A New Life
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For the last week, Misao has been bogged down with the family business. Keeping the 7 families of the Yakuza contained has been very stressful for the newly appointed Oyabun. He's also has a hard time stealing time away to see his Kitten. Today he was pushing all business off on his brother Hito and Ryozo. 

Misao sat in his car parked in front of Kinnojo's apartment. He really hates that his kitten lives in this neighborhood but the little minx refuses to move in with him. Picking up his phone he dialed Kinnojo's number.

"I'll be at your door in 30 seconds," he says as soon as the line picks up. Ending the call before a reply could be returned he smiled to himself. 

True to his word he was standing in front of Kinnojo's door 30 seconds later. Raising his hand Misao's balled fist to knock on the door in a rapid fashion. A sudden crash was heard before the door was opened. 

"Is everything ok Kitten?" Misao laughed as he asked the younger.

Rubbing his arm Kinnojo sheepishly laughed. "Everything's fine.... my feet just refuse to work right" he mumbled the last part. 

Smiling at the cute boy in front of him his eyes catch a glimpse of something in the corner. Returning his gaze he see's blue eyes staring back at him. Kinnojo grabbed his hand and pulled him inside. As they passed the front hall Misao's takes in the different canvases of art. 

Making their way into the living room they sit on the couch. "I'm not very knowledgeable about art but I do recognize a Van Gough when I see one," Misao said motioning towards the front hall.

"These are just reproductions, I could never afford the real ones" Kinnojo replied with a slight blush. 

Misao pulled his kitten closer sitting him on his lap. He wrapped his arms around his waist laying him against his chest. Misao sat his chin on the top of Kinnojo's ahead and spoke: "When this is all over I'm leaving the family." He began running his fingers along his lover's spine as he continues. "I want to start a life with you away from here...Paris...we can live in Paris."

In shock, Kinnojo's head raises, his questioning eyes meeting with the others. His blue orbs watched intently to find a hint of lies in his words. Finding no deception only truth he bit his lower lip. His head dropped slightly as he began to play with his fingers.

" You..Y-you want to go away with me to start a new life?" he mumbled lightly just enough for Misao to hear. His thoughts was swirling in many directions. Something like this has never happened before. "You can't do that you have a life here; with Hito and Hagane no Hana ( Steel Flower)." Feeling a light squeeze his eyes shifted again.

Misao took one of his hands and placed it on Kinnojo's cheek. "You are my life now." Gently rubbing his thumb against the warm cheekbone he spoke again: "Yes I will always have my family but I want out of the Yakuza."

Kinnojo's eyes went wide. He anxiously licked his lips he eyes darted around the room avoiding the eyes of the other. "That's not possible and you know it...no on leaves the Yakuza!"

Misao's lips formed a tight line his eyes showing worry. Leaning in he placed a kiss on the younger one's nose. Erasing the worry he smiled slightly staring into his eyes.

"I'm different from everyone else Kitten." he spoke trying to convince the other of this words.

Suddenly Kinnojo pushed himself from the lap of Misao. Standing in frustration he began to yell.

"No, you're wrong!! No one ever leaves!!" he started pacing back and forth huffing in anger. "You're apart of the family until you die! They either kill you or you die!" He stood in front of Misao and screamed. "My father knew that all too well," he said as he fell to his knees crying.

Misao knew about the connection Kinnojo's dad had to the Yakuza but never brought it up. He wanted him to feel comfortable enough to tell him on his own. 

"I knew who my dad was and what my dad did I never fooled myself" he quieted down and began to speak. "But he always took care of me and loved me." Wiping his tears from his eyes he paused for a minute. "One day he came to me and said that we were leaving. I begged him to tell me why but all he said was because he disobeyed an order." Wrapping his arms around his waist as if shielding himself from the cold he spoke again. "Even at my young age, I understand that no one left this life." 

Misao crouched down pulling Kinnojo into a tight hug. Placing small kisses on the younger one's temples. Hoping to give him more strength to continue. 

"We didn't make it very far they killed him as he stepped out of the car." his tears began to fall again. "I watched as his body fell in front of my eyes." Pushing away from Misao again. "So you see NO ONE NOT EVEN THE OYABUN CAN LEAVE THE YAKUZA!!"

Silence enveloped the room as the two stared at each other. Kinnojo's blue eyes glistening with tears of anguish as Misao's showed worry. Not wanting to see those worried eyes anymore Kinnojo stood and walked to the kitchen. He grabbed a glass pouring himself some water. 

"When I learned you were a major part of the Yakuza a war started in my heart," he whispered just enough for the other to hear. He took a sip of water placing the glass on the counter. Turning to face the other: "I should hate you, the Yakuza and everything you stand for!" he screamed. "But I don't because by then it was already too late I was in love with you." he sighed heavily resting against the counter. "As I said before I never fooled myself on who and what my father was...I just wish he wasn't" he said closing his eyes. "So if you can leave this life completely and I'll go with you."

Kinnojo felt warmth encase him as Misao stood behind him wrapping his arms around his waist. The older man placed a kiss on the others cheek, nuzzling into his hair.

"Thank you for believing and loving me enough to do this"