An Almost Bloody Ending
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In front of two giant oak doors stood a man 6ft in standing and wearing a scowl of displeasure. Misao didn't want to deal with today's meeting but what choice did he have? His hazel brown eyes stared at the solid doors as if there were the ones who were making him attend. Releasing a heavy breath slowly he reached forward and grabbed the brass handles and push through. 

"It's a good thing you're my brother if you were anyone else I would cut your left hand off" a cold voice stated. 

Misao turned towards the voice, eyes landing on the slender figure standing at the window. The figure slowly turned facing Misao with a smile and spoke.

 "You never did learn how to knock did you, little brother?" 

Misao knew his older sister spoke with a gentle smile across her ruby painted lips but he also knew that her words held venom. "I apologize, sister, I'll try to remember next time" he spoke as he bowed. 

Yumia allowed a light laugh to escape her while she walked to her seat. The black matt desk clashed with her traditional Kimono but she loved the contemporary feel. "It's fine just behave better when Mr. Revere arrives" she replied back. Yumia took out a file and passed it to her brother. "We have a job tonight" she stated. Misao picked up the file and read its contents.

 "Am I the one to go or are we sending Hito"? He asked. 

"Hito would be better suited for this job, the target is a loud mouth who would no doubt feel comfortable with another loud mouth. You would just scare him". 

Misao clicked his tongue in annoyance to his sister's words. "If he scared so easily he doesn't deserve to be in the Yakuza anyway" he answered back.

 "Not everyone in the Yakuza can have nerves of steel like the great wakagashiri (first lieutenant) of the Hagane no Hana (Steel Flower)". Yumia laughed as she replied to her younger brother. She reached over and grabbed a diamond nail file and began to shape her nails. "Speaking of our dear brother where is Hito"? She asked without taking her eyes off of her task. 

Turning his attention to his now vibrating phone he answered his sister. "Where he always is, chasing after pussy". Misao opened the text on his phone and read it was from Hito. "Speak of the idiot and he shall appear," he said. 

Yumia looked up from her nails and focused on Misao. She raised an eyebrow waiting for him to continue with his cryptic message. 

"Hito said that he's going to be a little late because Ryozo is finishing up some business". 

It was Yumia's turn to click her tongue, her eyes turned cold as her lips returned back to its smile.  "You tell that little brat that if he isn't here in 10 mins I will disembowel him in front of Ryozo". 

Misao was annoyed with this whole process so he texted back the response. Immediately a reply could be heard signaled by a ding. Reading out loud Misao answered, "He said that Ryozo is a sick fuck so he'd probably enjoy that but him not so much."

Yumia curled her painted lips into a vicious smile and slammed her nail file onto the table. "That's it I'm removing all of his fingers and feeding them to our dogs" she ranted before regaining her composer. She released a calming slow breath and retrieving her nail file going back to her-self manicure. 

Nine minutes had passed and Misao was getting even more annoyed with the situation. His brother had one minute to go before their sister would send an assassin after him and it would probably be him. Just as Misao was about to convey his disdain for being here when he had better things to do the door opens. In walked an older man with grey hair the two had been waiting for. Mr. Revere was an old friend of the family, he did business with the Oyabun (father) of the Hagane no Hana (Steel Flower).

 "I'm sorry my dear but there was no one outside to announce my arrival," he says as he enters the room. 

Yumia slowly stood up with Misao a second behind. "Mr. Revere please understand just because you do not see them doesn't mean they are not there" she spoke slowly and with her signature deadly smile. 

The older man chuckled slightly and replied: "Just what I would expect from the new Onna-Oyabun (mother), the daughter takes after her father". 

Misao clutched his hands tightly into fists after hearing the man's words. Yumia saw this action out of the corner of her eyes and suddenly cleared her throat. Misao allowed that small distraction to bring his attention back to the present. 

"Mr. Revere my father sends his regards and regrets not being able to visit with you while you are here" the Onna-Oyabun spoke with kindness. The older man snuffed at her words and continued to walk over to the black leather seat station in front of her desk and sat. Misao's eyes followed the man until he was seated not wanting to underestimate him. 

"I see we have little Miso here with us today but where is Hito?" the older man asked. Misao rolled his eyes at the obvious jab at his name, his nickname was Miso like the soup but no one was allowed to use it but family and this man was NOT family. 

"My brother's names are Misao and Marihito Mr. Revere please reframe from addressing them any other way". Yumia spoke matter of fact with no room for discussion. The Onna-Oyabun was very particular about her brothers no one disrespected them even if it was meant to be undetectable. 

"Yes, I am sorry I meant no disrespect please forgive me" Mr. Revere stated as he shifted in his seat. 

"Now let's address why you have come to visit us shall we," Yumia said with another smile plastered to her face. 

Mr. Revere leaned forward and opened his mouth "I have been seeing more and more of the Chi no ame (Blood of Rain) family moving into my territory and I find this unacceptable. I thought your father had them under control". The man screamed as he slammed his fist on her desk. 

Yumia felt her blood began to boil so she slowly stood up to still that burn. She walked around her desk making her way to the black leather couch along the back wall. She sat quietly as the eyes of the room turned and fell on her. She reached her slender arm out revealing a sun kissed complexion while grabbing the teapot. She poured herself a cup of fragrant green tea. All the while never speaking a word. She cupped the hot liquid and slowly began to sip. She then brought it down and sat it of the steel table at her feet. The Onna-Oyabun drew in a breath and began to speak. 

"Mr. Revere when you speak to me you will do so in a respectful manner as you have done with my father. Please do not let the unimportant fact that I am indeed a woman distort your understanding of how we do things in this family. You are a guest in this home and a head of a LOWER family in the Yakuza. I would have no qualms in taking that insignificant position from you and your family".  Yumia's eyes were glaring deadly at the man who was now quaking in his seat. 

He cleared his throat loudly and again addressed the Onna-Oyabun. "Ahh please forgive me once again, I have forgotten my place". He folded his hands in his lap trying to calm his nerves. 

Misao smiled smugly to himself hearing just how well his sister put the horrible man in his place. Misao would have gutted him by now but the last time something like this happened his sister made him clean up the mess. He was not going through that again. 

A clanking sound brought his vision back towards his sister as she began to speak again. 

"I will indeed speak with Arima Hiroshige about his blatant disregard of our territory agreements but, not until I deem the time right". 

Mr. Revere snarled slightly turning in his seat to stand. "I shall leave it to you then" he answered. Without saying another word he left the siblings in silence. 

"I wanted to show him just how red his blood actually was" Misao uttered in the quietness. 

His sister laughed lowly and continued to drink her tea. She pulled out her phone and called a number. While waiting on the receiver to answer she replied to her brother "Last time that happened we had to replace the carpet and I rather like this one don't you?"