Chapter 77: magic software research
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Chapter 77: magic software research


Mohini went back to her room which is a single quarters so she doesn’t have to worry about many things.


But there is one thing to worry that is the magic surveillance.


It is prohibited to bring other people inside.


It is a commonly known fact that low level hunters and players will not have any subordinates from the fantasy world or builder servants.


The reason is the financial problem.


So Mohini cannot bring out either of Titia or Mary out when she was staying here.


Well she can always give them food if wanted as she can transfer the food into the ark island.


If she really wanted to bring them out she can go to some place outside to do that.


But it is a complete restrain for 1 month special training and she will not be let out or given a break during this time.


Originally she should register them as her people and get subordinate identity cards them but she did not do that.


The reason is that she has to wait a little while longer to gain some basic understanding of this place to do the other things.


Currently she did not have enough strength or background.


If she brings two hotties outside with her, doesn’t that simply announcing that come and rob me, my woman and money.


So patience is needed.


She explained these things to Mary and Titia and they fully understand Mohini’s thoughts.




Since there is free time Mohini fully dived into research mode.


Being a bitch is not her main profession.


She is a top class assassin back on earth with the nick name innocent bitch.


It is a sarcastic nick name because she is never innocent and really a bitch.


She is also a top class researcher in many fields and she really is a genius that stays in the darkness of the world.


Her first target is to learn the basics of rune language that is being used as the software language for the magic net and apps.


With her understanding and previous experience in software languages it only took 6 hours to completely learn the basics of the magic software language and rune language.


She took out her self-made mobile phone and gave some inputs to the software language.


Well it did not work because of the original process and directories did not accept this new software language.




Mohini did not receive any quest from the perverted fantasy system after she was done with Joe.


Her bust size has improved in wholesomeness after the quest and she earned some lust points too.


That is all there is to it.


Here in the military training facility the rules are strict and the women and men are trained separately.


Even her instructors were all females.


Captain George that was introduced by Joe is like a head of this facility but even he would not make moves on women’s side.


This is related to the name of the natural faction and they cannot cause any problems here.


At least when the women are still in the military training facility they will be safe.


After leaving here they can make their moves on these highly fit beautiful women to slowly turn them into their bitches.


In the next three days Mohini was taken into the training regime for the recruit hunters and players.


The process is like the military training back on earth along with some basic knowledge about hunting of chaos monsters on resource islands of this world.


Well it is not that useful to Mohini as she understood most of these things.


So when she has time she started to think of the understanding of the software language and rune language.


Finally on the fourth day she was finally able to create her own software with the magic software language and tried it on the second magic cipher that she bought.


It actually worked.


This is just some small magic software that can be used to port her self-made phone and read the data on it.


Then she made second magic software for translation of the language and integrating of the two language sets.


With that most of her problems were set out as she connected the magic cipher to the mobile phone.


Well this place already has this kind of software available but it is useless because the information on the phones that those players from earth carrying is practically of no value.


So low value software are not used and costed very high for usage with many data breaches to unknown sources.


Mohini don’t want those people to see through her data.


The data that Mohini has is very important even for this world.


If it was back on earth the data that Mohini has can make top countries start a war.


That is how valuable her research data and secrets data values.


Well with the conversion of data started Mohini let the thing move on in its own pace to do the work.


She did not convert all the data but only a piece of it that can help her assist crafting more new software.


In these three days she did something other than researching the software.


She used a total of 500 thousand chaos points to buy some shares and stocks that her memory marked as key.


If everything goes well the in 2 more days this 500 thousand chaos points will turn into a million chaos points.


Her fantasy system has a unique code that represents her.


She can enter this code into the merchant’s guild app and add funds to her account.


When everything is added the fantasy system will ask for her confirmation about this matter through the system notification.


Once she accepted the funds will be added.


At the same time she can withdraw in the similar way.


It is said that this payment transfer and all the other thing that require the system connection were added with a special words added in the magic software……..


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