End of an Era
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"What the fuck do you mean my account is empty!" Arima Hiroshige screamed into the phone. He slammed his fist onto the desk as he stood. "I left my entire fortune in your bank; a bank you assured me was secure" he screamed even louder. "I don't want to hear any of your excuses just go home and kiss your family goodbye" he yelled slamming the receiver down.

Arima fell back into his seat releasing a puff of air. "Tien!"He screamed for his aid. The door opened quickly as a tall slender man came rushing in.

"Yes sir."

"Some bastard who no longer wants their life has stolen my money." He responded lighting a cigar. Taking a deep drawl he blew out the smoke. "Find them....NOW"

The aid ran from the office to do as he was told.

Arima reclined back in his chair lost in his thoughts. A few knocks at the door interrupted him. Grunting as his answer; the door pushed open. Kiyoshi walked in taking a seat on her father's desk.

"Why so upset father..I could hear you screaming all the way down the hall" she asked with a little smirk.

"It's nothing that concerns you Kiyoshi" he answered while smoke bled from his lips.

Pouting to herself she jumped off of the desk."Aww that really hurt father and I thought we were close" she hummed reaching for the door. "Well I mean as close as a murdering father and a psycho daughter can be" she laughed as she walked out slamming the door behind her.

In a tea house somewhere

"Make sure that you follow the plan, give him these documents, don't raise any suspicions and get out of there" Shoto said passing the papers over to the man.

"Don't worry baby I got this" The man said standing from his seat. He leaned over placing a quick kiss on Shoto's lips. He grabbed his things and turned to leave.

"Tien!" Shoto called. "Be careful ok" he told him with a worried look on his face.


Tien knocked on the huge doors before letting himself in. "I have what you asked for" he walked over placing the documents down on the desk.

"I don't want to read this shit just tell me what you learned," Arima said pushing the papers away from him with a scowl.

The tall man bowed signaling his acknowledgment. "In short someone changed the name of your American companies just enough where it wasn't noticeable, opened a Caicos account and took ownership of them both. Then they transferred all of your money to that account and withdrew it."

"How could someone do this!?" Arima yelled as he picked up the documents tossing them across the room. Papers flew into the air floating to the ground. "Tell me you found the bastard"

Tien walked over to a corner of the room retrieving a certain document. He handed the paper to his boss. "This is the original document from when you arranged the 4 companies in America; do you recognize the signature?"

Snatching it from the other his eyes focus on the name. "Of course, I do its mine but what the fuck does that tell me?"

"He really is an idiot," Tien says to himself. "Sir the signature may be yours but it is not your writing," he tells the man. "The person who did all of this was pretty good until they made one little mistake." he walked over to the side of the desk and pointed to a number. "The code for the account is an anagram for their name in numbers." He began to write out the numbers turning them into letters.

"That bitch!!" Arima screams slamming his hands on the desk. "I'll kill her." The man raged as he tossed everything off of his desk. Breathing hard he turned to Tien and spoke: "Leave me"

Tien bowed graciously before exiting the room.


The next night

Kiyoshi walked into her father's house where she felt something was off. She clicked on the lights hoping to get a better view of her surroundings. "Father I don't feel like playing hide and seek!" she yelled walking throughout the house. "So whoever I find I will kill" she sang with a laugh. 

Reaching Arima's office Kiyoshi walked in without switching on the lights and sat. "I wonder..I wonder" she whispered to the room.

Out of the corner of her eye, she sees a flash in the shadows. The object flies towards her head. Expertly she dodges the throwing knife by flipping back in the chair. From her own crouching position, she returns her own knife.

"Like father like daughter, I guess" Arima laughs into the darkness. "It's a shame though after I kill you, I will have no one to carry on my bloodline" he tsk's as he comes from the shadows.

"I may be as ruthless as you father but, I'm not as dumb," Kiyoshi told her him as she stood from behind the chair holding a gun. 

Through the opened door she heard footsteps. She turned to the door and opened fire. Running to shield herself from the returning bullets she hid behind the door. Three of her father's bodyguards entered the room hailing the projectiles. The black haired beauty managed to dodge them. Making her way around the room she concealed herself. Standing behind a wall by her father she smiled. 

Without warning, she shot two of the guards. "That's two down; this is fun!!" She laughed cocking her gun. 

Her father jolted towards her in shock and before he could say anything a bullet landed between his eyes. Kiyoshi watched as his body fell to the floor.

"You were cutting it really close there Kagami" she scowled at the last standing bodyguard. Placing her gun back into her leg holster she walked over to the man kissing him roughly. "Now get rid of him, I have a certain Oyabun to play with"