Brick by Brick
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A week later

Xero clicked away on his keyboard. He reached over grabbing his full cup of cola. Taking a giant gulp of the beverage his eyes grew wide. He sat his cup down and immediately dialed a number. 

"I found it!!" he excitedly screamed into the receiver. Waiting for the other to reply he took another sip of his cola. Hearing what the other said he stuttered out: "L-leaving my house was a one-time thing!!!" Turning himself around in his computer chair he faced the window and stared outside. "In case you never got the memo Oyabun outside is trying to kill us and I won't just offer myself up to be slaughtered" he made a disgusted face as he spoke. Hearing Misao agree to come to him instead he thanks the man and ends the call. Xero leaned back in his chair taking another giant gulp of the chilled beverage smiling to himself smugly.

An hour later

A knock on the hackers door brings him away from his computer screen. He opens the door to be met with those crystal blue eyes that put him in a stupor a week before. His head dipped forward to hide his gaze. 

"Thanks for coming to me Oyabun," he said in an almost quiet tone. 

Stepping aside he let the two enter his room. He walked quickly to his chair and sat down with a loud "plop". Reaching for a bag of chips he stuffed a few of them into his mouth and chewed feverishly.

"It seems as if I didn't have a choice Xero" Misao answered back. Seeing that Xero kept darting his eyes away from him trying to avoid Kinnojo's stare he introduced the two. "This is my little kitten Kinnojo," he said pulling the boy into a tight hug. "And Kitten this is Xero the one I said whose going to help us" he finished while motioning towards the hacker.

"If you release me then I can greet him properly," Kinnojo mumbled into Misao chest while trying to get out of his grasp. 

Misao relaxed his hold on the boy allowing him to turn to face Xero. Walking a little closer to the hacker Kinnojo smiled brightly. He crouched down just enough to catch the others downward eyes.

"It's nice to meet you Xero," Kinnojo said in a cheerful tone. He watched as the eyes of the other finally raised to meet his own. "There they are, those beautiful brown aggies" He smiled to Xero and said. 

Xero smiled shyly and whispered a slight "Thank you." His face heated at the compliment. He suddenly cleared his throat trying to hide his embarrassment. "I-I have what you asked for Oyabun" he spoke.

Misao walked over standing Kinnojo up pulling him close to him. He walked them both over to the little sitting area in the hacker's room. Sitting them both down he took a look around the room.

"Good cause I almost buried you alive for flirting with my kitten," Misao said as his hazel eyes traveled towards the hacker. His gaze made the other feel as his entire being was on fire.

Stuttering out an answer as his fingers stopped in motion. "I-I would never Oyabun."

"Don't pay any attention to him he was only playing he knows we weren't flirting" Kinnojo said with a pout turning to punch Misao lightly in the chest. 

Leaning over and placing a kiss on Kinnojo's temple Misao asked. "Who said that I was playing?" He leaned back and gave the younger a meaningful look.

Turning to face the now terrified Xero he spoke: "So impress me"

A few clicks could be heard in the dead silent room. Clearing his throat once again Xero began. "You were right Yoshi did a horrible job. The information he supplied you with was only half of the story." He turned his chair to face the two grabbing a thick folder handing it to Misao. "Arima Hiroshige has been a very busy man. We know his fortune comes from family money. But no one ever knew how the family money came about. Coincidentally its how the feud between the Musashi and Arima families began."

"And you managed to find the connection?" Misao asked as his eyes read over the information in the folder. 

"I did; it was easy for someone like me but let's skip that." He laughed slightly. "In the Harima Providence around the late 1500's, an ancestor of yours by the name of Musashi Miyamoto was a very skilled swordsman who at the age of 13 had defeated and killed one of the greatest swordsmen of that time in Japan by the name of Arima Kihei." He took a gulp of his cola before starting again. "Arima had a younger brother that saw the fight and pledged then and there that he would destroy the Musashi bloodline for generations to come."

Kinnojo's eyes grew wide in the realization. He turned his gaze towards Misao and whispered: "Arima"

"Umm...yeah that's right Arima Kobo was his name," he said quietly. "From there Musashi started the Hagane no Hana (Steel Flower) and Arima started the Chi no ame (Blood of Rain) families. Due to his strength the Chi no ame family was  brought under the rule of Musashi along with other families and became the Yakuza." Xero turned back towards his computer clicking a few keys before pointing at his screen. "That's where both the money and the feud began."

Misao stood quickly walking over to the computer. He bent slightly to get a better view. "So these are Arima Hiroshige's financial records?" he asked the hacker. Receiving a nod from the other he continued. "How far back did you go?" 

"I went back 20 years and I found some interesting things" he pointed to the screen again. "20 years ago Arima became the head of the family and decided that things needed to change. He invested in overseas companies but the ones we should really pay attention to are the ones in America."

Kinnojo stood as well and walked over to Misao's side. "Why are these companies so important?" he asked.

"Well because they don't exist; they're shell companies." Clicking a few more keys he points at the screen again. "He opened 4 companies that don't exist and buried them under multiple layers of names. Their true purpose is to help him to launder money." Pulling up more bank records he continued. "He's stealing from his own family and funneling the money to a bank account in Caicos cause their banking laws are so lax." 

"No one in their family has picked up on this at all?" Misao asked as he walked towards the window. He stood there staring out the glass waiting for Xero to reply.

"It wasn't found out until recently. Apparently, I wasn't the only one looking into his finances, it seems as if his daughter has too."

Silence enveloped the room as the wheels in Misao's brain turned. Speaking without shifting his gaze: "Can you hack into the company he registered his corporations with and change the names of the two companies bringing in the most money?" He turned from the window to face to two. "Don't change them completely just enough that if you gazed at the name it looks the same."

Tilting his head a little Xero answered: "Of course I can but the physical copies will remain the same"

"Don't worry about that I'll take care of that...once that's done set up an LLC with the same name and open an account in Caicos as well." Walking up and grabbing Kinnojo's hand and the folder as he finished. "That will give me control of the two major companies and his money...from there we'll tear his house down brick by brick"

Pulling his kitten behind him out of the door Kinnojo turned suddenly with a wave and smile: "It was nice meeting you Xero!!" he yelled disappearing from his sight.

I really hope that long chapter made up for the last couple of short ones. Also, I know nothing about banking in Caicos or money laundering through a company this is purely from my brain of ?'s ? so excuse the plot!!! Song is house of cards cause it's what I was listening to while I wrote this plus it's an awesome song!!! Antywho I do wanna say that Musashi Miyamoto was a real swordsman in the 1500's in the Harima providence in Japan. He was the inspiration for this story. But Arima Hiroshige and Arima Kobo aren't real just characters I made up so.....✌?