A meeting of the Hero vs. the Villian
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The darkness of the room held silence as Kinnojo and Xero stood. Inside the empty room, wrestling with their shackles in a panic. The two sets of cold steel held their wrist captive as their arms dangled from a hook above them. Desperate to free themselves from the constraints they silently prayed.

Kiyoshi was true to her word when she had one of her men prepare them. Kinnojo dangled from the metal hook. His slender arms strained against the weight. The boy hung his head trailing his eyes over the ensemble he wore. A blush inched its way to his cheeks as his eyes landed on the lace panties with matching garter belt and stockings. Feeling a bit embarrassed he pulled his legs close together as much as he could. His attention was soon grabbed by the light sniffles of the other.

"Its ok Xero we'll be ok Miso will save us," Kinnojo promised, turning his head to see the boy. 

Xero rotated his body a little to face the other. His brown orbs filled with tears he spoke: "I'm scared yes, but more so for you than myself" 

Sniffling silently again he continued. "I saw the hatred in her eyes for you and Misao." Hanging his head, in a whisper he uttered. "I've never done the friend thing but you guys feel more like family to me so I can't lose you."

With emotions clogging up his own eyes Kinnojo smiled. "You are our family; our little brother." 

Xero raised his head his teary eyes meeting Kinnojo's and smiled as well. Silence once again came over the room as the two shared a calm moment. Suddenly for Kinnojo, the heat in the room began to rise. His body became flush as the intensity of the warmth enveloped him. The pit of his stomach felt weird as if butterflies were dancing inside. He brought his legs together again to try and still the fluttering. This only made it worse because his body was now sensitive to a simple touch. Even the shackles around his wrist were somewhat arousing. Wiggling himself to find some release he felt the softness of the lace against his skin causing him to moan. Xero hearing the sound snapped his head towards the other. Kinnojo with shame written all over his face furrowed his brows. 

"I...I'm fine" 


Making their way towards the empty warehouse, Hagane no Hana (Steel Flower) placed charges in different places. With Katana's and guns drawn they entered the concrete building. Misao knew this was a trap but it didn't matter to him.  The same could be said for everyone else. All that mattered was saving their own. 

Entering the seemingly empty building they stood in the middle of the room. Like clockwork, the lights were turned on.  Misao's eyes fought against the brightness until they were finally able to focus. 

"Ahh now, this party can begin!!" Kiyoshi shouted at the group as she stood on the metal beam above them. 

In an instant, Misao and his group were surrounded. Kiyoshi pushed a button on the controller she held causing the beam to lower. Reaching the ground she walked over to a makeshift stage. Hitting another button the red velvet curtains parted finally revealing its secrets. With a loud laugh, she pressed another button and colorful balloons were released. As the helium-filled orbs floated to the ground her laughter got louder.

"Surprise!!!" Kiyoshi yelled. "Well, I guess it really isn't a surprise huh? I mean I did tell you that I kidnapped them" she said holding a finger to her chin in contemplation. "Oh well surprise anyway" she laughed wildly.

Misao's eyes landed on the two bodies being held in the cages. His eyes flashed goldenly watching as his kitten writhed in pain. A growl unleashed from him seeing what Kinnojo was now wearing. Turning his gaze towards Xero he saw the boy hang his head in defeat.

"Miso" Kinnojo groaned tiredly.

Kiyoshi saw the change in the Oyabun and smiled at his anger. She giggled lightly and she walked to the cage that held Kinnojo. Gliding he fingers over the steel bars she smiled. 

"When we took these two, oh excuse me. I meant invited them to the party, little Kino here was not dressed appropriately for this bash," she said turning to face Misao. "When I asked my men to help him change into something more....suitable, to my surprise, look what I found" she motioned to Kinnojo.

"You bitch!!" Misao screamed as he started to charge forward. 

"Ah, ah, ah," Kiyoshi said holding a gun to Kinnojo's head. Turning her onyx eyes towards the furious Oyabun she spoke: "Don't do something stupid now" she warned. Opening the cage and walking inside. She stalked around the now fully aroused boy trailing the hun around his body. "I went through all this trouble for you and you're trying to destroy all my efforts already. Such an ungrateful party guest" she tsked. 

Stopping behind Kinnojo she ran her free hand against his body lightly, causing him to moan. 

"Oh my, did you hear that?" she asked. "Once I found this sweet little one in this ensemble I couldn't help myself," she said gleefully. "I had my men feed him a lovely aphrodisiac and it's having a delicious effect on him don't you think?" she asked with a laugh. "After I dispose of you then I'll have my way with him then slit his throat and let the other watch as he bleeds out, then do the same to Xero"

She laughed heartily tapping the barrel of the gun to her chin. " You know I feel like a villain in a superhero movie that stupidly explains his plans". Dropping the gun to her side she pouted. " So does that make you the hero?" she asked.

A loud bang was heard as a clump of flesh hit the floor. Misao stood there with his 45 pointed ahead of him and one of Kiyoshi's men dead at his feet. 

"Now you've done it" Hito yelled in the room

Kiyoshi stared at the scene before her. Her face a mask of shock before turning into a smile. "Definitely worthy of being the Oyabun" she whispered.