his biology but Kryptonian DNA was incredibly complicated, she wouldn’t put it past CADMUS to have missed something that’s only gonna show up decades later or, worse, left something on purpose.

She’d have to talk with Kal-El about letting Kon-El into the Fortress but, if he said no for some reason, she’d just have to sneak the boy inside, worst case scenario she’d use her ship’s medical bay, but it wouldn’t come to that.

She had already left a message with the Martian Manhunter asking for a meeting but the male was busy with something at the moment and would get back to her sometime tomorrow, probably his niece arriving into earth.

Now, to deal with the second problem.


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