Midnight of Wishes
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"I refuse!!!" Xero screamed loudly desperately holding onto the door. Struggling to keep his body inside he screamed even more. "This is a kidnapping of the elderly unhand me you cur"

The struggling suddenly stopped as his body slacked against the door. 

"What the hell did you just call me?" Hito asked staring at the boy before him. "And whose an elderly person here cause I'm sure it isn't you." He stood there with his hands folding across his chest.

Ryozo's tall figure came and stood next to Hito. He wrapped his arm around the man pulling him close. Patting his back lovingly he answered him.

"I'm pretty sure he called you a cur; which I'll deal with later," he said narrowing his eyes at Xero. "But for now get your old ass in the car before I break your hip" 

Understanding the threat Xero wasted no time running to the car and getting inside. He sat there quietly as he watched the two climb inside as well.

"I'm not sure why it took an actual threat but, I'm sure Kinnojo would be very sad if he knew you didn't want to see him," Hito said teasingly to the frightened boy.

Brown orbs widened at the mention of Kinnojo. He leaned forward placing his arms over the car seats. With shinning eyes he asked: "I'm going to see Kinnojo?"

Ryozo tsked at the sudden change in attitude. He reached his hand back placing his palm flat to the others face. Ryozo pushed the eager boy back.

"A crush on the Oyabun's boyfriend can get you dead real quick," Ryozo said as he started the car.

Xero fell back into his seat with a light blush to his face. Trying his best to hide his embarrassment he fiddled with his seat belt. 

Coughing to hide his shame, even more, Xero soon spoke."It's not a crush I just think he's really cute and cool"

Hito broke out into a loud chuckle. "That sounds like a crush to me"

"No one asked you I was responding to your very heavy-handed boyfriend" The small boy in the backseat replied while rubbing his sore nose.

Waving off the protest of the other Hito answered: Well I speak for the both of us so"

"When did you suddenly become my mouthpiece?" Ryozo asked stealing a glance at the other. He returned his eyes back to the road hearing the silence from his boyfriend. 

"Ummm back to the point" Hito adjusted his seat belt to face the back seat. "Remember when I said the Oyabun wanted a favor from you?" he smiled brightly at the confused boy.

Nodding slowly with narrowed eyes. Xero felt as if he was doused with ice cold water. 

"Don't look at me like that its something simple." Hito waved the other off again. "Just spend the day with Kinnojo; have some fun" he turned back around in his seat. Reaching over to grab Ryozo's hand. "Plus you'll have two handsome bodyguards with you"


 The Kyo No Tanabata lantern festival was something that Kinnojo really wanted to see. So when Misao suggested that they go he couldn't contain his happiness. As they parked the car the excited boy quickly unfastened his seat belt. Reaching for the door he was stopped.

"Kitten don't get out just yet," Misao told him while turning off the engine. "I know you're excited but, I need you to pay attention to me" He stretched his toned arm placing his hand on the back of Kinnojo's neck. Drawing their faces close Misao stared into crystal blue eyes. With a serious deep tone, he spoke: "Do not leave my side for even a minute....do you understand Kitten?" 

Leaning in closer their lips touched lightly. "Yes Daddy, I understand" Kinnojo agreed with eagerness. 

The two got out of the car holding hands as they entered the festival.

The festival celebrates the story of the star-crossed lovers  Orihime and Hikoboshi meeting once a year. Kinnojo was overjoyed to attend this event. Dressed in traditional yukata garments they set off to enjoy the lights.

"Quit pulling me you overgrown man-child!!!" 

"Would you rather I push you instead?"

Kinnojo turned his gaze from the beautiful lights to the loud yells. His eyes met with three familiar faces. Two arguing with each other while the other pretends as if he doesn't know them.

"I asked Hito and Ryozo to join us and to bring Xero as well," Misao told the shocked boy next to him.

Ryozo notices the Oyabun with Kinnojo. Leaving the bickering fools behind he walked over to them quickly. 

"Well don't you two look cute," Ryozo said with a smirk.

"Fuck that's cute!! Having couples yukatas and everything!" Hito said with a laugh. Becoming serious he turned towards Ryozo and with a pout asked: "Why didn't we dress all cutesy like a couple?"

Sighing heavily Ryozo leaned over kissing the pouty lips. "You would trip and fall since you're not used to it because you're clumsy" 

The remaining three broke out into warm laughter. Feeling slightly offended Hito scowled. 

"Fuck you..fuck all of you" He pointed to the group. Throwing his hands in the air he stormed off.

Ryozo watched as his boyfriends figure disappeared into the crowd. Rolling his eyes he told the three: "Let me go get him before he sets fire to everything here."

Xero watched and laughed as the couple left. He was shocked when he felt his body enveloped in warmth. Turning His head his eyes landed on a small body. He found blue eyes staring back at his shinning in delight.

"I'm really glad you could make it" Kinnojo smiled sweetly at Xero. Releasing himself from the hug Kinnojo was snatched away from the other by Misao.

"Mine" he growled lowly through clenched teeth. Hugging the younger to him he stared down Xero with intensity. 

Flinching in fear Xero shrank away.

Kinnojo huffed in annoyance trying to free himself from the tight grasp. When he was able to pull away he gave him a small pout. He raised to the tip of his toes placing a small kiss to Misao's jaw.

"I'm yours Daddy" Kinnojo whispered against the warm skin. He grabbed his boyfriend's hand and held it right. 

Facing the scared hacker Kinnojo showed him another bright smile. "He's just a little on edge right now its ok. How about we go enjoy this festival huh?"


Walking passed many different exhibits Kinnojo's eyes shone in wonderment. At the Hori River the three strolled through the Milky Way tunnel. The tunnel was lined with bamboo branches covered with fairy lights. Misao and Kinnojo snuggled close as they stared at the lit "Kyo-Yuzen" kimonos floating in the Hori River. 

"This is so beautiful I'm really glad we came" Kinnojo whispered. 

As they continued through the festival they passed by a popular food stall. 

"Hey Xero lets get some Yakisoba" Kinnojo said pointing towards the delicious food. He let go of Misao's hand and ran towards the stall. Xero followed the other while smiling. 

Misao saw the happiness of his kitten and couldn't help but smile too. He shook his head at them and followed. Waiting for them to order their food, he ordered as well. After paying for the delights they wandered around the festival grounds eating and exchanging small talk. 

"I accept your apology but only if you get me some Taiyaki" 

Misao knew that voice and stopped at the certain food stall. Kinnojo and Xero followed suite only to be met with Hito stuffing his face with the sweet treat.

"So you've been here the whole time" Xero asked the two.

Ryozo leaned against a tall lighted bamboo tree with his arms crossed. "A grown man throwing a temper tantrum until he got food" he shook his head in disbelief.

"Grown or not You hurt my feelings and I deserve something sweet" Hito replied taking a bite of his treat.

Misao shook his head while whispering "childish"

"Now that we're all together again let's go make some wishes!!!" Kinnojo announces pointing to the wish site.


I wish for Misao to be safe and healthy and always in my heart -Kinnojo 

I wish to protect my family and one day make Kinnojo my husband -Misao

Wishes are stupid but I guess having friends like this would be nice - Xero

I wish to love Ryozo forever but if anyone ever asks me I'll deny this - 

Hito; that's the wish - Ryozo

The colorful strips of paper hung from different branches of the bamboo trees. Swaying in the gentle breeze the wishes were highlighted by the bright lights.

"Hey look over there the Maiko are dancing!! Let's watch them and have some tea!!" Kinnojo shouted as he grabbed Xero's hand and dashed off.

"Dammit, Kinnojo get back here!!"