Trapped In Zero-Point Space – 13 – Sex with Aliens, Not Necessary All, But Certainly A Whole Lot Of Them
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Blueneck, was more than willing to repeatedly make it clear his reproductive organs were perfectly operational, however.  And it seemed he had numerous opportunities to get pretty familiar with all sorts of kinds of xeno-reproduction with many physically compatible near-sentient life forms.  Blueneck, after, or maybe before – he offered some references to repeated time displacement experiments, again, either the alien was a compulsive liar, or this completely explained his multiple explanations for everything he told me about his life, or lives – and again after he was involved in several of the green-listed wars against The Morphoid threat, as well as his extensive work in the galactic visiteering industry.

Apparently, According to Blueneck, there was a difference between planetary visitations by advanced and often clinically efficient species and the wider range of species who preferred  Visiteering, but from the way he talked about it, I had difficulty telling the difference from what I knew.

“Don’t*blank**blank*let them*blank**blank**blank*fool you,” he advised me. “There’s*blank*nothing*blank* *blank**blank*pure about those*blank*Visiteering types, they are looking for*blank**blank*one*blank*thing, and*blank*one*blank**blank*thing only.”

Which didn’t bother Blueneck on any level.  He’d gotten involved precisely because of one thing.

I always thought of visiteering as a more kindly version of the wholesale exploitation of various primitive planet-bound species by more advanced space-faring types.  From Blueneck, there seemed to be more a broader but more agenda-based perspective than was typically publicized by the galactic travel industry.  Although to be clear, I was not certain his voice was an objective one.

“*blank**blank**blank*,” he told me. “I was *blank*in it as much as any of those*blank**blank* *blank*s, even went native a few times.  There’s *blank*something about those*blank**blank* primitive drives, I can tell*blank**blank*you.”

It seemed he had gained, over his time visiteering, a significant amount of knowledge in xenosexuality, and all manners of manipulation of species reproduction, having learned or figured out how to physically mate with numerous less developed life forms than himself.  Apparently, in the Visiteering community this was often seen as beneficial to the lesser species, providing much needed more refined genes to promote positive mutation in the indigenous species of the underdeveloped regions of the galaxy, euphemistically entitled ‘uplifting.’

It sounded more like an excuse for certain alien species to have some fun in a particularly xenophiliac sort of way.

“Yeah, uplifting for whom?” I wondered.

Blueneck laughed his synthetic laugh when I offered my thoughts.  In fact it was a while before he could respond coherently, as the physical intensity of his reaction caused his nanotronic voice box to stutter with static.

“*blank*partner, I have to say it was pretty*blank**blank*‘uplifting’ for me,” he finally forced out.

For several shifts after that, he would burst into spontaneous Colophian guffaws.

“*blank**blank* uplifting,” he would tell me when I would finally acknowledge his humor.

Unfortunately, this only encouraged his repeated discussions on the various merits of tentacular species and multi-limbed beings, invertebrate vs. boneless species. The imagery again, gradually leaked through my receiver, compelling me to spend more effort tuning my mind to focus its external stimuli receptor towards the dark space beyond the porthole, undefined as it was, and imagining to myself what was out there. There were other brane puncturing stations and there must be filterers out there too.  I began to wonder if they too were staring out into the blackness, looking for something to keep them from snapping, wondering if they too had to put up with co-workers obsessed over multi-species engagements of the most primal kind.

And this would work for a while, before something the Blueneck said would pull me right back into my body and position.  But it wasn’t all about his xenophilia.  There was another topic in which he had interest.

<<Galactic News Flash: Several poorly developed, at least by galactic standards, worlds are complaining to the galactic charter organization about the influx of aliens arriving on their worlds with the intent to be helpful.  These alleged attempts have already resulted in several worlds becoming wastelands when primitive species take advantage of the more advanced species technologies, not to mention the more advanced species philosophies on the use of such technologies.  The petition has been joined by the low-level consentients of many other worlds are concerned they may share this fate.  Spokes beings for the visiteering industry claim the allegations are overblown, as many of the said worlds were legally considered barely habitable to begin with.>>