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Trigger Warning Ahead

If it wasn't for you..You worthless waste of air my brother would be alive.

He lost his life defending this piece of shit

He never wanted you he just took pity on that whore you called your mother

I wish you would've died that day instead

Do us all a flavor and end your pathetic life....

Kinnojo looked down to see the blade his uncle tossed at his feet. Tears flowed silently as he grab the razor. He pressed the cold steal to his damp skin. Adding pressure he drew back. Monstrous laughed echoed throughout the room. His eyes snapped towards his uncle and aunt. Their faces became distorted and ugly as they continued to cackle. The warmth of the blood caught his attention. No longer did he feel like a failure, a piece of shit a waste of air. He felt nothing as he fell into a deep sleep.

"Ahhhh!!!!" Kinnojo screamed jolting out of his sleep. He placed his hand on his chest gently trying to calm down his heart.

The bed dipped some as Misao woke to pull himself up. "What's wrong baby?" He asked wrapping his arms around the boy's waist. Seeing the tension in the body of his love he kissed him gently.

"Everything's fine now it was just a dream" Kinnojo answered with a small smile. Trying not to worry the other he faced him and spoke. "Really everything's fine" forcing a brighter smile. He bent closer sending a quick kiss to the other before turning to leave.

Misao was quicker than his little kitten. He grabbed his by the wrist tugging on him causing him to fall back to the bed. "You don't want to talk about it that's fine but, promise me that you will before it's too late" he said understandingly leaving a soft kiss on Kinnojo's cheek. Walking from the bed he left his kitten lying there lost in his thoughts.


The coffeehouse was miles away from their regular meeting places. The two lovers sat in the far back away from prying eyes. Holding an intimate conversation they looked as if they were the only two people in the world.

"Just fuck and get it over with" Hito announced finishing with a laugh. Suddenly he recoiled holding his arm rubbing the pain away. "What was that for?" He asked is with a deadly glare.

Walking past him to take his seat Ryozo replied: "I told you before we left home to behave love." Pulling the pouting younger to sit as well. " Or do you need a reminder of last nights lesson." He whispered into his ear.

Hito's cheeks flushed bright red coughing uncomfortably shifting in his seat. Hearing a stifled laugh coming from the boy across from him he pointed towards him. "Don't act all innocent Kino I heard about your punishment as well"

Kinnojo's jaw dropped in shock he turned his gaze to Misao. "You told him!!?" He asked sending him a light punch to the shoulder. In anger he turned his body away from Misao crossing his arm over his chest.

Misao narrowed his eyes at his twin brother. He wrapped his arm around Kinnojo pulling him into a hug. "I didn't tell him he found out about the restaurant and the rest you basically just told him" he said as he kissed his temple. 

Kinnojo's eyes went wide staring at Hito: "You tricked me you ass"

"That my dear was psychology" he replied with a smug look.

"Did you get that from one of your manga's Dr.Musashi." Ryozo asked taking a sip of his water sending Kinnojo into a fit of laughter.

"You're taking his side now!?" Hito snapped his head to face Ryozo sending h I'm a glare.

Sucking his teeth at the children before him: "Did you do what I asked?"

"Oh! Of course and we left the documents in the your safe" Hito's bright smile returned answering his brother. "But one thing I don't get is why did you want us to meet all the way out here"

Ryozo grabbed his lovers hand and leaning in to kiss him. As his lips moved lightly against the others he whispered: "Because we're being followed"

Understanding the situation Hito hummed into the kiss. The two finished their show affection slowing breaking away from each other.

Kinnojo shocked Misao by grabbing his face pulling him close to him and placing a kiss to his lips as well. "I want to know the secret as well" he said with a smirk.


"I followed them to a coffeehouse on the outskirts of the Northern district." A voice told Kiyoshi as she watched the entertainment before her. 

"Good continue and call me as soon as something changes" he answered needing the call.

She stood slowly making her way to the bed. She watched lustfully as the two bodies played with each other. "I've grown tired of watching." She told them climbing into bed as well.


"Xero I know you said outside is trying to assassinate you and all but the Oyabun needs you to do something" Hito says into the phone. "Don't worry you have some adorable company and a shit load of bodyguards"