Chapter 34 – Peter – Laredo City Part I
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“So, basically, you just need to put them in correct positions and they would connect each other, right?”

Several minutes passed, Nsak finished explaining the things about runes armor and Jenny asked. Nsak nodded and Peter asked what he wanna know all these times, “So, where can I get that energy crystals? Are they expensive?”

Jenny said calmly, “Each sphere which Nsak showed you just now costs around 100 gold coins. And there is a thing called energy charger. It is a tier two magic item and that’s going to be probably around 3000 gold coins. With it, you can recharge all types of used energy crystals. These things are not rare and I will take you to the store which sells these things later.”

After appeasing Peter, Jenny looked at Nsak and asked with a clear voice, “So, how much am I paying for them?”

Nsak rubbed his beard and said, “4000 gold coins for each set. No discount but I am giving you enchanted inner clothing.”

Jenny nodded in understanding, opened her bank account with her identity metal card and transferred the money neatly. Nsak also took out another 7 sets of black tight fitting clothes and put them on the table. Since the transaction went well, Peter and his buddies couldn’t wait to take their things into their storage spaces. But they waited for Peter to call their name to pick the things. Of course, Peter took his things first since he was standing in the front.

Peter asked, “Uncle Nsak, I want 1000 rounds of purification bullet and 1000 rounds of magic breaker bullets. Well, one fifth is 20mm and 12.7mm for the rest.”

Nsak silently moved the requested items over and he said, “That would be 1000 gold coins.”

This time, Jenny didn’t pay and Peter paid from his bank account directly although money in his account also came from Jenny.

Since everything went well, the crowd said farewell to Nsak and went out of the store. Nsak sat down again and resumed the movie he was watching before. From time to time, he would pause the movie and took some interesting things down into his notebook by writing and drawing with magic fountain pen. Nsak felt that this era would be very interesting.

At the other side, Jenny took the crowd to a store named ‘Apollo Energy Company’ and bought the things Peter needed. She felt that she should go to Lilac again. At the entrance of the church, Peter, Tina and Jenny were given personal space to chat while the rest decided to go and wait in the pickups.

Without saying anything, Tina pulled Peter’s head over and kissed him for several seconds before letting him go. Seeing this, Jenny also rarely blushed and kissed him. Unlike usual proud woman performance, Jenny looked at Peter with love and reluctant. Tina kicked Peter’s right leg and said, “Try to come back soon. Jenny said we would probably give birth at three or four months later. And also, come back alive.”

Jenny handed a small leather pouch to Peter and said, “I put some potions and that key you want in this. You only need to read instructions and descriptions on the potion bottles to know how to use them and their effects. Take care.”

Peter pulled the two women and gave them a hug. Then, he let them go, took a look at their faces carefully and walked towards his team without saying a word. He felt that he had no word to tell and no word could represent his complicated feelings. As soon as he got into the pickup’s bed, Ronald stepped on the accelerator. The pickup quickly moved out and the one behind it also quickly followed the front pickup. In just a minute, they disappeared from the sight of two women. Tina took back her eyes and looked at Jenny who seemed to be a stone statue still looking at one direction. When Tina held her hand, Jenny immediately recovered and laughed softly. Then, she gently rubbed her stomach and said with a soft smile, “Let’s go. We are living here from now on until that bastard came back.”

Tina laughed and walked back into the church with Jenny. The two women chatted this and that and they chose to forget Peter who just left in their own ways.

In the evening after two days later, two old pickups were driving on the highway leading to Texas. They were still at least 20km away from the state boundary of Texas. There were two people in the cab of leading pickup and five people in the other pickup. Peter, Ben and Ronald were sitting in the pickup bed and chatting with a map and a list. The map is Texas state map and the list paper is full of names on both sides. Normally, they could have entered into Texas state in just a day of driving but they stopped at an uninhabited place in the journey to get familiar with their gears.

Peter said, “I want to take a visit to the graves of my old friends before we started. Don’t worry. I am only visiting at nights so nobody would know that I came back in good shape.”

Ronald joked, “We all developed a lot so even your own mother would not notice you as her son at first sight.”

“Don’t play around. We can’t afford to take risks. At least, I don’t wanna face the chase all the time and I still has a wife and a daughter.”, said Ben as he looked at Ronald with expressionless face. And he asked Peter, “But I have to say that Ronald is right this time. You can just make a quick visit and no one would know it was you who came. Where are your guys sleeping at?”

Peter said while reviewing the list, “One just in Laredo and two in San Antonio. About the other guy, should I say that he is quite, well, lucky or miserable? In short, he became a diamond. Still a beautiful one. His mother made it so her son would accompany her all the time.”

Ben held small coin size wireless mic and said, “Guys, Peter is paying a visit to his old friends.”

Then, he looked at Peter so the latter leaned over his head and said, “Just drive along the No.35 highway and then entered the city from Hillside area to find a bar to eat and drink.”

Mark, who was sitting in the co-pilot seat of the front pickup, reported, “Got it.”. He put back the small coin size wireless mic back into his breast pocket of gray jacket and said to Allen who was driving, “We are going to rest in Laredo. I will tell you when we reached near the access to the frontage road.”

Allen simply made a sound to show that he understood and Mark silently opened the map. He then started to pay attention to the roadside in order to know where they were.

Soon, they arrived to the state boundary and had to wait for the queue at the Toll gate. When they paid the road fare and drove out of the Toll gate, nearly an hour had already passed and the sunlight was already missing from the stage. Without saying a word, already hungry and impatient Allen sped up the pickup and strove to get into the city faster. Hurrying people often make mistakes and the squad of Peter was also no exception. Mark missed. When Allen chose to get into nearby frontage road with the access he saw, they were already at the suburb of the city. They had to drive another ten minutes back to the city until they met a grill house called ‘Whisperers’ on the road and chose to stop by there. Seven hungry men couldn’t wait to have a nice meal and relax a bit. When they entered the store, they amazed the cashier in the counter and other people in the store. After all, the tallest Ronald is already near 195cm and Allen with lowest height is 188cm tall. Moreover, they are all looking very burly and in nice shape. Fortunately, they didn’t have to wait and the things the ordered were delivered by sweet looking young female waiter in just several minutes.