Chapter 30 – Reinforcements Have Arrived
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Chapter Thirty – Reinforcements Have Arrived

April walked into the backyard, holding the phone tightly and looking carefully around to make sure that no one would notice. Actually, he cared about Jett’s dad not to overhear his conversation. However, by how moody Jett was, April didn’t want to be in the position to offer too many explanations to him either.

“We can talk now.”

“So, Jett’s dad is back home? I didn’t want to comment on it since it wasn’t my business, but I thought Jett was alone or at least estranged from his family. That house, even with your cleaning, looked a bit, how should I say this --”

“I know, dad,” April said with a sigh. “Thank you for not saying anything at the time. Jett might not care about cleaning too much, but he can get super-sensitive sometimes.”

“I know you two boys can figure everything out. After all, if you learn how to do things by yourself, that’s great. But you called me for advice, so I’m here. What’s going on with Jett’s dad?”

“He’s like this military type, and woke us up with a bugle – I had to Google that, you know? – and then he kept on trying to convince Jett to marry Carina --”

“Carina? Wait, who is she?”

“Oh, damn, so many things happened, and I forgot to call you and tell you everything,” April moaned and covered his eyes with one hand. “Carina is Jay’s mom.”

“Oh, so the mystery got solved. Where has she been all this time? Was she the one to leave Jay by Jett’s doorsteps?”

His dad’s questions were all reasonable, given the circumstances, but April didn’t want to have to explain to him how Carina was pretty much an ex-con. Taken out of context, it would just make her a bad girl, which maybe she was a little, but that was not that important, given how much she loved Jay.

“Hers is a complicated story. She was just away because of some, um, obligations, and her stepsister, who is a bit of a loony or something, just decided on her own to leave Jay with Jett. Anyway, she’s here now and --”

“Does Jett still have feelings for her?” Sid expressed his concern right away.

“No, no, everything is fine. She’s cool with everything, even us being together. And she just needs a place to stay since she doesn’t want to live with her stepsister anymore, so she lives here for the time being. She told me that she has no interest in Jett and she’s a great mom for Jay and ---”

“Son, breathe a little. I understand. You don’t have to work this hard to convince me. So, the three of you, plus the baby, are living there. How did Jett’s dad end up there with all of you? And is there enough room for everyone to sleep? It looked to me like there were not more than two bedrooms upstairs.”

“Jett’s dad is in the army. He’s a major. And he put Jett and Carina to clean the house. I was allowed to go to school. Actually, ordered. He’s bent on the idea that Jett should marry Carina, and that I, well, should go away.”

There was a short silence at the other end.

“Dad?” April said, trying hard to keep in his impatience. “What do you think?”

“Do you want me to come and take you home? For a while?”

“What? No,” April protested. “Wait, do you agree with Mr. Huntsman? Do you think I should just retreat and leave Jett --”

“April.” His dad sounded stern, and that was only when he wanted to make sure April was listening. “The way things seem to be, you might get hurt. I don’t want you to be subjected to some homophobic --”

“Oh, no, it’s not like that! I mean, Mr. Huntsman is tough, but he didn’t insult me or anything. He just thinks that Jett should become responsible and offer Carina and Jay a home where he also lives, or something like that.”

“What does Jett say?” Now Sid seemed intrigued.

“He’s pissed as hell at his dad. Just earlier, he told him that he hated him. I think Mr. Huntsman didn’t take it well.”

“I suppose not. Listen, April; it wouldn’t be such a bad idea to give these people a bit of space --”

“But, dad,” April complained. “How could I leave Jett all by himself here? What if …” He hesitated. Did he really think that? “What if,” he whispered, “Jett’s dad wins and, you know --”

“If you believe in Jett and his feelings for you, you shouldn’t doubt him. Have you told him yet about who you are?”

“Not yet.”


A single word, and it could express so much disappointment. April felt his heart growing small. “Now doesn’t seem like quite the right time to tell him,” he replied.

“If you think of things this way, there will never be a right time,” Sid said in a tone that brooked no contradiction.

“I know you’re right,” April murmured.

“And yet, you will still do things your way,” Sid said with a sigh.

“You taught me to be my own person,” April said.

“Your own person, yes, but not someone who doesn’t care about other people’s feelings.”

This was going wrong in so many ways. April moved the phone from one year to another and leaned against the old rock wall covered in moss. “Dad,” he whispered, “it’s not like that. Jett, that time --”

“It’s all right. You’ll do it when you think it’s the right time. You will also live with the consequences,” Sid added. “Look, April, I’m not upset with you. Well, maybe a little. But you’re getting yourself in a complicated situation there. And if Mr. Huntsman doesn’t want you under his roof, it’s a bit rude to stay there. Plus, you might end up only hurting the relationship Jett has with his dad, something that appears to be tense already as it is.”

April could feel tears welling up in his eyes. “I can’t leave Jett, dad. He’ll just think that I’m abandoning him. There must be some other way.”

“Son, I’m not telling you to break up with Jett. I only think that you should give Jett’s family a breather. I suppose that Mr. Huntsman was pretty shocked to discover that he was a granddad and also that his son was now in a relationship with another boy. That can be a lot to take in. I know that you two, young as you are, don’t think that it’s a big deal, but --”

“Really, dad? Was it a big deal to you when I told you I was sure I liked boys more than girls?” April felt the right to revolt a little against his dad.

“That’s not fair, April. I’ve always cared about you and your happiness. But I’m being honest here, and I do have the obligation, as a human being, to put myself in Mr. Huntsman’s shoes. But tell me once again. Are you sure he didn’t insult you? He didn’t call you names, threaten you --”

“No, nothing like that. But he tries to make me feel guilty about standing in the way of Jett’s, Carina’s, and Jay’s happiness. Is that what I’m doing? Am I selfish?”

“No.” His dad seemed a bit appeased now. “That is not what you’re doing, and you’re not selfish. If Jett and Carina considered that they still had feelings for one another, I think you would know. And that doesn’t seem to be the case. Still, April, I think if you just slept one night at home, you would allow Jett and his dad to talk things through. They might hold back because you’re there.”

“Jett just told his dad he hates him. I don’t think he is holding back. We’re under assault here, dad, I’m telling you. Could you just come here and, you know, talk to Mr. Huntsman?”

“Talk to him? About what? How to raise his son?”

“According to Jett, Mr. Huntsman didn’t do much of that. He’s just away all the time, at his base or something. It feels like he’s just visiting, and I don’t want, as I told you, Jett to think that I’d bolt the moment things get tough.”

Sid drew a long sigh. “All right. I’ll see what I can do. I’ll try to come this evening.”

“Thank you, dad! You’re the most awesome dad; you know that, right?”

“Of course. Since my son can manipulate me so easily to do his bidding, I suppose that I’m the greatest dad in existence.”

“No, dad, it’s not like that,” April protested. Now he felt a bit guilty about insisting so much. It was only that so much was at stake. He lowered his voice. “I need you because I really don’t know --”

“You don’t have to say anything else. I will talk to Jett’s dad. Only that I can’t guarantee a positive outcome of the conversation I’ll have with him. And if things get truly complicated there, I will insist that you let them solve their issues and come home with me.”

“I still need to go to school,” April pointed out.

“And you still have that place you rented, right? I would like to have you home with me for a couple of days. At least over the weekend.”

“Why do you insist so much on this?”

“Because I don’t want you to get hurt.”

“What about Jett?”

Sid sighed again. “There is no one’s business to come between a father and his son.”

“Really? Even if the father is a --”

“April, don’t. No matter how difficult Jett’s dad is, it’s not your place to judge anyone, okay?” The stern voice was back, and April felt little and chastised.

“I just want to support Jett,” he explained.

“I know. And I want you to be safe.”

“I know, dad,” April mumbled.

“If everything works well, we’ll see each other tonight. Take care, son.”

“I will, dad.”

It was with a bit of a heavy heart that he ended the conversation. His dad rarely talked to him like that, in that kind of voice. That meant that he believed that the entire situation was much more serious than April thought it to be. It made things all the more complicated. He liked to believe that he could count on his dad, no matter what, but, in this case, he had a strong feeling that his dad considered the support he had to offer something different from what April had in mind.

His dad always wanted what was best for him. April wanted so much to make him understand the strength of the feelings he had for Jett. But, in this case, his dad just believed that his son’s happiness had to be above everything else. And that wasn’t possible when Jett needed him so badly, and April couldn’t even think for a moment to leave him to face his father’s continuous assault.

His dad was wrong, April decided. He wouldn’t leave Jett’s side, and he would find a good moment to tell him everything. If the feelings they had for one another were as strong as they believed, they would go through and get on the other side not so badly scathed.

Shaking his head, he walked back into the house.


The atmosphere in the house was thick and heavy, despite the interdiction he had to smoke inside. Jett stood on the couch, playing with his thumbs, for lack of anything smarter to do. April sat to his right and placed a hand on his thigh. In any other circumstances, Jett would have just interpreted that as an invitation to do something naughty, whether that was what it was or not. But right now, his heart was just as thick and heavy as the air around him.

“Can’t you talk to him and tell him you’re sorry?” April suggested.

“Why should I be sorry?” Jett said, looking away from his boyfriend. “I meant every word. I hate his guts.”

“He can’t be all bad.”

“What’s with you?” Jett could feel his irritation growing, and it was guided now toward April. “Don’t you hear him when he keeps telling that he wants you out of here?”

“It’s just because he believes that it would be best for you. I don’t think he doesn’t like me in particular or something. Actually, we had quite a good time cooking together.”

“Good time? Really?”

“All right. Average. Neutral. A bit above zero, okay? I just think that he needs to get used to the idea. Sure, if you continue to contradict him and --”

“Contradict him? Is that what I’m doing? I’m on your side, you little ass!”

“Hey, let’s not fight. All right, it seems like whatever I say today, I somehow choose the wrong words because no one really understands what I’m saying.”

“No one? Who, besides me, doesn’t understand you?”

“My dad,” April said with a sigh. “I called him, and he’ll be here tonight if he can.”


“I think it will help if my dad speaks to your dad. You know, they’re both grownups, and they might just figure out a way to talk about important things without, well, getting into a fight.”

“And what did he say when you told him my dad wants you out of here?”

“He wasn’t happy.” There was a short moment of hesitation from April. “He was worried that I might have been insulted, threatened, and stuff like that.”

“My dad wouldn’t dare,” Jett said, feeling the darkness inside him growing. “It’s not his right to tell me who I should be with.”

April squeezed his thigh in sympathy. Then, he leaned in and placed a long, playful kiss on Jett’s cheek. Jett could feel the veil of darkness lifting a little. “I hope your dad doesn’t want to take you home with him just so that nothing happens to you here.”

April bit his lower lip, and Jett frowned. “He did say something. But I told him there was no way I would leave you alone to face your dad,” April hurried to say.

“I thought your dad would be on our side,” Jett said. He felt like a miffed kid, learning that his superhero didn’t share candy with his fans.

“He is,” April said a bit too brightly. “He just gets in this super protective mood from time to time. I mean, the only thing he wants is for me not to get hurt.”

“I don’t want that, either. And I won’t let it happen. When he comes, I’ll tell him.”

“When he comes, maybe it would be a good idea to let him talk to your dad. I bet that talking to another man his age would do your father good, too. Plus, I’m sure my dad will convince him he is wrong. He has his ways.”

“And my dad is a stubborn asshole.”

“Hey, don’t talk about him like that. It’s not nice.”

“Being nice is the last thing on my fucking mind now, April. Don’t sweat it, though. He’ll do his thing, he’ll blah-blah-blah, and then he’ll just go back to his fucking life like he always does. That’s why I want you not to give a damn about what he says. It doesn’t matter.”

“He’s your dad. I’d rather he accepts we’re together. It would be right.”

“Well, don’t hold your breath. As I told you, he’s stubborn like a mule. One idea gets into his head, and he doesn’t let it go like a mangy dog with a bone.”

“I think he cares about you,” April said. “I think that we should give him a chance to get accustomed to the idea of us together. I’ll do my best to make him like me. I’ll cook, and I’ll clean --”

“Don’t do all those for his sake. He’ll just think that you want to play the wife so that you could steal his son. Like anyone could steal me,” Jett said with a shrug.

“Yeah, I mean, they might have a huge problem trying to move you,” April joked.

Jett turned his head, and, for a few seconds, they locked lips. “Hmm, all right, your kisses have a way of convincing me … what do you want me to do?”

“Try to stay clear of fights with him. If you don’t get riled up, I think he’ll go through all his ammunition quickly. Plus, he’ll see that nothing he says is effective, so he’ll give up.”

“You’re such a huge optimist, Summer,” Jett said, shaking his head. “But, all right, I’ll stay out of his way.”

“I’m not sure that was what I suggested,” April said with a small frown.

“You told me not to get into fights with him. This is the easiest way. I’m not in his way, and we don’t fight. Simple, right?”

“Well, it’s not such a big house,” April pointed out. “Are you sure you’ll be able to do that?”

“I know a place where he won’t look too much,” Jett said.

“Really? What place?”

Jett smiled.


April could tell Jett was up to a little bit of mischief. But, as soon as they were in the basement, surrounded by the sounds of the mining rig, he understood. Jett’s dad had expressed his disgust with the ‘infernal machines’ there, so he probably wouldn’t look in the basement unless there was an emergency.

Jett pushed him with his back against the wall, and April closed his eyes. They were way too used to each other and fucking whenever they felt like it, so having so many people around had definitely halted their sex life.

He was trying hard not to make any noises, but it was hard to do that while Jett’s hands were feverishly feeling him up everywhere. Now they were on his ass, kneading it, now they were on his chest, torturing his nipples through the t-shirt, now they were in his hair, while their owner was busy kissing him.

It was insane to think that he would spend even one day away from Jett. There had to be a connection between them, something that wouldn’t let one breathe without the other if they spent too much time apart.

Right now, though, April could live without breathing too much. The only thing he needed was for Jett to kiss him hard.

“April, fuck,” Jett whispered, making it known how urgent his need was. “I need … inside you … now.”

April pushed down his tracksuit pants and kissed Jett one last time hard before turning with his back to him. “Like this,” he whispered.

It would not be the smoothest ride, but April was used to Jett’s sometimes hurried ways, as he was to his lazy lovemaking when they had the time and in the mood for spending hours in bed.

Now wasn’t the time for the latter, though, so April bit down on his hand hard as Jett began licking his ass to get him ready. It seemed like Jett’s tongue was growing, extending, because April could swear it was touching inside deeper than he thought possible. Or maybe he was so horny that he was imagining things.

Jett added more spit and began scissoring his entrance. Abruptly, he stood up, and April pushed his ass toward his lover’s crotch, hungry to feel him all. Jett dug with his fingers into April’s hips and guided his cock toward April’s backdoor with insane accuracy.

Or maybe they were just so used to one another by now, that for Jett to dock his cock so easily inside April’s ass just came naturally.

Jett still took his time to get inside, although both of them barely kept in soft grunts of frustration. April exhaled and half turned so that he could grab Jett with one hand. “Move,” he ordered shortly.

The instant reply was a hard kiss on his lips and a cock bottoming out inside him. April mumbled small begging sounds as Jett continued to kiss him. It was just too good to have any coherent sound. Jett was a good rider; the silly thought came to him as his entire body was shaking with each powerful thrust.

No, it would be insane to spend time away from each other. Because this was pure bliss, even if it was done in hiding and it was stolen. April keened softly as Jett hammered him over and over again. “A bit more, a bit more,” he implored, and Jett granted his wish, going deeper and harder, helping him fly over the edge.

It was a perfect shot, April thought as his dick pulsed and did its thing without being touched. Surely, there would be an unexplainable spot on the wall, but no one came to the basement anyway, so they were safe.

He was completely gone and done for, and his body was getting limp as Jett moved inside him a few more times.

“Yes, yes, this is everything,” Jett whispered, as his breathing became harsher and erratic.

April stood there to receive everything his lover wanted to give him. It was simple happiness, and there was no way April could ever think anyone would rival Jett in this life or any other.

Jett embraced him, and they leaned against the wall, their breathing mingling.

“Don’t ever leave, April.”

“I won’t.”


“I promise. Don’t ever let me go.”


Jett kissed his sweaty forehead and turned him slowly.

“I will go take a shower,” April said and kissed Jett again. “I’ll pretend to be casual about it since it’s not yet evening.”

“I don’t care if he suspects anything,” Jett said, somewhat aggressively. “It’s better if he does.”

April made a horrified face. “I’m not sure I want my dad or your dad to know we’re having sex.”

“Let me break it to you,” Jett said and grinned. “They know that already.”

“Well, it’s one thing to know it, and you know, another to know it,” April emphasized the last word as if that could make sense.

“You’re a total dweeb, and you still freak out about sex. Your dad kept me a long lecture on safe sex. My dad surely is secretly afraid that I might enjoy more having fun with you than with girls.”

“You can’t know that,” April protested.

“Hey, he kept praising Carina to me, telling me how pretty she is compared to you. But he even went out of his way to say that you’re pretty, too.”

“Okay, now things are getting weird. At least, let me pull my pants up while we’re talking about how your dad thinks I’m pretty.”

“Are you shy about it, dweeb? You’re pretty,” Jett whispered seductively, making April feel goosebumps everywhere.

“All right, all right, we already fucked. Let’s not make it a marathon, or, eventually, someone might come looking for us.”

Jett chuckled, but he was the one to help April pull up his tracksuit pants. “There, see? Now go take your shower, and I will casually take mine later.”

“Casually, huh?”

“Your idea, not mine.” Jett leaned in for another kiss.

At least, this time, it wasn’t hard and hurried. It was sweet and sated, and right in every way.


“Who could be at this hour?” Jett’s dad mumbled as the knocking on the door repeated.

April exchanged one quick look with Jett. After they had talked for a little while, they had decided against telling Mr. Huntsman that there would be a visitor. They were counting on the surprise factor.

“Why are you two looking at each other like you know something?” Carina asked to know.

The four of them sat together on the couch, Carina with Jay in her arms. They were pretending to watch a stupid TV show, and Mr. Huntsman had appeared happy to see Jett seated between April and Carina. In his mind, that must have meant that his plans still had a chance to succeed.

Oh, how wrong he was, April thought with satisfaction. “Well, we do know something. I called for help and … reinforcements have arrived,” he said in a low voice like he was presenting the stupid show on TV.

“Reinforcements?” Carina asked and blinked.

From the hallway, voices could be heard.

“Sid Summer,” April’s dad introduced himself.

“The boy’s dad?” Mr. Huntsman inquired.

“I’m sorry to bother you so late, but do you think you have a minute?” Sid said affably.

Carina turned toward April and mouthed. “Your dad? What is he doing here?”

April just shrugged, but he was sure his smile could be seen from space. They all fell silent and leaned toward the source of the sound, to hear the exchange.

“I have a minute, and it’s already up.” Jett’s dad seemed pretty pissed.

“Then, I’ll have to ask for one hour.” Sid’s reply was prompt.

“One hour?”

“I was wondering if you could join me for a drink, Mr. Huntsman.”

“We could talk here,” Jett’s dad said.

“Here, the children will have nothing better to do than to try to eavesdrop, as I bet they are doing right now.”

Like they were spring-operated puppets, Jett, April, and Carina straightened in their seats. For a couple of seconds, nothing but silence followed. Then, Mr. Huntsman was in the room, with a jacket on and already in his boots.

April wondered briefly how he could do that. It seemed not possible for a human being.

“I will be out,” Mr. Huntsman said shortly. “Don’t stay too late. Stop watching stupid shows on TV. That kid needs to be in bed already. You two, no mischief. I know you,” he pointed at April, “have school tomorrow. Jett, you,” he hesitated for a moment, “you have nothing to do, but you still need to wake up at six.”

None of them had it in them to comment on anything. The fact that Mr. Huntsman had accepted Sid’s invitation so quickly was a sign. But was it good or bad?