55. Nuclear fallout shelter used as food warehouses
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"By the way, when is the first ritual of your wedding?"

Robin tried to deflect the conversation from the tragic thing he just heard. He needed to make her forget.

"On 14th Feb. You are coming, right?"

"Of course."

Robin replied. He had been away from home for quite some time and it was time to go back. Robin just asked for random things from her before stopping. She could guess what he was doing and she didn't stop. Talking random things sometimes helps a lot.

After the call, Robin said.

"JARVIS, are you able to pinpoint the dealer who gave that kid the drugs?"

"Yes sir, he is a low end dealer of drugs which comes to the state from both inside and outside India."

"Inside India? Does India have those kinds of chemicals to make hard drugs?"

"Yes sir, India is one of the major exporters of medicines so the chemicals are always available. Some of the hard drugs are locally made while others come from outside. In fact, one consignment of drugs came from North Korea itself. The economy of North Korea is hugely supported by drug export."

"Are you serious? What is Sigret doing about it?"

"Sir, she has asked to shut down the plants and factories that create those but she is approaching it in a little slow manner because many innocents are associated with the job. We have already relocated a lot of people and many people aren't liking it. Especially the higher echelon. She is already receiving problems after she asked to stop the work. If this goes on China would soon come to know as it goes to China first and later gets distributed to the world."

"Fuck.. Call Sigret."

After a few seconds the call got connected.

"Sigret, what is your plan in combating the drugs?"

"I will kill them slowly. Give me 6 months. But I will warn you, if we destroy everything there will be retaliation from China. An official one."

"Let it be. I don't care. Let them come. Since they want to play with the lives of innocents, let me see if they have the guts."

"I like the new you, master."

"I haven't become anything new. Will just take care of the guilty and leave it there. Since China is so digitally connected, expose those people responsible for drug making and peddling and make sure the government can't shut it down. Make sure that the public knows about it."

"Robin, if we do this, many top officials would be axed and will create unrest in the government." Sigret said as she could already calculate what would happen when the names would come. Some of the top officials would have to leave the chair and due to this a vacuum of power will be produced and thus creating chaos."

"So you want to take this slow?"

"War on drugs had been going on for decades. I will ask you to have patience while we kill them slowly."

"No need to kill them. Just send them to proper trials and make sure they don't escape. If they do, we will take the butcher knife."

"As you wish my master."

JARVIS then proceeded to tip the police off about the drug dealer who was responsible for the death of the child and made sure that the police would take action. The state where Robin belonged to had a little strict policy on drugs and that included weed too.

Thus when the tip came, the police sprung into action and caught the dealer in a matter of an hour. Apparently he came to know about the death of the child so he ran away in fear he would be caught. But of course, he couldn't run from JARVIS as he gave the location of the man in his exact position.

And in the next 2 days, JARVIS continued to tip the police off about the hard drugs that were rampant in the state and caught many people peddling it. Of course, the government took notice and said that they were caught because the government and police had been working hand in hand and tried to get all the praise from the public with their propaganda.

This didn't matter to Robin as he didn't want any recognition in these kinds of things. He only wanted a better society and was working towards that. Of course, he also knew that this wouldn't be smooth and the ones at the top couldn't be revealed yet. After the brutal killings and running around, he needed to calm down and lay low. Only after the Novus was ready would he launch his all out stealth attack against the major cartels.

So for the next few days, he did nothing other than bring loads of rations which included eggs, wheat, rice, tomatoes, potatoes and all kinds of farm products from random farm games that JARVIS had opened up for him.

He did so after Sigret set apart huge warehouses in major cities in North Korea where Robin would have to visit once a day to restock the supplies for the people. Sigret sent multiple people in order to transport the food to the people living in the countryside and also to the major stores in the city with a negligible price. It was done so that people would never run out of food while the country was lessening the import.

This went on for a month for Robin. It became his regular job to visit the closed huge warehouses which were built as a nuclear shelter by the predecessor on the fear that America would launch nuclear missiles and since he used to travel all over the country he had built such shelters in all the major cities so that he could escape in case of nuclear attack.

But now these were used as warehouses for Robin in order to send the food to every part of the country. And since the products came from the game itself they were of perfect health,  highest quality with all the nutritions. Of course this wasn't all that was going on in the country. In a month or so, the three Ark had established three major cities in two islands and one near the reservoir. These places were producing food products, fishes, various kinds of drinks and even algae products. Oh yes, apparently the game Anno 2070 somehow found ways to eat algae from the sea water which was edible and even could be regularly produced.

This was a whole new thing for Robin but he didn't mind as long as the people of the country were fed. This happened just in the span of one month. The higher echelon who were kind of angry with Kim Jong-un saw a huge change. The people were being fed well, there were different products now in the shops which seemed to be empty before.

North Korea was a communist country at its core and the government owned everything and only the government would decide what the citizens received. The shops were minimal here but this was changing fast. Sigret had asked to install at least one shop in one village and more in the cities and bigger towns. Of course there was a protest from the wealthy sections of the society as that would mean that they would lose control over their own citizens but they stopped talking when the ohm bots, the foot soldiers of the Novus showed up.

The resistance dwindled fast. And even the army generals who were angry at Sigret just shut their mouth. They could see that the Supreme Commander had changed in ways they couldn't imagine and now this guy had come up with robots who could use guns. Some wanted to run and even contact the people outside but Sigret had already stopped all communications and whatever communications went to the outside world came in the form of calls or video calls which both the AI doctored and mimicked the said people.

North Korea didn't have an oil extraction point and whatever came was in the form of crude oil which ran from Dandong, China to Sinuiju. Since Sigret had lessened the food imports to their country, China had ramped up the price of oil that was imported.

The oil was mostly used for public transport and some vehicles that were exclusively used by the wealthy of the society. Fortunately, North Korea had a reserve of oil for 3 months for the country to work upon and this was enough. By three months she was determined to change the whole transport system of the country with the help of people from Anno and Novus.

In one month she had stomped on all dissidents of her chain of command. Most of them were in political prison after that and others who were under major crime like murder and rape, were executed by the firing squad.

Saturday, 11th Feb

After a month of tough running everyday in North Korea, he had finally decided to give himself some rest. He had stocked up food for a week in the warehouses and thus he didn't need to go for the time being. The Ohm bots would take care of the transport.

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