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Yumia was now alone sitting at her desk. A knock suddenly drew her attention towards the double oak doors. The doors slowly creaked open revealing a very beautiful woman. Standing there Yumia could admire her black waist length hair that mirrored her onyx eyes and settles on her cherry stained lips. The woman timidly walked in making her way to Yumia's side. Yumia reached her arms out and grabbed the woman's waist. She pulled her on to her lap, pressing the woman's chest to her own.

 "Finally, someone who knows how to knock" Yumia whispered into the woman's ear. She gently rubbed her back in a comfortable moment of silence. 

"I was waiting for you out in the garden but you never showed" the beautiful woman broke the silence. 

Yumia leaned back slightly looking her in the eyes. "I'm sorry Kiyoshi my dear, but I had to finish the meeting with Mr. Revere. 

Kiyoshi smiled brightly nodded in understanding. She climbed off of the Onna-Oyabun's lap and held out her hand. "Then let's go now" she spoke. 

Yumia chuckled lightly standing as well. Taking the others hand she leaned in and placed a gentle kiss to Kiyoshi's lips. Out of shock, the woman gasped placing her hand to her mouth. A blush soon took residence upon her cheeks as she averted her eyes from her love. "Lead the way" Yumia gave as her answer. 

As the two left the office they crossed paths with Misao. "Are you cutting out on your duties Onna-Oyabun?" he asked his sister. 

Yumia turned to face her brother smiling her deadly sweet smile. "What I do on my personal time is none of your business" she spoke. "Plus shouldn't you be out stalking your new prey?" She continued. Kiyoshi grabbed the others hand whispering sweet words to calm her love. She managed to pull her away disappearing with her into the garden. Misao smirked to himself before he turned to leave.

For the last two months, Misao has been visiting this quiet and small bookstore. It was one that was a part of a trio he's become familiar with. On one end was the bookstore, next to it was a café and next to that was a record store. He thought that it was odd for the bookstore to be around a record store but it didn't seem to disturb their business. Currently, he was sitting in the fiction section pretending to read an American classic. Misao was really as his sister so eloquently put it "stalking his new prey". With his eyes hidden behind the book, he would take a moment to view the boy who was trudging around the dusty bookshelves organizing them. 

"Excuse me, would it be ok if I sat here?" A voice broke Misao from his viewing pleasure. 

He turned his eyes in the direction the question came from. Eyeing the girl standing before him showing a beautiful smile, he nodded with his stoic expression. She smiled even brighter and began to sit as well. When she turned to begin a conversation with Misao to her astonishment he was gone. 

Misao moved to another part of the bookstore that also gave him the best vantage point to view the boy. Before he could resume his "Reading" his phone vibrated in his pocket. Retrieving the device he answered: "What do you want?" in an annoyed tone. 

 " I love you too brother Miso" the voice replied. "Hito I'm not in the mood for your shit, just tell me what the hell you want," Misao said in frustration. 

Hito released a throaty laugh before he answered: "I just wanted to know if you had the targets house plans?" 

Misao rolled his eyes mentally cursing his brother. "I'll send them to you, now hang the fuck up" Misao gritted out before dropping the call. He quickly texted one of his shatei (little brothers) to take the plans to Hito. 

While pressing the send button he was suddenly interrupted by two small feet padding their way towards him. He raised his head to find the boy he's been stalking standing in front of him. With his brown hair cut at the nape and his light blue eyes darting from side to side he was gorgeous. Misao watched as the boy's pink lips parted.

 "I'm sorry, but could you take your phone calls outside, please. You can come back in when you're done, I-I-I mean if that's what you wanted to do. I'm not trying to tell you what to do or anything... I mean I guess I am..." The boy rambled, stopping himself with a hand across his lips. 

Realizing he was now the one being a disturbance. The cute boy slowly removed his hand replacing it with a blush as he locked his fingers in front of him. In a more hushed tone, he stated: "I apologize for that, I just... you're so pretty". 

Misao smirked at the cuteness of the boy as he crossed his long legs. He draped his suit-clad arms against the back of the chair before he spoke. "The word is handsome...I'm handsome. You would be the pretty one." Replacing the smirk quickly.

 "I'm not pretty," the boy said shyly before nibbling on his bottom lip. 

Misao's eyes darted to the boy's lips catching site of the action. He narrowed his hazel orbs trying to calm himself. As the lust filled thought melted away he brought his eyes back to the boys. "Kinnojo would you like to have dinner with me?" he asked. 

Kinnojo's eyes went wide in shock before he spoke. "How do you...How do you know my name?" he asked. 

Misao leaned forward placing his hand on his broad thighs, pushing himself out of his seat. He placed his hands into his suit pockets and making his way in front of Kinnojo. Towering over the boy, he raised his index finger and pointed to his chest. "Your nametag gave you away" he answered. 

Kinnojo blushed looking down at the tag that had his name etched in its metal. Misao saw the blush and decided to continue with his teasing. He slowly began to drag his finger down the nametag to his chest. Gently he brushed against his nipple causing the boy to moan lightly. Misao kept his eyes on Kinnojo's face, watching him intently. 

"I'll pick you up at 7," Misao said with a smile. He turned away replacing the smile with his cold look as he walked out of the bookstore. Reaching his car a younger boy raced to his side and opened the door. "Take me to see Hito," he said while sliding into the back seat.