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5 Year's later

"Kitten I think having a small parade for the twins is a little much" Misao said to Kinnojo as they stood in their kitchen.

Kinnojo took a sip of his tea and without removing his eyes from his phone he replied: " It's their 3rd birthday and it has to be special." His fingers continued to scroll through his emails. "Plus they're our little babies they deserve it" 

Misao sat his cup down slowly, walked over standing behind his love. Wrapping this arms around the other's waist he intertwined their fingers. His eyes roamed their hands landing on the two black diamond encrusted bands.

With a slight smile, he spoke: "How about this, we rent out the Centre Pompidou and plan a small party there?" Placing a light kiss on the other's cheek he waited for a response.

Kinnojo sighed in content from the slight show of affection. His body relaxing against his husband's hard chest. Leaning his head back his eyes traveled to Misao's. 

"That sounds doable because I don't think I can rent elephants and have them march down the middle of Paris"

"You're capable of doing anything you put your mind to kitten, but I'm glad you changed your plans" Misao laughed brightly then placed a kiss on the other's lips.

Soon, the sound of patters could be heard. The two turned towards the noise to be faced with four small eyes.

Standing before them holding hands were their twins. Little Haruko and Hanako; Haru and Hana for short. 

Smiling to themselves Misao and Kinnojo released each other and walked to the twins. Misao saw that Hana raised her arms to be picked up. He lifted her high receiving a cute giggle in return. 

"Hows my little Hana doing; did you rest well?" He asked petting her head gently.

As an answer, she giggled once more, leaning her head onto his shoulder. Kinnojo grabbed Haru's hand crouching down to his sons level. 

Kissing his little cheek Kinnojo asked: "Did baby Haru sleep well too?"

The adorable three-year-old gave a gummy smile. His little feet carried him quickly to his dad's side.

"Baby sleep daddy," Haru replied in a cute voice.

"Baby no sleep" Hana pouted while answering to her brother's statement.

The two began to argue with each other in their twin language.

Looking at their children and just smiling they were able to settle them down.

Suddenly a knock was heard at the door. The two fathers glanced at each other before staring at the door.

"I'll get it kitten," Misao said as he handed Hana to Kinnojo.

Misao walked over to the front door hearing another knock.

"Open the door this baby carrier is heavy and I'm sure Xero has morning sickness!!!" 

Snatching the door open Misao found Ryozo and Hito with their children. Standing beside them was Xero with his boyfriend. 

"After five years you're still a cretin," Xero said rolling his eyes at Hito.

Walking through the door Hito and Ryozo laughed at the boys remark.

"And you're still an adorable puppy who now has an owner," Hito said sitting the baby carrier on the long couch in the family room.

"I guess you would know about owners huh?" Xero said sarcastically smirking at Ryozo.

"Hey, he liked it so he put a ring on it" Hito replied back with a smirk; lifting his daughter out of the carrier.

"I'm ignoring you and only paying attention to my godson and goddaughter," Xero said as he took them from Hito and Ryozo

Xero and his boyfriend walked away from the couple. They carefully held the three-year-old Tomiko as he giggled and listened as baby Yumia babbled away.

"About time you guys showed up we almost ate lunch without you," Kinnojo said as he walked closer to the group.

"I'm sorry about that, Andrew and I had a little bit of a problem" Xero answered with a light blush.

"Morning sickness, the problem is called morning sickness" Hito chimed in.

Ryozo kissed Hito cheek before he spoke: "It's the afternoon though love"

"Fine then afternoon sickness," Hito said back

"From the advice of a doctor and his boyfriend, I'm very positive he isn't pregnant" Andrew laughed as he replied.

Haru tilted his head and wiggled his little fingers out of Kinnojo's hold and walked over to Xero. The others watched as he held out his small hand and patted the boy's stomach. Lifting his eyes towards his dad he asked.

"Daddy, this baby?"

The room broke out into laughter as Haru stood there in confusion.

"Ok everyone lets eat" Misao announced 


While everyone was having lunch Kinnojo was able to take Xero aside. The two stood next to each other watching the group eat.

"This almost seems unreal" Xero whispered out.

Kinnojo without turning his gaze grabbed the others hand. "After everything that happened who would've thought that we'd all be here together" he spoke.

Xero released a breath followed by a light laugh. Going silent he squeezed Kinnojo's hand offering comfort.

"How're your sessions with Dr.Beck working out?" Kinnojo asked while watching his husband struggle to feed the twins.

Wrapping his other arm around himself in a protective gesture Xero answered. "They've been going really well; Dr. Becks' helping me a lot"

Letting the others hand go Kinnojo pulled him into a tight hug. Patting his back gently a small smile played across Kinnojo's lips. "I knew she would be a good fit for you. After my very first session with her, I just knew". he whispers.

"That's just like my best friend always thinking about me" Xero whispered back.

Moments pass as the two held each other in a loving embrace. They soon felt a tap on their bodies. Looking down at their sides they found three little ones staring back at them.

Haruko stood there holding Hanako's hand while she held Tomiko's. Showing a shining smile at his daddy and his uncle, Haruko raised their little hands and growled. He suddenly turned the other two with him and took off running. The patio was enveloped with the laughter of three little ones.

"Get back here you little Munchkin" Xero yelled as he scooped up Hanako tickling her softly.

"No Untle Xero" Hanako giggled in protest.

The last two munchkins made it to Misao. 

"Papa save Haru" Haruko and Tomiko both laugh as they hid behind the massive man.

Lifting them to his lap he wrapped a protective arm around them both. Kinnojo stopped in front of them and pouted.

"No fair Miso I wanted to tickle them too" 

Tomiko struggled a little but climbed down and waddled over to Kinnojo. The pouting man crouched down to the toddler's eye level. He watched as Tomiko raised his chubby hand and placed it on his face and with a sad tone replied. "Untle don't be sad. You tickle Tomiko too k"

Drawing the adorable toddler into his grasp he hugged him tightly. Raising to his feet he watched as Misao holding their son came to his husband's side. 

"Next week Dad's coming out here and he's bringing Xero's mom as a surprise," Misao said softly starting at his lively family. Placing a kiss on Kinnojo's cheek he wrapped his other arm around the man pulling him close. 

Humming in agreement Kinnojo tilted his head gazing at his husband. With a smile, he kissed his lips softly. "I'm really glad I believed in you"

"Me too Kitten, me too"

"Stop kissing in front of my child and get over here and eat Hito screamed

"Shut the f...."

"Miso!!! Not in front of the kids!!"

"Sorry kitten"

  Well, my lovelies that's the true end of Tamahagne Heart. I really hope you enjoyed this book and my adorable characters. Thank you for going on this journey with us. Also, thank you to the silent readers who gave me support as well. With much much love thank you for your support. Please stay tuned for more of my books in the future and check out some of my ongoing ones as well.