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I was looking at my phone and trying to message my friend to know if he was already inside while waiting in line to enter the convention. I had been to one convention before but this was the first time I was actually doing cosplay so I was very excited.

Truth be told me and my friend had wanted to come as the main character from overlord, I wearing momon’s armor and my friend in his skeleton robes but, as it was my first time, the armor had turned out so shitty I was too ashamed to wear it and my friend had similar trouble so we went with our second option, the fast option.

Cosplaying as Uchiha Shisui was incredibly easy, dark blue clothes a forehead protector some contact lens, sandals, a leather chest protector and a foam sword at my back and I was done, less than 3 days to get it all and extremely convenient since we were out of time, my friend’s costume as Itachi was even easier with the large coat in place of the clothes, the bastard I bet it was cheaper than mine too.

Suddenly I noticed a loud noise coming from above so I looked up and stared directly at a burning piece of debris as it smashed right through my upper body pulverizing my head and chest, sending what remained of my body flying and on fire while leaving a two meters wide hole in the ground and pelting the bystanders with pieces of bone and asphalt.

Floating there above what little remained of my body, a hand, most of a forearm and two legs, I continued to stare stuned “Well… that just happened.” I couldn’t help but say, at least it had been so fast I didn’t even have time to feel pain.

I was floating in the air a little above the crater, my body now transparent and without any strength, stuned I tried to touch one of the pieces of my body only to pass right through it, shit I was a ghost wasn’t I?

Looking at everyone screaming in horror or running away from the scene I felt strangely detached, a fat guy trying to crawl away while screaming like a little bitch, two hot girls wearing Alliance of Legends costumes frozen in shock, a mother cradling a little boy in a darth Vader costume who had been hit by one of my bones… I wondered if anyone was gonna miss me.

Fuck, thinking about my life I never really did anything that I liked, always doing what others expected of me, always woried about how other would think, always trying to apear normal, always too afraid to step up, to do something, shit I had even died a virgin because I was too stupid to ask a girl out.

If I knew it was gonna end so soon I would have done things differently.

A Loud, guttural voice spoke from behind me it’s words echoing in my very soul as it seemed to shake the world around me and I felt pain at my very core, filled with dread I noticed my extremities had started to dissipate in the air, almost unable to stop myself I turned and looked at the…thing that had spoken.

Eyes, eyes and mouths and too many limbs coming out of tentacles made from screaming heads, they were all looking at me, all starring as if I was a particularly interesting insect, then the tentacles shifted revealing what laid inside them and I screamed, I screamed as I tried to claw my eyes out, tried to rip out my own hearth or bash my skull until it caved in but my hands had dissolved and I couldn’t even close my eyes, I screamed until my entire body had dissolved and I didn’t have lungs anymore and then did it some more anyway.

I felt myself snap back into sanity as suddenly as I had died, I didn’t feel my body recovering and couldn’t speak anymore but the last thing I remembered was looking at something, and then darkness “Sorry, sorry, didn’t mean to appear like that but you were kind of a last minute addition and I was getting ready to leave”

Crouching In front of me was a young Steve Buscemi wearing a white shirt and jeans, he poked at me with mild interest and I wondered if this was the devil, I had always thought he would look like Al Pacino.

“I don’t think you’ll wanna see what I really look like again huh?” he commented before lifting me up in his hand and turning what remained of my soul from side to side “Don’t worry it seems you’re still salvageable, a bit more effort than what I was looking for but what can I do”

I didn’t really remember what I had seen but I still shuddered, I did not want to go through that again, what now… do I go to Hell? I doubt I deserve heaven but I don’t think I did anything bad enough to burn for all eternity.

“Well usually I tend to give you guys the illusion of choice, offer to let you go and all that but we all know you’re all gonna take the reincarnation option in the end” the creature shrugged and swiped a strand of hair out of his eye “So let’s see, where can I send you… nope, nope, already did that one… there! There's already a lot of them playing over there, no reason not to do it myself.”

As for skills… yeah you don’t have anywhere near enough good karma for something good, nope no broken system or inspect for you… hmm nope… ha, you’d like that wouldn’t you… snort you really think we don’t know when your kind is trying to game us by exploiting some ‘weak’ skill?”

The… creature continued answering questions before I had ever formulated them leaving me incredibly frustrated and confused as it kept me inside its hand then it focused back on me and sighed heavily

“Fine, I suppose it’s kind of my fault for letting you look where you shouldn’t and I’m not completely opposed to making someone OP every once in a while but you will only get the eyes not the entire body”

‘What?’ I wanted to ask him but the second I tried to speak I felt a wave of pain wash over what remained on my being.

“Tsk, don’t try to speak” the creature chided me while bringing me closer to his face and poking me with a finger “now let me ask you, do you prefer a random rebirth or keeping your current body? Yeah, probably for the best since a medieval society, even one with magic, isn’t the best place to be a baby, or a girl, or the poor, or… well you get it, plus there’s already a neat spawning mechanic over there so I can even save some power when building your body, let me just fix you up a little and… done, well here you go”

Then the bastard squeezed his hand and everything went black.
I Woke up in darkness, held in place by walls around me as if the thing had squeezed me inside a box, testing the limits of my box I felt the wall in front of me give a little so I braced myself against the back of the box and pressed my shoulder against it before pushing as hard as I could.

With the sound of breaking glass the wall shattered and I half fell out of the box into a forest, light coming from the ceiling as if it was illuminated by thousands of lamps, looking around myself I noticed I was a meter from the floor hanging from a dark gash on the wall so I put my arms around the rough stone and pulled myself free falling on all fours on the soft grass.

Taking a few seconds (alright it was quite a few minutes) to freak out I finally managed to gather my wits and take some deep breaths, then I pinched my arm to see if that would wake me up.

It didn’t, I started hyperventilating again.


Patting my clothes to get rid of the dirt and trying to use my hands to comb my short hair back into place I took stock of my situation once more while pretending I hadn’t just had a panic attack, At first I thought I was still wearing my cosplay but, upon closer inspection I noticed my clothes had much better quality, they fit me better and even the leather armor in my chest was much harder and heavier with a layer of metal underneath it for some actual protection.

Grabbing at my back I pulled my foam sword to notice it had now became shining steel with a wicked edge, passing it lightly over my arm actually shaved off my hair better than a razor, using the sword’s side I checked my reflection only to find two red eyes with three tomoe each staring right back at me.

Holy shit I had freaking sharingans!

Channeling power into my eyes happened almost on instinct and I saw the tomoe starting to rotate until they took the form of a pinwheel with a back dot on the center, turning towards a tree I tried to burn it with amaterasu but nothing happened, damn did I have to train it or something? What did that… thing say again? it was answering questions I hadn’t even thought to ask so…

Of course, if I had to ask for one of those overpowered eyes I’d try for the greatest of them all, the one capable of Kotoamatsukami, I had Shisui’s eyes and he never had amaterasu.

Eager to test it out I instead concentrated on the one ability common to all Uchiha, around myself a green flame appeared starting to condense into a single gigantic bone around my body, then the side effects hit me, I felt a terrifying pain, my eyes were killing me, grabbing at my face with both hands I felt them being covered in blood before exhaustion hit me and I passed out.




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