In One Night
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Kiyoshi stood in the middle of the vacant warehouse. She held the phone to her ear listening to the caller speak. Hearing the echoes of shoes click against the cement floor she turns. Pitch black orbs meet her father's own. A sinister smirk graced her lips. " Now that Yumia is gone the real fun can begin," she spoke into the phone before ending the call. 

"If I didn't know any better I would say there was a hint of excitement in your voice." Hiroshige stood across from his daughter returning the deadly smirk. 

Walking past her father just before reaching the door she answered: "Who wouldn't be excited about a party now I just to decide on what to wear." She said laughing loudly as she continued on her way. 


The music was thumping its way through the walls of Misao's office. He, Ryozo and Hito sat in the office discussing random thing's as they waited for their contact. 

Suddenly the door was opened causing the trio's conversation to be drowned out. Three sets of eyes followed the man as he walked through the office and took a seat across from Misao.

"I'm really beginning to see why Yumia was always threatening our lives," Misao said as his eyes stayed trained on the man before him. 

The man wore a blank expression as he gazed at the Oyabun. Crossing his arms in front of him he spoke: "I could've kept my ass at home then"

Ryozo and Hito both raised up and walked quickly to stand behind the man. "Watch your fucking mouth or I'll cut out your tongue you damned hikikomori" Ryozo yelled at the man. 

Misao held up his hand stopping them in their tracks. He slowly dropped his hand onto the table tilting his head to the side. 

"Your predecessor learned the hard way that disappointing me was not a good idea," he said with a calm face. Straightening his head his burning gaze made the man uncomfortable. Dragging his eyes to Hito he motioned for him to hand the man a document.

"Find out everything you can about the Arima Corp. From their monetary value to their assets, recent and long-standing contracts as well as their silent and not so silent partners....I WANT EVERYTHING" Misao demanded of the man before him.

Looking at the document the man saw that there was quite a bit of information already but he knew that with his skills he could delve deeper. He stalled for a minute at one particular piece of information. Without looking away from the papers he spoke: "With this type of ammunition a person could destroy another's entire generation." Closing the folder he the raised his eyes to stare directly at the Oyabun. "Is that what you're after?"

Hito walked a little closer to the man draping his arm over his shoulder. Leaning in close to his ear he whispered with a smile: "None of that is your concern now is it Xero?"

Xero turned his head towards Hito staring him down. Shaking his head he turned back towards Misao. As Hito was removing himself from the man Xero spoke. "As long as you take care of my mother's problem this is a small matter." He then stood up preparing to leave. His hand was on the doorknob turning the hardware.

"Your mother no longer has to be afraid everything will be taken care of" 

As he opened the door he was met with two blue eyes staring back at him. The lights of the nightclub made them seem like two reflective pools shining in the moonlit night. Kinnojo smiled at Xero stumbling back a little.

"Oh, I'm sorry I didn't know anyone was coming out" Kinnojo laughed slightly apologizing. 

Caught in a daze Xero didn't reply. He was brought out of his stupor by the booming voice of Misao. In embarrassment, the startled hacker jetted out of the room. Weaving his way through the tangled bodies on the dance floor.

"Kitten are you ready to go?" The tall man asked standing in front of the boy fastening his trench coat. 

Kinnojo nodded his head as Misao walked up to him wrapping his arm around his waist. The Oyabun gave his goodbyes to Hito and Ryozo as they exited Club Indigo. Guiding Kinnojo to his car he opened the door for him. 

Getting in himself starting the ignition he heard a simple question from his kitten.

"Who was that?"

"Someone that's going to help us put an end to all of this"


Ryozo finished talking to the floor manager and the bartender reminding them of their duties. He grabbed his coat and met Hito outside. As they walked Hito slid his hand into the others intertwining their fingers. Receiving heat from the other on the Autumn night he squeezed tighter. The silence between them was held while the sounds of city life charmed them. 

Feeling the anxiety roll off of his love Ryozo spoke: "Don't worry love it will all be over soon"