Chapter 27 – Just When Things Were Going So Swell
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Chapter Twenty-Seven – Just When Things Were Going So Swell

“Hush, hush,” April urged Jett as his lover’s soft grunts had a tendency of getting louder and louder.

Jett pushed inside him and grabbed hold of his hair; then, he nuzzled April’s ear.

“You’re slobbering all over,” April complained, but in a quiet voice.

“You’re something, dweeb,” Jett whispered in his ear. “The moment you said ‘yes’, you knew I was going to fuck you.”

“With the promise that we would be silent,” April said back. “Jay doesn’t need to hear us rutting like animals.”

“You mean Carina. You had no problem with Jay hearing us before, as I remember.”

April managed with much difficulty to stifle a cry of pleasure of his own.

“See?” Jett teased and bottomed out in April’s ass again, without letting go of him. “You’re one second from making like a cat in heat.”

“I protest against that. I sound nothing like a cat,” April said, preferring to joke and try to take the edge off. Jett really knew what he was doing, pounding his ass slowly, but deep and hard with each thrust.

“No. You sound like you. So give it to me. Let me hear you.”

“No way,” April protested vehemently. “I’ll die of embarrassment in the morning when I see Carina at breakfast.”

“You know, she’s old enough to imagine on her own what we’re doing here.”

“The key word is ‘imagine’. Let’s leave it at that and not fill in the blanks for her. What could she think of me?”

“I think she thinks swell of you. Give her a few days, and I might have to worry about you two hooking up.”

As if that could be a real danger, Jett began to move faster while keeping April in a deadlock.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck,” April said in a strained, quiet voice. “You’re going to kill me, you ass.”

“I’m just going to make you come, and that’s all there is to it.”

“I could live without a pounding tonight,” April complained, his speech slurred and peppered with soft gasps and groans. As much as he was trying to fight it, his pleasure was building up. His whole skin was prickling, goosebumps everywhere.

“I couldn’t,” Jett replied, but his voice was just as strained.

“Then you should have told me, and I would have fucked you,” April said.

“No way. You needed putting in place, dweeb. Thinking about ditching me and all. No way you leave this room without an ass full of cum.”

“Is that your way of telling me you’re into me?” April teased, although he had no idea how he still had resources for something else than experiencing the insane pleasure coursing through his entire body.

Jett adjusted their position only slightly, pulling April more to him. For a second, April thought that the fucker would have mercy on him and give his dick a few friendly rubs. Instead, Jett pinched one of his nipples hard, and April was done for. He didn’t have to look to know that his cock was bobbing helplessly up and down and shooting without being touched. That was Jett’s signature move, so that meant April was right.

Jett was insecure. That was the fleeting thought crossing his mind as he succumbed to his pleasure. That made two of them, and it was a simple fact.


For long minutes, Jett remained on his back, listening to April’s heavy breathing and murmured complaints.

“My ass, you wrecked it, you fucker,” April moaned.

Jett laughed and slapped April’s butt. It was way too perky and drawing attention as April lay on his stomach, spent and, Jett hoped, happy.

“I should be the one to complain. Your ass is squeezing me till my eyeballs pop out.”

April moved to stare at him. “What are you taking me for? I can clearly see that your eyes are just where they’re supposed to be.”

“Ah, really? They must’ve gotten back in.”

April rolled his eyes. Then, he suddenly moved and straddled Jett, taking his arms and pushing them up. “You make me in the mood to give it back to you with interest.”

“Oh, you gave it all right. Guess what day is tomorrow? Laundry day.” Jett was joking, but the hands on his wrists were hard, and it hurt a little.

“You know, now that Jay is off my hands, not completely, I suspect and hope, I guess I see things clearly now. You are exploiting me.”

Jett grinned. “For someone as smart as you, you’re slow on the uptake. Soooo sloooow,” he drawled the words on purpose.

“Shut up,” April said and looked down at him. “You should do the chores for a while. Since you’re no longer the breadwinner in this house.”

Jett snorted. “I have plenty of money left.”

“It’s a wonder how you didn’t spend it all on booze and who knows what else,” April said.

“On women, you mean.” It was high time to take the bull by the horns. April must still have felt insecure about Carina being around, so Jett had to make things clear.

“That, too.”

“Are you insecure still? You’re on my spent dick, crushing it with your balls.”

“I’m not crushing it. My balls can’t do that.”

“They’re balls of steel,” Jett commented and winked at April.

To his relief, April burst into laughter. “You’re just saying. But it’s all on the crypto mining now for money coming in.”

“I’m telling you. Don’t worry about it. And I’ll find something to do.”

“Maybe you should consider better life choices for a while. Like you shouldn’t get the same job as before,” April said in what appeared to be a cautious manner.

“If you have something you want to ask me, go ahead, dweeb. Don’t dance around it.”

“Fine.” April squeezed Jett’s wrists and looked him in the eyes. “Don’t go around, breaking people’s bones and stuff. Become an upstanding member of society.”

Jett roared. “Member. You said member.”

“Oh, fuck, is that everything you understood from what I said? Stop being a thug, Jett.”

“Why? I’m good at it.” Jett chose to tease April for a while, just to see him getting all worked up.

“I’m sure you’re good at many other things. It’s dangerous.”

“I love danger. You know, it gets all my adrenaline pumping and stuff.”

“So go bungee jumping or something. There are many other ways to get a thrill. You don’t have to beat people up.”

“I didn’t beat you up.”

“But you could have,” April pointed out.

“You ran like a fucking rabbit. But then you pushed your naked ass right into my face, and I was sold.”

“I didn’t push anything! Come on, Jett, that’s not how things happened. You just pulled down my pants for some reason.”

“Maybe, unconsciously, I wanted to see your ass.”

“Unconsciously, right.” April snorted.

“See? You agree with me. That’s the story we’re going to tell everyone.”

“Are we going to give other people that amount of details? That’s too much info, so that you know, Jett.”

“But it’s how we met. Of course, we need to stick to all the details.”

April turned silent for a while, and Jett thought, in the nightstand light, that he noticed a small shadow passing over his face. “Stop worrying about Carina,” he said.

“I’m not worrying. I mean, I do worry a little, because she’s in a vulnerable place and --”

“April, my dude, make sure that this is not the tune you sing to her. She gets pissed when people call her weak.”

“But I’m not doing that! It’s just that, you know, she must have cared for you a great deal. She had your child.”

“It was her choice, and I respect it. But I won’t pretend I’m in love with her, not when … Look. As my girlfriend, she’s old news. As my friend, she’s it. As Jay’s mom, I’m glad she’s the one. Is that making things clear for you already? I feel like I haven’t talked so much about feels in a thousand years.”

“Which means never.” April giggled, and Jett took advantage to bump him up and make him lose his balance.

In a second, Jett was back on top and between April’s legs. He liked it how April’s long legs wrapped around him immediately, giving him instant access to his body. Jett kissed April slowly. He was welcomed by soft, pliant lips, and a not so pliant tongue.

Jett didn’t know how to talk about feels, maybe. But he knew that April could make him rock hard and that without even trying. When he was trying, like right now, Jett was done for. He had no way to escape. Getting into April’s pants was everything. Good thing April didn’t even wear anything at all in bed, let alone pants. Jett had taught his boyfriend well.

He moved only as it was needed so that he could stick his cock into the pleasant heat of April’s ass. Now it was pretty much lubed, too, and that was awesome because he slid in with little resistance.

“Yesss,” April hissed as Jett moved on top of him.

Jett liked to fuck April in all possible positions. It was good to go on all fours, too, as earlier, but it was good like this, too, since he could look into April’s eyes without holding back. Not that April wasn’t good at fucking, too. Actually, on some days, Jett just needed to feel that April wanted him the same, and it was then that he was teasing his boyfriend until he got in the saddle.

Tonight, Jett felt that, too, but he also felt that April needed to know that he didn’t want Carina, even if she was Jay’s mom, and had once been his girlfriend. Jett just wanted April and no one else.

April knew how to move to meet him in the middle, and that helped him build up his pleasure more. It was nothing short of amazing how large April’s eyes were, how they darkened with desire, and Jett was happy to know that he was the reason why that was happening.

In due time, he would tell everything. He would be able to share with April all that still scared him sometimes. That moment couldn’t be far.


“Morning,” April said cheerfully, as Carina sat at the table with Jay in her arms. She looked like she could have used more sleep.

“Morning to you, too. How can you be so chirpy? I’m dying for a coffee.”

“Coming right up,” April replied. He placed a cup of steaming dark liquid in front of her and a bowl filled with Jay’s breakfast.

“Oh, you’re such a keeper,” Carina said. She took a sip from her cup and then looked at April. “Is this what you’re giving Jay?”

“Usually, yes.” April stood up and took the box to hand it to Carina. “It’s a pretty good mix.”

She just waved. “I trust you. Jay looks good and healthy. I think I have you to thank for that. Would you like to feed him?”

April said nothing, and then he smiled. “Yeah, I would. You just drink your coffee.” He took Jay gently from his mother’s arms.

Carina smiled at him. “I can tell Jay really likes you. And since you won’t have to worry about dirty t-shirts stained with baby food after I’m gone, I think I can offer you the opportunity to worry for a little while longer.”

“You could stay here,” April offered.

Carina blew into her cup and then smiled again. “Thanks for the offer, but three is a crowd, as they say.”

“We would be four,” April said.

“Even so. I need to build a life, too, and I can’t do that if I only rely on Jett, who’s not my boyfriend anymore.”

“I guess you’re right,” April admitted. “But you’ll come to visit, right? With Jay?”

Carina nodded and then threw him a strange look. “Hey, did Jett ever tell you about a boy named Theo?”

April swallowed hard. “He said something.”

Carina looked at him carefully. “You’re the real deal, right, April? I think Jett’s crazy about you.”

April grinned broadly before he could stop himself. “He’s not that crazy.”

“Hey, I know that guy, and he is. I’m just telling it like it is.”

“I feel a bit guilty toward you,” April confessed.

“Why?” Carina examined him with unhidden curiosity.

“You must have had strong feelings for Jett.”

“It’s in the past. I want him to be happy. And I want to be happy, too. That’s why I’m not interested in holding him or myself back.”

“You have Jay together. He’s a wonderful kid.”

Carina smiled and bumped the back of her hand against his cheek. “Don’t worry, April. I’m fine with Jett being into you. It was sort of surprise seeing how many girls he had been with, but I guess the heart wants what it wants. Right?”

April just nodded. He felt like such a huge fraud right now. “What do you want?” he asked directly.

“Frankly, right now, it feels good just to sit here and enjoy a cup of good coffee. I’ll figure things out and then get out of here.”

“Until then, we’re housemates, right?”

Carina nodded. “Now tell me, April, does Jett let you do everything around here? You can tell me.”

“What do you think?” April rolled his eyes.

“I knew it,” Carina whispered. “You should put him to work. When he has nothing to do, he tends to find something.”

“Like what?”

“Like working for those fuckers. He has so much bottled energy, and he should put it to good use.”

There was at least one use April knew Jett was putting his energy to, as his ass could attest. “So, I should make him vacuum and stuff?”

“That’s a start. I think you can be a great influence on Jett’s life. You know, positive and stuff. Make him get a real job or, I don’t know, start something on his own that doesn’t include breaking bones. I know you can do that, and I put all my faith in you.”

“I’m not sure. He’s stubborn, but I guess you know that. But I’ll definitely try,” April whispered, too.

“What are you two talking about like you don’t want me to hear?” Jett asked from the kitchen door.

“About making an upstanding member of the society out of you,” April replied promptly.

Carina burst into laughter. “Member? It’s okay. Jett is already a dick.”

April shook his head. Carina was much like Jett in some ways.

“Hmm, it’s funny how a bunch of freeloaders thinks it’s all right to laugh at me,” Jett said in a menacing voice.

“We only want what’s best for you,” April said. Then, he said to Carina, “I actually call him an ass from time to time.”

Carina laughed again. Jay was happy with each spoonful April was shoving in his face and began giggling excitedly, glad to be a part of the fun.

“You know what else is funny? How right I am all the time. You two annoyed me that you wouldn’t like each other, and here you are, conspiring against me.”

“It’s all for your own good,” April pointed out.

“Dweeb, I can take care of myself. Don’t you worry about who’s going to be the breadwinner in this house.”

“Why are you calling him a dweeb?” Carina intervened. “April’s pretty cool.”

“He’s a total nerd. He wears glasses and studies computers all day long,” Jett said.

“Then I suppose you keep him busy at night,” Carina said with a small, knowing smile.

April got red in the face. He hid his face behind Jay’s golden head. But he couldn’t stay hidden for too long, as Carina stood up and took the baby from his arms. “Now you come to mommy and let April have his breakfast, too. He needs his strength to study all day long.”

Jett kissed Jay’s head before Carina headed out and back to the upstairs bedroom. Then he looked at April with a broad grin on his face.

“What are you grinning about?” April asked.

“Nothing. It’s just so much as I thought. Just don’t let her convince you that I should start cleaning around the house. I can’t do that. I have two left hands,” Jett said, lifting his arms as if that proved a point.

April looked at him and shook his head. “I know. You’re totally useless.”

“Hey!” Jett protested.

“When it comes to house chores. Don’t worry; otherwise, you’re totally the best.” April hurried to appease the beast, as Jett was already making a face. “Don’t tell me the fact that you’re unemployed hurt your manhood or something.”

Jett walked over to him and ruffled his hair aggressively. “It wasn’t a real job.”

“Oh, but am I glad to hear you say that! Good. Because you have to find a real job. No lazing around the house or who knows what ideas might get into your head.”

“Look who wants to exploit who now,” Jett said. “You want me to get an office job or something.”

April snickered. “You don’t strike me like the cubicle type. You might create a toxic work environment just by being present.”

Jett smirked. “You know me. Not fit for that kind of life.”

“I’m not letting you become a thug again,” April said quickly. As much as they were joking, Carina was right. Jett couldn’t be let to his own designs, or he might get some weird ideas again. “You might even get a college degree.”

A snort was the immediate answer. “I’m not going to end up with my nose buried in books like you, dweeb.”

“There are many majors that could put your physical abilities to good use. And then you could work as a coach or educator.”

“Pff, you really want me to settle down,” Jett replied. “Do you see me teaching kids how to throw a punch?”

“I wasn’t thinking about anything that aggressive.”

“Ah, but why not? I could teach the little maggots to stand for themselves.”

“Let’s leave education jobs aside,” April said, now alarmed by Jett’s perspective on things. “Maybe you could start a security business. After all, in a way, you have plenty of expertise.”

Jett smiled at him and then caught him by the back of his neck. “Are you thinking about me that much?”

“Of course, I do. You’re my boyfriend. I want you to be safe. And to do something that doesn’t involve beating people up.”

“If I work security, I’ll pretty much have to beat up some people.”

“I believe that prevention is what those guys do most. I don’t know how much beating they carry out.”

Jett shrugged. “Too bad. Being able to beat people up might just convince me to take up an honest job.”

“You’re incorrigible,” April complained. “Do you want anything to eat?”

“Don’t you have to get to school? Let’s just grab a bite on our way there,” Jett suggested.

“Is this part of your strategy to let me off my household chores gently?”

“Don’t make me change my mind,” Jett said, wagging a finger at April. “I could make you toil in the kitchen in nothing but an apron.”

“And scandalize Carina in the process.”

“She’s not easily scandalized. But, on second thought, she might like what she sees too much. Let’s not go there. Wear clothes, many clothes.”

April shook his head, and then he took Jett’s hand. “Zane told me about what you did for me. Thank you.”

“Sure thing. I won’t let anyone hurt you.” Jett’s eyes on him were intense.

April cleared his voice, the emotion climbing up his throat a bit sudden.

“Oh, no,” Jett complained. “Are you going to cry now?”

April bristled right away. “Who’s going to cry?”

“Good. I got enough talking about feels yesterday. Let’s not for a while.”

That was too bad. Because April was planning to do that and as soon as it was possible. As much as he feared that moment, he needed to face the music, regardless of consequences. Jett really cared about him, and April had no reason to continue with keeping up with a lie.

But he needed to bid his time. While hurrying to get to school was not exactly good timing.


April was playing with Jay on the sofa in the living room while explaining to Carina all that had happened in the baby’s life while he had taken residence in his daddy’s home. Jett was not yet back from wherever he was, and April could barely wait for him so that they could talk.

Carina pushed herself up. “Gotta use the little girls’ room. Back in a sec.”

“Take your time,” April said and took Jay in his arms.

The sound of the front door opening made him smile, but also a small tinge of pain squeezed his chest. It was now or never.

He cooed to Jay, looking down at the baby and playing with his small hands. “Your daddy’s home, Jay.”

“What are you talking about, boy? And who are you?” A harsh voice made April snap his head up so fast that it hurt him.

In front of him, a man in his late forties, dressed in a military uniform, with a heavy bag in his right hand, measured him up and down with eyes as harsh as his voice.

April’s jaw grew slack. The man had Jett’s eyes, but the hair on his head was cut short and grey, and his face was cut in stone. He was handsome in a rugged way, and April knew right away who was standing there, looking like he wanted to break some bones, just like he knew who.

“Jett’s dad?” he asked in a weak voice that came out like a whisper.

“Yeah, I’m Jett’s dad,” the visitor replied, and, for a second, there was the ghost of a smile on his face, but it was soon gone, leaving behind the same frosty countenance. “I’m asking the questions here. Got it, kid?”

April just nodded, too lost for words.

Jett’s father examined him for a moment. “Wait, are you a boy or a girl?”

“A boy,” April whispered.


“I’m a boy,” April said a bit louder, stopping right on time from adding ‘sir’ to his reply.

The sharp eyes, sheltered by bushy eyebrows, looked him up and down again. “Jett likes the tomboy type.”

Was that an offer for an apology? April wasn’t sure. Jay slapping one hand over his face, playfully woke him up from his mental questioning.

“Whose baby’s that? Jett’s?”

April was now like a deer caught in the headlights. He hadn’t expected such a direct question.

“I asked you a question, boy.”

“Y-yes,” he stammered. He didn’t think Jett would keep such a thing from his father, regardless of how estranged they had to be.

“What’s your name?”


“Are you sure you’re not a girl?”

Carina walked in right that moment. “Mr. Huntsman,” she said in what April thought immediately that sounded like the impersonation of insolence.

“What are you doing here? Did you mother this child?”

Carina shrugged and plunked herself down on the sofa, next to April. “Yeah. What of it?”

“Is Jett the father?”

Carina glanced at April, and he just nodded imperceptibly. “Yeah.”

“Hmm,” Mr. Huntsman said noncommittally and began walking up the stairs.

Carina grinned and looked at April, who sensed his blood rushing back into his cheeks after dropping to his feet seconds earlier. “Just wait until he sees his room filled with baby toys.”

April had many questions.

“What on earth has happened to this room?” Mr. Huntsman bellowed from upstairs.

Carina seemed satisfied with that. “Told you.”

April was lost for words. He needed to tell Jett his old man was back home.

“What are we going to do?” he whispered.

Carina winked at him. “We’re going to spectate. When those two are in the same house, there’s nothing you can do, trust me.”

April ran one hand over his face. “This is bad.”

“I can barely wait for Jett to tell his dad you’re his boyfriend. Have nine-one-one on speed dial. We might just have to call an ambulance.”

There was noise upstairs, and April didn’t want to know what it was all about. “Shouldn’t we see what he’s doing?” he asked Carina in a low voice.

“Let him figure it out.”

“But he’s probably throwing all of Jay’s toys out on the hallway.”

Carina seemed undisturbed by the turn of events. “If he does that, I bet Jett won’t like it.”

April felt dizzy. Was that really happening?

Mr. Huntsman was back downstairs, and without a word to them, he headed for the basement.

April exhaled, relieved that they hadn’t been yelled at. That wouldn’t last long.

“What the hell is all this shit?” Jett’s dad shouted from the basement.

Fuck. The mining equipment. He got to his feet and handed Jay to Carina. He was about to go to the basement when Jett entered the house.

“What’s wrong?” he asked, the second he saw April.

“Your old man is home,” Carina said from behind them.

“Fuck,” was the only reply that came from Jett.